How to download Twisty Board 2 APK at

The first time was just a training ground. Now, the real fight lies ahead.

Alien warlords called the Q’Tath have decimated earth’s defenses.
As they spread across the galaxy, their rations ran low…
So they rounded up and imprisoned the people of Earth.
Now, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

Repel the Q’Tath from 5 new battlegrounds.
Free the prisoners.
Save humanity!

How to Play:
Tap & Tap to navigate! You’ll shoot automatically once they’re in your direction & range.
Use new weapons to fight against new enemies.

Game Features:
* Awesome Voxel Graphics and Environments
* Unlock 30+ Characters & Superpowers

How to install Combat-Aircraft APK at

Combat Aircraft: A game where you must defeat all your enemies and try to stay alive until the end ...!

How to Play Combat Aircraft:

Touch and drag anywhere on the screen to control the plane. His plane hit automatically every time you put your finger on it.

Remember to take the lives they appear, they put the strongest plane, allowing broader make shots, ship repair, etc, but be careful not to be surprised and defeated by the enemy aircraft ...!

You expect to have a great time with Combat Aircraft, is a real adventure that will keep you captive and focused on meeting the goal of spending every world you face.

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How to install Combat Aircraf 2 APK at

Combat Aircraft 2: A game where you must defeat all your enemies and try to stay alive until the end ...!

How to Play Combat Aircraft 2:

Touch and drag anywhere on the screen to control the plane. His plane shoots automatically every time you put your finger on it. Is a real adventure that will keep you captive and focused.

Remember to take the lives they appear, they put the strongest plane, enabling more extensive shooting, ship repair, etc., but be careful not to be surprised and defeated by the enemy aircraft ...!

It expects to have great fun with Combat Aircraft 2, it is a real adventure that will keep you captive and focused on achieving the target of spending every world you face.

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How to install Combat Aircraft APK at

Combat Aircraft: A game where you must defeat all your enemies and try to stay alive until the end ...!

How to Play Combat Aircraft:

Touch and drag anywhere on the screen to control the plane. His plane hit automatically every time you put your finger on it.

Remember to take the lives they appear, they put the strongest plane, allowing broader make shots, ship repair, etc, but be careful not to be surprised and defeated by the enemy aircraft ...!

You expect to have a great time with Combat Aircraft, is a real adventure that will keep you captive and focused on meeting the goal of spending every world you face.

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How to install Hit the Dot. Test Your Reaction Time APK at

Hit the Dot is a great fast-paced game where you tap each dot on the screen to make it disappear. Do it as fast as possible to get great scores!

Game modes:
Time Attack - Hit 20 dots in the fastest time!
Speed Tapping - Hit as many dots as you can in 10 seconds!
All Dots - Hit all the dots on the screen!
Survival - Dots slowly appear faster and faster. Don't let 5 on the screen at once!
Dot Attack - Play with friends! Tap a dot to give it to the opponent. Have the fewest dots on your side after 10 seconds to win!

How to download Aegis Defence APK at

Aegis defence is a new type military simulation game.


ㅇ Experience 12 kinds of aegis weapon system.

Goalkeeper, Harpoon, SM-2, Rail gun.. and so on.

ㅇ Strengthen weapons and strike enemy more strongly.

ㅇ Enjoy real time war simulation with authentic hitting sense.

Use new type precise aiming controller.

ㅇ Defense your battle ship from enemy ships, air fighters and submarines.


Community :

Facebook page :

How to install Road Warriors APK at

Join the most dangerous racing competition in the whole universe called “Road Warriors”. The only rule is THERE-ARE-NO-RULES. Will you help Cluck become the best racer in the universe?

Road Warriors is an action-packed intergalactic racing game with simple one-touch controls!

● A new race every day
● Thrilling bullet time combat
● Set daily records and compete with friends
● Gorgeous pixel art
● Adrenaline pumping music by @pongball

How to install Super Bunny World APK at

Welcome to Bunny World! Run in an endless world as you collect coins and carrots! Watch out for all the crazy critters in Bunny World, stomp or dodge those that get in your way!

Super Bunny World is a game inspired by classic platformers. Post your score using Google Play Games Services or share it on your favorite social network!

Game features:
-Easy to play with responsive controls (gamepad supported!)
-Retro 16 bit graphics and music
-Endless fun with procedurally generated levels
-Compare your highscores with online leaderboards (Google Play Games Services)
-10 achievements to unlock

How to install DC Super Hero Girls™ APK at

WELCOME TO SUPER HERO HIGH SCHOOL! Join these iconic Super Heroes in the official DC Super Hero Girls mobile app!

At Super Hero High, iconic Super Heroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, and Katana navigate all the twists and turns of high school in their formative years. United by friendship, the DC Super Hero Girls empower kids to shine with confidence and courage, especially while they combat those overwhelming, exciting, and awesomely awkward moments of growing up (sometimes super powers can be super stressful!).

• Create your own Super Hero!
• Explore Super Hero High and the super bios of the student body
• Watch webisodes featuring all the DC Super Hero Girls!
• Take pics and customize them in true Super Hero style!
• Play fun mini-games like Katana Chop for endless hours of super fun!

How to install Run & Gun: BANDITOS APK at

Run fast. Shoot sharp. Get what's yours!

Your precious treasure is stolen. Enemies are all around. Be the hero and take back what’s yours!

The greatest challenge you can find is already here. Run and collect as much gold as you can. Test your skills with various obstacles and shoot your way through vast number of enemies to survive the run. Unlock your full potential to beat them all.

Get in the game for the Run & Gun adventure – an endless runner with a twist:

- Choose among various banditos, each having unique powerful skills
- Gather treasures to upgrade your characters and unlock new boosts
- Earn numerous achievements to show off your skills
- Play in a colorful and vivid world
- Compare with other players, be the best!

Run & Gun - get what’s yours!

How to download Terrorist Shooter APK at

Hello, FPS shooting game fans. This is a very challenging shooting game.
Into the battlefield, join the battle fierce and the most test skills FPS shooting mobile phone game!

Your mission will be to fight the enemy's military base. First, destroy their striker attack. Kill all enemies. The enemy found your presence and launched a counterattack to you. You have to avoid their attack and kill to find your enemies. When you destroy all enemies, you will enter the next mission. In different regions, there are different missions of difficulty. Use your excellent shooting skills to accomplish these challenging missions.

We will provide you with many difficult missions, and we also provide you with advanced weapons. So that you can better finish the mission and enjoy the fun of fighting.
This military game is very interesting. You will be here into the theater of the moment, you will forget all the other things. You can in this, relax yourself, ease the fatigue of the day. I wish you a happy game.

Terrorist Shooter Features:
- Best 3D action FPS games
- surprising graphics
- Stunning music and sound effects
- Simple and smooth touch control
- Smart AI, make the game more challenging
- advanced and powerful weapons
- a variety of unique scenes
- all kinds of difficult mission

How to download Sniper Shoot Assassin US APK at

This is the best FPS sniper game!
Pick up your sniper rifles and join the top elite anti-terrorist organization. Become the top elite anti-terrorist sniper, the elimination of terrorists.
This is the most exciting and challenging FPS game that gives you the most real sniper experience. Here you and your team fight against terrorists and destroy the base of terrorists. Different snipers join forces to act together. Whether you can accurately find the terrorists on the map and destroy them? Do not hesitate to take action to eliminate terrorist organizations.

Terrorist groups are making chaos around the world. Civilians in various regions are at risk. You and your team accept the mission to travel around the world, destroy terrorists, and penetrate enemy camps to find and destroy valuable targets. mission accomplished. You are an elite sniper, no room for compassion, only to shoot!

How to play:
- The left side of the screen controls the sliding movement
- Slide the right side of the screen to aim at the target
- Target the farther target by sniper mirror
- Shoot the enemy's head, fatal blow

- with the elite sniper together against the terrorist group
- the fight against terrorists around the world
- Real and challenging FPS sniper experience
- stunning music and sound effects
- countless thrilling tasks
- High quality picture
- all kinds of destructive weapons
- realistic scenes and models

You and your team are the last hope of destroying the threat of terrorism! It's time to go!

How to install Sniper Killer Shooting APK at

Want to be a real sniper? This new 3D version will make you feel like a real sniper gun in your hand, and the world looks like a real sniper game.

Become an elite sniper, accept the secret task, assassinate the brutal thugs. Keep your hidden, do not let the enemy find you, to ensure that the enemy's fatal blow. Kill them to eliminate the threat. You are a top secret agent assassin. Your mission is to shoot and assassinate traitors and criminals. Accurate shooting, so that you can kill the enemy faster. Your government agency offers you the best sniper rifle. This is one of the most challenging shooting games to test your shooting skills! Enjoy this best sniper game!

In this game, aim and shoot. Test your killer skills. The final war action began! Aim at evil and cruel enemies, shoot and kill them. Transform the evil city into a peaceful city. After a period of hard assassination. You received a higher task, a very challenging task. Find the head of the terrorist group and kill him. Seize your sniper rifle, search the rest of the city enemies, and destroy them, complete the mission.

Sniper Killer Shooting Features:
- very realistic 3D graphics and cool animation
- Real environmental effects
- Exciting task
- Deadly weapons
- obsessed game
- Simple and intuitive manipulation

How to install Gunner Shooter 3D APK at

Gunner Shooter 3D is one of the best first-person shooter games. Full of fighting and challenge. A really fun and challenging addictive game. Let you enjoy the feeling of the real battlefield. To ensure their own safety, but do not be afraid of sacrifice. good luck!

As a special forces commando, you have accepted a difficult mission. You are assigned to a location to clear it. There are deadly enemies and terrorists. The troops have provided you with high quality weapons. You are very good in training, you can survive on the battlefield. This is your fate. Join the battlefield, show your fighting skills, protect your country and people.

You are your troops and the country's hope, pick up your weapons, aim at your enemy's head shot. Accurately kill every enemy. Remember that they are terrible terrorists, put down your kindness, do not hesitate to kill them.

You as an elite soldier soldier, a hero of the battlefield, you are the last protection of the country. You need to use your own ability to protect the country and eliminate terrorists that threaten national security.

Some enemies are planning action, you need to destroy them, but they already know your presence, you want to destroy them as soon as possible, your gunfire may attract more enemies, so protect yourself and complete the task.

Gunner Shooter 3D Features:
- Exquisite picture
- Simple control, full touch screen operation
- realistic combat experience
- rich combat operations
- Real combat sound
- Multiple map scenes
- a variety of difficult tasks for you to choose

How to download Counter Terrorist Shot APK at

Ready to join this first person shooter game. Choose your favorite gun to kill all the enemies and save your city. You are a commando of the soldiers, in this task you play a key role. The enemy will attack the whole city. They are brutal killer, is a thug. You have to destroy them all before they hurt more people.
This is a very realistic FPS shooting game, this game has a different environment for cities, cities, streets and each environment has a number of challenging levels. You have to kill all the terrorists and get points that will be unlocked than the next task. Use your gold coins, upgrade your weapons or buy more powerful guns Show your combat skills and shooting skills, you will face a huge terrorist organization. But the bandits are not like brave commandos. Your aim is to kill all the killers as a real hunter, and you will become the hero of the innocent people.
This game has a variety of weapons and attack features. The enemy is attacking, you have to play your role and kill all the enemies. In this game, you must assure yourself at the same time as the attack and complete the task. If you can not find the enemy, please use the radar, it can help you find the right direction. The enemy hides himself behind the walls, buildings, trucks and containers, switches weapons, uses long-range weapons to kill enemies.

Counter Terrorist Shot Features:
- Real city and town environment
- all kinds of powerful weapons
- Smooth operation and control
- a number of challenging tasks
- HD graphics
- realistic war music and shooting sound effects

How to install Sniper Anti-Terrorist Shoot APK at

Sniper Anti-Terrorist Shoot is one of the most advanced 3D shooting games, the game offers a variety of sniper rifles, shooter snipers, special operations, contract assassins and best storyline, these elements make it the best shooting game for 2018.
The country is calling all the best shooters, contract sniper, shooter sniper, contract assassin and frontline commando, set up the best heroic army and commandos, their mission is to complete a variety of secret tasks, eliminate all the threats to their homes The enemy.
This modern shooting game may be the most fun and best of the shooting game! There are a series of deadly tasks in the game where the player must shoot all the enemies in each task to complete the mission. Each task has a different storyline, must complete every task to get the medal of honor.
Complete one after another action, do not let the danger close to you and your friends around you. As you complete the task, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase. As far as possible destroy emenies, get more points.
Lifelike game detail and the best 3D visual graphics and different game difficulty, giving you the perfect experience. This is the game of all the shooting game lovers dream. Here you can show your excellent shooting skills. Become a good sniper.

If you like shooting games and want to test your shooting skills and strategic level, then do not miss this game, the best shooting game in 2018!

Sniper Anti-Terrorist Shoot Features:
- Difficult tasks
- the best 3D graphics
- realistic environment
- real shooting effect
- a variety of deadly weapons
- Each task has a different level of functionality and difficulty

How to install Gun Shoot Strike Fire APK at

Gun Shoot Strike Fire is the latest and best modern combat action FPS game, using the new action to further promote the boundaries of mobile games!
Gun Strike Shoot War is a front-line action war game. As a heroic warrior, in the front combat zone, use machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles and other modern combat weapons to kill all kinds of brutal enemies. Use your excellent fighting skills to kill all enemies!
You are from the special team of modern combat soldiers training, destroy the enemy is your responsibility. In the modern fight against terrorist attacks, aimed at the enemy's head shot, struggling to fight, do not let the brutal terrorists escape.
Accurate aiming, shooting, more accurate elimination of the surrounding terrorists. They are brutal thugs, is the executioner. Ready to fight with the terrorists desperately, give up kindness, and strive to shoot. In order to make you better fight with terrorists, your troops prepared a lot of advanced weapons for you. You are a front-line commando, have excellent combat skills, show all your skills, penetrate the enemy's territory, find and destroy hidden goals.

Unique single player mode
- Enter the addictive modern combat action game
- a variety of modern action action
- complete all kinds of impossible tasks
- Pick your favorite weapon of warfare
- destroy the enemy camp, defend the glory

How to play:
- Choose your task
- Click the button to shoot
- Click on the screen to move the jump button control
- Sliding screen aiming
- Sensing around the enemy with radar

Game features:
- complex and difficult task
- all kinds of fine weapons
- Exciting map with realistic combat environment
- Kill all the terrorists will get you into the next stage
- stunning 3D graphics
- Best Shooting Game

How to download SWAT Counter Terrorist Shoot APK at

You are good, FPS fans of the game. SWAT Counter Terrorist Shoot is a great shooting game recommended to you. The game has great graphics and optimization. Even low-performance equipment, but also smooth operation. Join this exciting FPS game Come and feel the excitement of shooting.

In this exciting first-person shooter game, you will face the brutal terrorists. In order to protect the safety of the city, you must come forward to eliminate the terrorists who threaten civilians. The epic action game is filled with unimaginable fighting, perfect 3D graphics make you feel immersive.

Here you can have an unprecedented shooting experience! You have to fight with the mighty enemies and finish the mission. It's not just a game, it's a war! Luckily, here you have a huge weapon system and combat equipment, you can arm yourself, destroy the enemy.

You need to survive in the battlefield long enough to become the legendary heroes on the battlefield. You need to master the superb fighting skills, so that you can better survive and complete the mission. Only on the battlefield to exercise their skills. Experienced the war, and gradually become the focus of the battlefield. The hero of the people.

Remember your mission, you need to destroy all the evil terrorists. In order to better combat terrorism, your country has provided you with many advanced weapons. Precisely aim and eliminate all terrorism that endangers people's safety.

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shoot Features:
- Complex scenes and architecture
- realistic 3D graphics
- Exciting fighting environment
- a variety of challenging missions
- stunning music and sound effects
- a large number of high-quality powerful weapons
- Smart AI makes the game more interesting
- Best FPS game

How to download 100 Deine Mudder Witze HD APK at

"Deine Mutter setzt die PC-Maus wieder in der Wildnis aus!"
"Dei Mudder passt schon, aber net durch die Tür"

Die kostenlose App 100 Deine Mudder Witze beinhaltet, wie der Name schon sagt, ganze 100 verschiedene Deine Mudder Witze; es ist somit für jeden etwas dabei.
Spaß mit der Deine Mudder Witze App ist garantiert!

Luk4s Apps wünscht, wie immer, viel Spaß! :)

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100 Deine Mudder Witze - Luk4s Apps - 2016

How to install Death From Above APK at

Communists are invading, and it's up to you and your cannon to stop them!

In Death From Above, you're the gunner of an AC-130 gunship or Apache attack helicopter, orbiting a 3D battlefield. Lob 40mm shells through bunker doors and into groups of Communist thugs before they can kidnap your allies, nationalize factories, and do other Communist mischief. As you slay Communists, you'll earn upgrades and new weapons for your aircraft. The battlefield includes fully destructible buildings, destructible terrain, and the first 3D water simulation in an Android game.

How to install Rambo Contra Assasin APK at

Rambo Contra Assasin, destroy enemies, soldier, shooting games.

Rambo Contra Assasin is a shooting game. In the battle, soldier can fight to become a hero, but shooter would only be a lonely hero in this classic game. Warrior fights alone, against the enemies just by himself, nobody help him out of the battle.

- HD graphics
- HD Quality Audio
- Different characters to choose.
- Lots of enemies to fight.
- Classic weapon designs.
- All Free .

How to install Exterminator: Zombies APK at

The Governator is back in a new adventure that takes you to the golden action flicks from the eighties. Recall the action packed vibes of the past with your favourite action hero! Play as an experienced strong commando and kill all moving targets to progress.

Havoc is all around as the Zombie apocalypse has started. Only one man can save us! He is the last man standing and needs total annihilation of the zombie outbreak if he wants to survive. Skill and strategy are key here. You are surrounded by numerous predators of the undead. Mummies, zombies and witches all want to eat your brains. Luckily you can equip yourself with powerful weaponry and remember, ammunition is expandable. It is more important that you survive and get to the final stage of the game.

Here your skills are really tested. You need to get to the chopper in order to escape. Do you have it in you to beat all the waves of enemies. Terminate towering bosses, while picking off smaller enemies and roll towards safety. Use your surroundings as cover and find powerful weapons and healing items on the battlefield. Roady Run towards the chopper and plot your escape route carefully!

This game uses intuitive twin stick controls for accurate shooting and movement action. Your equipped weapon fires automatically when you are simply aiming it. Your standard weapon is a heavy sub-machine gun, but more powerful weapons can be found in the field. Shotguns, flamethrowers, RPG rocket launchers... You name it, this game's got it!

You will have a laugh when listening to your hero's epic one liners during battle. Get ready for the most funny and explosive game of the year!!!

+ Superb twin stick shooting action
+ Inspired by action movies from the eighties
+ Roll your character from danger
+ Wield powerful weapons
+ Defeat waves of zombies and other ranks of the undead
+ Terminate towering bosses and escape with the chopper
+ Earn experience and unlocks
+ High definition 3D graphics
+ Epic rock soundtrack
+ Funny one liners, can you guess 'em all?

How to download Dino Escape - Jurassic Hunter APK at

The Governator is back in a new adventure that takes you back to the golden action flicks from the eighties and nineties. Recall the action packed vibes of the past with your favourite hero! Play as an experienced strong jungle commando who is marooned on a tropical island filled with hungry dinos. It is time to make them extinct again, in this story, it is up to you to terminate the jurassic threat. Shoot to kill all dinos!

Your chopper just crash landed on a Jurassic Island that is crawling with blood thirsty dinosaurs. Havoc is all around as you explore your surroundings and scavenge the land. Race through the dense forest to collect crazy weapons and craft ammo. Home in to the sound of colossal beasts and hunt each and every one of them. It is easy to get lost in this world and it will prove difficult to run and escape from the dinosaurs’ grasp. Luckily ammo is expendable, so feed these prehistoric monster dinosaurs with some 21st century lead. This is no walk in the park, it is war! Battle these monstrous creatures from the sunbaked shores or dense jungle. Can you kill these aggressive dominions?

Do you have it in you become a real deadly trooper and beat all the waves of primal enemies. Terminate towering T-Rex bosses, while picking off smaller enemies and roll towards safety. Use your surroundings as cover and craft powerful weapons and healing items on the battlefield. Roady Run towards safety and heal yourself just in time to get ready for another wave of mayhem. It is easy to snap in all this mayhem, but if you tread carefully and plan your route accordingly you should be allright in this tense safari. Shoot and kill everything to survive!

This game uses intuitive twin stick controls for accurate shooting and movement action. Your equipped weapon fires automatically when you are simply aiming it at the dinosaur threat. Your standard weapon is a heavy sub-machine gun, but more powerful weapons can be found in the field if you dig deep enough. Shotguns, mini guns, flamethrowers, RPG rocket launchers... You name it, this game's got it!

You will have a laugh when listening to your hero's epic one liners during battle. These primal dinos are no pets… Get ready for the most funny and deadly game of 2014!

Each enemy type comes in three difficulty forms, from easy to hard. Currently the following dinosaurs are present in-game:
- T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
- Triceratops
- Raptor (Velociraptor)
- Dilophosaurus

Other dinosaurs that are planned for the upcoming update are: Sauropod, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Iguanodon, Protoceratops, Pterosaur

+ Superb twin stick shooting simulator action
+ Embark on the ultimate dino hunter quest
+ Roll your character from danger
+ Explore the island and discover its beautiful shores and dense jungle
+ Kill, hunt and shoot to survive
+ 12 challenging mission quests that will test your skill
+ Inspired by action movies from the eighties and nineties
+ Play with Arnie, your favourite body builder
+ Go on a prehistoric safari
+ Wield deadly, powerful weapons
+ Terminate towering T-Rexes and escape from cunning velocoraptors
+ High definition 3D video game graphics

How to install Jurassic Hunter: Primal Prey APK at

Massive action! Now also with controller support.

This action shooter takes players to a tropical island that is filled with prehistoric creatures. As a stranded archeologist, you will need to overcome ferocious dinosaurs such as Triceratopses, Velociraptors, and enormous T-rexes.

The outbreak
Explore the sandy shores and dense forests of this tropical Jurassic Island, but beware of the many dangers that inhabit this world. These ancient creatures are no pets and you will need all your wit and survival skills to stay alive. This is no walk in the park, this is a full fledged war between both species. The planet’s D-day is here and you are the only one that can save human kind.

As a lone survivor you will need to fight for your life and overcome endless waves of deadly dinos. Players are armed with a wide and devastating array of upgradeable weapons. Survivors will be putting these weapons to the test against de dinosaur thread, including and huge end-stage bosses. Ammunition for special weapons is scarce but can be replenished at the in-game store or can be found as loot on corpses.

Fortunately, the standard pistol never runs out of ammo and can always be used as a last resort. In addition to firearms, health items and multipliers can be scavenged from the battlefield. Dig in, stay focussed and land headshots. Complete your survival quest and escape from the island!

Five weapons are gradually unlocked as players level up and each can be upgraded to increase firepower, enlarge clip size and improve reload times. Skilled survivors can use the environment to their benefit by collecting hand grenades and shooting explosive barrels. Lucky survivors even can unlock the beserker mini gun, which is very powerful and effective against larger foes and boss enemies, but will also act as great multiplier builder.

★ ASSASSIN PISTOL (baby size pistol that packs a punch)
Your trusty pistol with unlimited ammo. Your last resort and primary side arm.
★ AK-47 (Kalashnikov)
This assault rifle is famed for its trustworthiness, accuracy and is fitted with a red dot scope for even better marksmanship. Now you can hit the Tyrannosaurus Rex right between the eyes!
★ HUNTER SHOTGUN (Accurate laser guided strong-arm)
This shotgun packs a punch and is really effective for killing off the smaller enemies at close range. Ammo is limited, but this is your ticket for optimal crowd control.
★ THUMPER (whispering at first and then it will do all the trash talking)
It is all in the name. Listen to the sweet soft thumping sound... followed by a LARGE EXPLOSION! This is your tank weapon that is ideal for doing major damage!
★ SNIPER (super accurate firepower)
Snipe the dino threat dead before they reach you. You can see them coming from miles away. Finding the odd ammo box is difficult as they are scarce, but this accurate weapon is highly effective.
★ BESERKER GATLIN GUN (heavy duty blaster)
This gun is not a part of your arsenal, but you can find it at random. This is shooting at its finest. Use it to decimate the ranks and go on a rampage!
By collecting rupees and money from the battlefield you can upgrade your weapons. You can enlarge clip size, snap in extra magazines, fortify your bunker, improve firepower and make reload times quicker. What to upgrade first is your call!

Ammo can be collected in two ways. Either you stock up at the in-game store or you shoot the ammo crates, dropped by fallen enemies. You don’t have to do a runner to fill your clips. Find eggs to unlock special abilities.

★ Tyrannosaurus Rex
★ Allosaurus
★ Velociraptor
★ Triceratops
★ Brontosaurus
★ Pterodactyl
★ Stegosaurus
★ Sauropod
★ Dilophosaurus

Controller support for many controllers such as NVIDIA Shield.

How to download Air Battle: World War APK at

Have you been waiting for something different 3D action air battle of WW1?
Now you can play "Air Battle: World War"

Air Battle: World War allows you time travel running back over 1 century ago.
You fight as a pilot from allied powers or central powers against each camp in the first world war.

* Basic airplane : Sopwith Camel
* Sopwith Triplane
* Spad S XIII
* Bristol F.2
* S.E. 5s
* Fokker series
* Albatros series

Airships and balloons
* Graf Zeppelin
* Drachen
* Type 800 hot-air-balloon
* HMA 23

Ground units
* Tanks
* Armored vehicles
* Infantry
* Trucks
* Military train
* Guard towers

You have over 50 missions.

Game Features
(1) 18 fighters based on real history
(2) Many of enemy airships , hot-air-balloon and fighters, bombers
(3) 40 normal missions and extra 14 custom missions
(4) Various weather condition
(5) Various terrain maps

Each mission has wide array of modes.
Tracking, slaughtering, looting, defense and so on.
You can eliminate dozen of enemy fighters and ground units using only one shot, Le Prieur rocket. (splash damage)

You can buy new advanced fighter, rocket, extra gas, repair kit and divine protection a shield saving mission money

Now hit the road!
Into the fire of burning western front sky.
Time to travel to 1 century ago to be a ace pilot of WW1 air battle.
Glory of sky is waiting for you!



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How to download Pink Pony Jungle Painting APK at

Pink Pony Jungle Painting is a fun-filled pony princess makeup game.
The beautiful and sweet piny pony princess is going to have date with her loved prince, the princess is very nervous and also expecting about this date, as this is the first date with the prince, she wants give a beautiful and lovely image to the prince and also give both a sweet memory, the beautiful princess need to dress up for this date, now, the princess is very confused about the dress up, as there are too much clothes, and cosmetics can be chosen and she don’t to how to select from these stuffs, my sweet baby girls, if you are the princess and what kind of clothes will you choose to dress up yourself and what kind of makeovers you think will be more suitable for this sweet date? come and join with us, let us help the beautiful piny pony princess to design the most fashionable and shinny dress up together!

- Smart pink pony character, enjoy your fashion salon time
- Help the pink pony to pick up eyeliner, eyebrow, lipstick and other makeup stuffs
- Many kinds of make up tools, make up your sweet date makeover
- Play and learn makeover and dress up skills through the game
- A sweet date of beautiful pink pony princess and handsome prince
- Pink pony face painting design, help the pink pony to clean up her face first
- Wash face and do a facial spa for the piny pony
- Simple and clean but very interesting and wonderful background music

You can find us:
Official website:
Like us on our Facebook family:

If you have any doubt or you need some tech support, please tell us . We will be there for you 24 hours everyday day. Email:[email protected]

How to install Polygon Wild West Cowboy Story - Revolver gunman APK at

Love western games? This super cowboy adventure, gun duels, revolver gunman shooting, and horse racing, bank robbery, red Westland world, gun shooting and cowboy story for redemption? Welcome to a stylized poly-art western world of the wild west cowboy games. Become real west gangster in crime game and create block city rule.

How to install Fruit Combo APK at

A gorgeous fruit feast.

Fruit with a perfect combination of three elimination games .

A dancing fingers and brainstorming like an amazing journey .

Fruit Combo to bring you speed up like Cool three elimination feast , you just need to dance on the phone to your fingers, fruit lore completed within the stipulated time , you win .

In the corresponding time as much as possible by matching three or more of the same pet , you can create a fruit blasting mania results, scores will rapidly increase.

Game play point ,

1 , Fruit Combo , with fresh fruit beautifully pictures , beautiful fruit elements.

1 , Fruit Combo , in the form of checkpoints conducted multiple checkpoints set up , one by one difficulty rising .

2 , Fruit Combo , the game uses a cool effect with stereo blasting music .

3 , Fruit Combo , super simple and approachable , and more fun blasting pleasure .

4 , Fruit Combo , fruit species with three or more elements can be achieved to eliminate the greater the number of elimination to give higher scores

How to download miniGame for 2Players ver.Blue APK at

Mini-games that two people can play

1.Board Base Ball
2.Board Golf
3.Infinite Shooter
4.block pingpong
5.Board Foot Ball

Anytime, anywhere you can easily enjoy the game
in one mobile phone
with friends.

Also, they provide a single person.
World Ranking System for sigle Playe~!!!

How to install miniGame for 2Players APK at

Mini-games that two people can play

3.Alkkagi (pushing piece out)
4.janggi (Oriental Chess)
5.Omok (Matching Five Piece)

Anytime, anywhere you can easily enjoy the game
in one mobile phone
with friends.

How to download Tirada de palomas APK at

En este juego de caza irán entrando palomas desde un perspectiva muy real, no dispares a la paloma donde la veas, espera a que se acerque y se ponga a tiro, solo así tendrás posibilidades de abatirla.
En los primeros diez niveles las azulonas entraran en series de seis, con cada animal muerto irás doblando la puntuación, si consigues bajar las seis conseguirás un fallo extra,
en niveles superiores tendrás que matar siete seguidas.
La escopeta de que dispones es una repetidora con tres cartuchos en la recamara, en ocasiones te conviene cargar rápidamente uno o dos cartuchos para que te de tiempo a disparar a todas las palomas de la tanda.

How to install Wild Boar Hunting2 APK at

- El juego consta de varios niveles, que podrás ir superando alcanzando la puntuación que
se indica al comienzo de cada nivel.
- Para matar los jabalíes en principio dispones de un rifle de cerrojo.
- Los jabalíes irán apareciendo en pantalla en series de ocho individuos.
- Si consigues abatir un mínimo de cuatro cochinos podrás cambiar el rifle por un
automático que carga 5 balas. Si consigues matar los ocho podrás continuar con el
automático de lo contrario tendrás que continuar con el de cerrojo.
- La puntuación ira en aumento según el número de ejemplares abatidos en cada serie, si
consigues derribar los ocho guarros obtendrás un mínimo de 90 puntos, a los que podrás
sumar 10 puntos extras por cada animal que derribes cuando corra de frente o de culo.
- Los jabatos solo dan un punto, no cuentan en el computo general de cada serie.
- El máximo de fallos permitidos es de 5, pero podrás obtener fallos extra si derribas siete
jabalíes de cada serie. A partir del nivel 7 tendrás que matar los ocho.
- Ten en cuenta que detrás de un árbol o semiocultos en el monte no podrás abatirlos,
dispara cuando estén descubiertos.

How to download Caza zorzal APK at

Juego en el que podrás abatir zorzales en pleno vuelo desde una perspectiva muy real.
Para ello dispones de una escopeta superpuesta de dos disparos que podrás recargar en cualquier momento, esta escopeta la podrás sustituir, a partir del cuarto nivel, por una repetidora abatiendo un cierto número de zorzales seguidos que irá en aumento según avance el juego.
El sistema de puntuación ira en aumento contra mas pájaros mates seguidos, en principio el máximo numero de zorzales que puedes matar seguidos es de cuatro, conforme vayas superando niveles las series de zorzales irá en aumento, al final de cada serie se limpiará la pantalla de pájaros muertos.
Dependiendo del nivel en el que estés jugando si logras abatir un determinado numero de pájaros, puedes restar fallos.
Los zorzales que bajan o suben completamente en vertical bonifican con 5 puntos extras.
Algunos zorzales hacen diferentes quiebros en pleno vuelo, puede que tengas alguna dificultad en abatirlos, apunta bien y suerte.

How to install Cazando conejos APK at

El juego consta de varios niveles que podrás ir superando si consigues alcanzar la puntuación que se indica al principio del mismo.
Para tal fin dispones de una escopeta superpuesta (dos disparos), que puedes recargar en cualquier momento.
En los primeros niveles los conejos irán apareciendo en series de cuatro, el
sistema de puntuación ira en aumento dependiendo de los que mates seguidos de cada serie. Si consigues abatir los cuatro conseguirás un fallo extra, según superes niveles el numero de animales en cada serie irá en aumento. Al final de cada serie se limpiará la pantalla de conejos muertos.
Si esperas a que el conejo corra completamente de culo o de frente y le aciertas, conseguirás cinco puntos extras, en algunos niveles a partir del quinto, atravesará la pantalla una liebre a la carrera, si consigues abatirla también te dará cinco puntos
más. En niveles superiores, en algunas ocasiones, si esperas a que los conejos estén lo suficiente juntos es posible abatir dos de un disparo, esta acción te reportará otros cinco puntos.

How to download Batida jabali APK at

El juego consta de varios niveles que podrás ir superando abatiendo los jabalís que van apareciendo en pantalla.
La puntuación irá aumentando según vayas abatiendo jabalís, el primero valdrá un punto, el segundo dos, el tercero tres, si consigues matar 5 seguidos conseguirás 15 puntos, cuando se limpie la pantalla el conteo empezará de nuevo.
Empezarás el nivel con un rifle de cerrojo que se cargará la bala en la recamara automáticamente pero tendrás que esperar a que se termine la acción para poder repetir el disparo. Para introducir más balas en el cargador tendrás que pulsar sobre las mismas que irán apareciendo en pantalla de forma parpadeante.
Consiguiendo un mínimo de 40 puntos, podrás terminar el nivel con un rifle de repetición pulsando sobre el rifle automático que aparecerá parpadeante en pantalla. Esta acción te constará cinco puntos.
El máximo de fallos permitido es de 7 en el nivel 1, irá descendiendo hasta 4 en el el nivel 6, en el podrás ganar fallos extras.
En el nivel 6 cada vez que consigas abatir cinco jabalís seguidos sin tener que repetir a ninguno (15 puntos), descontarás un fallo, los jabalís que no caigan muertos en el primer disparo y tengas que repetirlos el tiro contarán como dos jabalís, pero puntuarán como uno.
En el nivel 7 si consigues 100 puntos podrás utilizar un cargador extra de seis balas que te constará cinco puntos, Si consigues abatir los siguientes seis jabalís que aparezcan en pantalla conseguirás 22 puntos y descontarás un fallo.
En los siguientes niveles para conseguir el máximo de puntos de una tacada y conseguir
fallos extras, tendrás que abatir series de jabalíes cada vez mayores, las series comienzan y terminan cada vez que se limpia la pantalla de cochinos muertos.
Ten en cuenta que se pueden abatir todos los jabalíes que van apareciendo en pantalla,
incluso con el rifle de cerrojo, solo hay que averiguar en orden dispararlos.

How to install Escenas de caza APK at

Juego de caza en el que para superar niveles tendrás que completar las escenas de caza que se irán sucediendo.
Para completar las mismas tienes que ir matando los animales, jabalíes, venados, corzos, gamos, osos, muflones,
zorros, que aparecerán en pantalla. Si se escapa algún animal la escena no se completará, es posible que algún animal ni siquiera aparezca en pantalla y no tendrás posibilidad de conseguir los puntos necesarios para superar el nivel. El orden en el abatas los animales también es importante para poder completar la escena.
El rifle de que dispones es de cerrojo, cuyo mecanismo accionará el tirador automáticamente, mientras el tirador esté
accionando el cerrojo no podrás disparar, espera a que la mira aparezca en pantalla.
En principio dispones de cinco balas cuatro en el cargador y una lista para disparar, podrás ir recargando balas después de cada disparo, de una en una o tres, cuatro y cinco de una vez según tus necesidades, elige bien el momento de cada recarga pues si están entrando bichos no podrás dispararlos.
En todas las escenas intervendrán perros persiguiendo a las res e incluso mordiendo, procura no herirlos esto te penalizaría.

How to install El cazador 2016 APK at

Juego de caza con mucha acción e imágenes muy reales donde podrás matar diversas especies de caza como zorzales, perdices, palomas, patos, becadas, liebres, conejos y más.
Pulsa en la pantalla sobre el animal a abatir y si lo consigues te dará un punto, si matas dos seguidos, te dará dos puntos y si matas tres te dará un total de cinco puntos.
Los puntos que debes de conseguir para pasar el nivel te lo irá indicando al comenzar la partida, los fallos permitidos varían de seis al principio a cinco conforme vallas superando niveles.
La escopeta de que dispones es de una repetidora de tres disparos, puedes ir recargando tiro a tiro pulsando sobre el cartucho que parpadea o vaciar la escopeta y cargar los tres disparos de una vez pulsando sobre la caja que aparecerá en pantalla. Ten en cuenta que mientras estés recargando no podrás disparar, se un buen estratega y elige el momento exacto en el que no pasan animales para cargar la escopeta.
Cuando llegues al nivel 33 tendrás la opción de repetir el nivel que más te haya gustado sin necesidad de ir superándolos uno a uno.
Ten cuidado con no herir al perro, si le das un tiro se te cerrará la partida.

How to download La cazadora APK at

Vive los lances de caza mas reales disparando a diversas especies cinegéticas a muestra de perro.
En este juego de acción, podrás matar diversas especies de caza menor como perdices, liebres, conejos, faisanes, zorzales, patos, gansos etc.
Espera a que el perro localice la pieza y se quede de muestra, para que el perro se arranque y levante la caza tienes que pulsar sobre la cazadora.
Cuando el perro se arranque y levante la pieza de caza, pulsa en el punto de la pantalla donde quieras que dispare la cazadora.
Procura que el perro no este en la trayectoria del disparo, espera a que la pieza se sitúe por encima o por debajo del perro.
Tendrás que ir sumando puntos para superar los niveles, si abates dos piezas seguidas de la misma especie te dará un punto extra si las abatidas son tres te dará otro más, las liebres de mas dificultad sumarán dos puntos.
Cuando superes el Nivel_41 tendrás acceso a una pantalla de puntuación donde podrás ir superando tu propio récord partida a partida.
La escopeta solo carga tres cartuchos, tendrás que ir recargando según convenga ya que mientras recargas no podrás dispar.
Cuando aparezca un cartucho parpadeando sólo podrás cargar un cartucho cada vez que pulses sobre él, si lo que parpadea es una caja de cartuchos cargaras los tres disparos con un solo clic.

How to download Caza Menor con perro APK at

El juego consta de varios niveles que tendrás que ir superando abatiendo las piezas de caza que ira levantando el perro.
En este juego de caza podrás matar diferentes animales de caza menor como perdices, conejos, liebres, faisanes, zorzales, patos, gansos, cercetas ect.
Para disparar a los diferentes animales dispondrás de una escopeta semiautomática de tres disparos.
Para que el perro localice la pieza arrastra el mismo arriba y abajo sobre el rastrojo hasta que confronte con la pieza. Una vez que localice la pieza se quedara parado (de muestra), para que la levante pulsa sobre el tirador para que se arranque.
!Muy importante¡ cuando dispares al animal procura que el perro se haya salido de la trayectoria del disparo, si le alcanzas se cerrará la partida, pon especial cuidado cuando dispares a una liebre.
Para superar el primer nivel consigue 20 puntos y no falles más de 6 veces, según vayas superando niveles incrementará el numero de puntos a conseguir y disminuirá el numero de fallos permitidos.
En principio dispones de de tres disparos, si te quedas sin disparos aparecerá una caja de cartuchos parpadeando, pulsa sobre ella para cargar los tres cartuchos de una vez, aunque siempre podrás cargar tiro a tiro cuando aparezca un cartucho que parpadea, ten en cuenta que mientras que estés cargando no podrás disparar por tanto no siempre te interesa recargar, elige el mejor momento
En el nivel 7 las liebres y los conejos que escapen por la parte derecha de la pantalla puntuaran doble, pero tendrás un limite de 28 cartuchos para conseguir 28 puntos.
En el nivel 8 solo puntuaran doble las piezas que persiga el perro ladrando.
En el nivel 11 si derribas las dos perdices que van a peón seguidas ( si te haces un doblete ) conseguirás un punto extra, pero para pasar el nivel tendrás que llegar a 30 puntos.
A partir del Nivel 14 dispondrás de más munición, pero subirá paulatinamente la puntuación a superar.
El doblete de la misma especie te darán un punto extra.
En los niveles superiores si consigues un triplete de la misma especie también te dará un punto extra más.

How to download La Montera APK at

El juego consta de varios niveles que tendrás que ir superando consiguiendo 20 puntos para los primeros niveles y 25 para los siguientes.
En la pantalla irán apareciendo jabalíes, ciervos, zorros, etcétera... que tendrás que ir abatiendo para conseguir puntos. Algunas reses no caerán en el primer disparo, tendrás que repetirlas para conseguir abatirlas, si consigues abatirlas con el segundo disparo puntuaran el doble.
En el Nivel_Mayor el rifle del que dispones es de cerrojo, tienes que recargar cada dos disparos, para lo cual tendrás que pulsar una caja de balas que aparecerá parpadeando abajo a la izquierda.
En el Nivel_Joven podrás disparar diez veces seguidas sin necesidad de recargar el arma, pero tendrás que conseguir hasta 30 puntos para superar algunos niveles.
En los nuevos niveles superiores dispondrás de más disparos sin tener que recargar pero también tendrás que conseguir mas puntos para superar el nivel.
Hemos incluido en el juego algunas especies que en España están protegidas, como el águila y el oso, con el águila pon atención porque si la abates tendrás que repetir el nivel. Al oso a pesar de estar protegido se le puede disparar porque al fin y al cabo esto no es más que un juego.
Con los perros de la rehala lleva cuidado, porque si los impactas te penalizarán con tres fallos.

How to download El cazador2 APK at

El cazador_2 es un juego de acción con imágenes muy reales, consta de varios niveles que tienes que ir superando abatiendo las piezas de caza que van apareciendo en pantalla. Tendrás que abatir 20 piezas para superar el nivel, el número de fallos permitidos van de 3 a 8 dependiendo de la dificultad del nivel a superar.
La escopeta que se utiliza en el Nivel_Experto, es una superpuesta de dos disparos, se representan con dos cartuchos en la parte inferior izquierda de la pantalla, una vez efectuados los dos disparos aparecerá una caja de cartuchos parpadeando que tendrás que pulsar para recargar el arma.
En los Niveles Medio y Fácil tienes de 4 a 6 y de 8 a 10 disparos seguidos antes de recargar.
Según vas superando niveles algunas de las piezas a abatir cuentan como fallos aunque no las dispares, establece prioridades a la hora de abatir las piezas.
Con cada nivel superado aparecerán nuevas piezas de caza así como aumentara el nivel de dificultad para abatirlas.
La novedad está en los niveles medio y experto, cuando superes el nivel_8 de los mismos encontraras un nuevo nivel_puntuación que consta de tres tiradas, tendrás que conseguir 120 puntos entre la suma de las tres tiradas para poder seguir superando nuevos niveles.
Estos nuevos niveles contienen más acción y nuevos lances de caza, cuando dispares a una de las piezas que aparecen en pantalla la que la acompaña cambiara la trayectoria y incluso la forma de vuelo, por supuesto alguna de las que se escapan contaran como fallos, tendrás que descubrir a que pieza conviene disparar primero.
En algunos Niveles aparecerá un águila, no la dispares es una especie PROTEGIDA, si la abates se cerrara la partida.
A partir del nivel_16 procura abatir la liebre antes de que la capture el águila, si logra atraparla contará como un fallo.
El jabalí es un animal muy fuerte para abatirle de un solo disparo de escopeta, tendrás que repetirle el disparo hasta conseguir abatirle.
Intenta superar todos los niveles y pasa un rato entretenido en tal empeño.

How to download Simulador caza2 APK at

Trata de abatir las piezas de caza que van apareciendo en pantalla, para tal fin dispones de entre dos y cinco tiros seguidos antes de recargar, cuando hagas uso de los mismos aparecerá una caja de cartuchos parpadeando, pulsa sobre la misma para recargar, recorre las pantallas de puntuación suma puntos y trata de conseguir un mínimo de 100 puntos, una vez conseguidos podrás jugar en el Nivel Fácil donde podrás disparar siete veces seguidas antes de recargar. Para jugar en los niveles medio y difícil, consigue 250 y 350 puntos respectivamente.
En las pantallas de puntuación si tocas la pieza conseguirás un punto si la abates dos, en los niveles de dificultad solo contara la pieza abatida.
Tendrás que acertar de lleno en la pieza para que caiga en el primer disparo, de lo contrario soltara plumas y seguirá volando, algunas de las piezas que se escapan cuentan como fallos, elige bien a que pieza disparas primero y adelanta el tiro como harías en el campo.
Ten en cuenta que las águilas son especies protegidas, si las disparas y las aciertas aunque sea por error, tendrá consecuencias.

How to install Gorilla Smash City Big Foot Monster Rampage APK at

Monster Rampage Games says hello to happy gamers in bigfoot monster rampage in gorilla games while we welcome you to a new set of mad gorilla games with the flavour of smasher games mixed with giant monster games and giant rampage games with city destruction games where you have to destroy city in a smasher city series of city destroyer games. Real gorilla has been taken away from his gorilla family by evil scientists, in this unique addition to super hero games, who want to carry experiments on the poor animal to develop a pathogen for mutants which would cause a monster rumble in city when the bigfoot monster hits the streets. You got to make sure the real gorilla makes it out the of the lab first and then reunite with its family back in the jungle. The angry gorilla is in a very bad mood and is on a rampage of city smashers where your wild gorilla with overcome any force to become labelled as the ultimate gorilla amongst the wild gorilla we usually see in king kong games, bigfoot games when the monster city rampage reaches the top level in destroying games also including destruction games. Get ready for the adrenaline filled gorilla attack while you help in greatest gorilla escape of our times never ever seen before in monster games. In this real gorilla simulator, the angry king kong on a mission of city escape where epic monsters need to go through the police and army to get back to the natural habitat. And this tells you how very exciting this city battle has become when the city destroyer monster hero on a city rampage for ultimate gorilla survival of this incredible monster. So let us add this rampage simulator to wild gorilla games in wild gorilla simulator in a new interesting gorilla attack game. We have placed our app along ape games because we know exactly what our audiences enjoy. It’s a new shade of wild animal games with angry gorilla attack.
Ultimate Gorilla Rampage BigFoot Monster City Smasher Wild gorilla, our latest in king kong games, kicks off in a mad scientist lab where ur real gorilla is stuck undergoing experiments. Away from its natural habitat this angry gorilla goes on a full fledge rampage where the epic monsters are on full throttle city smashers in destroy city to make it back to their natural home in an angry gorilla attack. This smasher city action involves gorilla attack on whatever comes in the way of this angry king kong who is fixed on an annihilate it all city rampage mission. The gorilla survival also includes the incredible monster hero, which is on a monster city rampage, fight against forces on land and air. Further on the city battle get more interesting when the bigfoot monster, that we’ve designed that you seldom see in other monster games & smasher games or also giant monster games plus giant rampage games, goes up against red hot forces attack that we have especially designed to be very deadly even for any other mad gorilla games, city destroyer games or even city destruction games. We have just entered the arena of monster rampage games in addition to super hero games with but we r sure we will make a permanent mark among destroying games or destruction games. You don’t see gorillas going against the whole city in wild animal games but only to make it back home.
Indulge in our wild gorilla games when you play our bigfoot games to get a pure taste of destruction games and destroying games where u also have to help the gorilla escape that has been missing in previous giant monster games alongwith city destruction games also included with giant rampage games. Do also invite your friends to these city destroyer games who generally love mad gorilla games. And yes one more surprise this app comes with a nice little cool gorilla dance move that is waiting for you to unfold it. While you get away from the mad city you can do a little dance celebration as well which was never there in monster rampage games before where you only usually see angry gorilla attack.

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Welcome Folks! Machine Dreams inc has come up with yet another crime simulator, Real Vegas Crime Simulator - Police Robot Attack, the next big game from vegas crime simulator. Put an end to crime in vegas crime city playing real crime simulator giving you the best of real police games and real police crime. This indeed is the real crime simulator in real crime city among any police story games you have ever played. Gangster vegas robots are trying to take over the city and its your duty to engage the gangstar in this new crime game just added to the police shooting games. There are a lot of vegas gun games that are available but whats different is that this time its police vs robots in best crime games. Police Crime Simulator is the first of its kind in police shooting bad guy within vegas crime mission games with a nice flavor of police action games. You must have played a lot of vegas crime games and police crime games but this one also falls in the group of robot crime games. Our app will definitely be with other best police games of 2018. You will surely love to indulge in this crime app that’s standing with best crime simulator games and best vegas crime games. There is a very few police robot games in the market that also involve police car chase and prove to be fall withinin police shooting games which is why we call this our next best gangster vegas robot. Best crime games is what you love and this gangstar police comes with all the right ingredients. Turn on the crime city simulator while you play best police shooting game. You all love gangster crime games don’t you.
Real Vegas Crime Simulator - Police Robot Attack is filled with real time action scenes and real life shooting helping it be in best shooting games for kids. It’s a special designed police crime simulator with maximum action making it unique among police shooting game. Real Vegas Crime City is under threat and you are the police savior in this real police crime scenario. It has started to look like real crime city in this Vegas Police Crime story. Machine Dreams Inc is set to bring robot action games in crime simulator games especially for you. We produce best game play among all police action games as well as police mission games. The feel was never like this in vegas crime games because this game also have a unique flavor is robot crime which cannot be ignored when you play this police crime story added to vegas shooting games also ranked between best police games. Machine dreams has committed to bring best crime simulator games along best police crime games to our gamers. Police robot games are unique and our vegas police simulator covers all whats required in vegas shooting games. The newst in the gangster crimes games is here.
Real Vegas Crime Simulator - Police Robot Attack , the latest police crime simulator in Vegas Police crime and also police crime city games.Police Crime Story kicks off when peace is disturbed in Vegas and this time the gangstar is using real robots in real robot action games when you enjoy Vegas police crime city games. Feel like a cop when u play real crime simulator added among best crime games or police car games. You will soon see our crime app in the best robot games. Download crime city simulator or robot crime simulator and get your friends to play it too.
Interesting animation from police crime games
Highly detailed models of police cars much better than best crime games
Never Seen before Police vs Robots
Intense shooting missions
Instant Kill Strikes crime simulator
Collect guns and ammunition
Police vs gangster jobs
Realistic sound effects & graphics

How to download Miami City Police Crime Simulator APK at

Welcome to Miami and experience best Crime Simulator Game top ranking in new crime games. game that is ranking with best police games. Fire up best Miami City Police Crime Simulator game to experience Police against Mafia. Its time for Miami Police Crime Miami Police Game app. You might have played many Police Crime games but nothing beats this cut throat police crime simulator where you see first-hand experience of police crime games or Miami crime. Play best Crime Simulator Game and enjoy one of best Miami games in best crime games area. You love Miami Police Game in the Miami Police Crime era. Miami City Police Crime Simulator brings you life like animations from Miami City in an insane Police and Mafia gangster fight which will among all best police games. Play this action packed thriller rich in heavy action police shooting game where your final goal is to finish Miami Crime Lord ranking high among new crime games. You will find it to be best amongst other Miami crime games and Crime Police Games. It will start to feel like real Miami city police when you enjoy Miami city police crime simulator game or Miami City Crime game.
Miami Gangster Games are never complete without police car chase and police shooting. Fly ur police airplane in a deadly Police Vs Mafia war in best police crime games. Its Police Superhero against the deadliest Miami Mafia Real Gangster. Help the police clean up city in Miami crime police games .

Yneed to take it to the skies flying around Miami city damaging mafia gangster activities while you enjoy the top of Miami crime games within best police crime games or Miami crime police games . This is of best police games among best crime games of 2018 and also the Miami City Crime game. Enjoy real animations depict the beautiful city of Miami when you play Miami police game . In Police Crime Simulator Help the mayor decrease city crime in best police shooting game of 2018. Drive police Ferrari and fly your police jet to destroy Miami gangster crime world in most thrilling simulator game ever. Its time to catch the Real Gangster. Jump into the world of Police Shooting crime games while you fight real city criminals latest with new crime games. This police app has all that there is to be ranked with best police games. Miami police crime is the next big thing to look out for playing Miami city crime. The true bad boys will find this among best crime simulator or best crime games. This would be the real feel of Miami City Police Crime Simulator Game or Miami Crime Police Games .

Miami city has turned into city of crime and evil in this Miami gangster game and you have been asked by the city mayor to fight the craziest Miami Crime war in latest police crimes games. Prove to be the stronger than Miami Gangster and make your presence felt in Miami Simulator Game while you enjoy best crime simulator game of best in police crimes games. Fly away your Police Airplane and destroy the real Miami crime pockets and this will be your best police crime game experience with this shooting game. The new Simulator game called Miami City Police Crime Simulator brings the best crime games experience right to your device with the most amazing of Miami crime games and Crim Police Games. With enhanced graphics and real life affects you will love this best crime game set in real Miami crime world and love this Police Shooting Game of the best miami police game ever. Machine Dreams brings Miami Police Crime in Miami crime police games. This City Police Crime game lets you take back the city from the real city criminals putting an end to Miami crime in a Miami city crime game the most awesome you ever get in new crime games. Best police games or police shooting games. I’m going Miami in the Miami city police crime simulator game.

Realistic Crime Busting Game Play
Realistic High Quality Graphics
Action Filled Animations
Realistic Ferrari Drive
Latest Weapons
Deadly Arms and Ammunition including the bazooka

How to download Dogfight Aircraft Combat Games APK at

Play an intense action dogfight aircraft combat games. Perform acrobatic stunts on your twin engine aircraft as you and your squadron engage in air combat to gain glory high in the sky.

Engage in intense action air battle, against other combat aircraft, land based anti-aircraft cannons, airships.

Man a powerful machine gun in an anti-aircraft mission to destroy all enemy combat aircraft as they approach your air strip.

Do you have what it takes to win the aircraft combat games battle? Are you the master of combat dogfights wars of the air? Have you got the guts to achieve glory with your biplane squadron against elite tough enemy aircraft combat?

Play now and find out!

How to install Arabian Standoff APK at

Cowboy Standoff Arabian style

Focus and attack your opponent at the right time ,unlock lots of weapons including fire weapons , freeze weapons , and destroy your rival, have fun sending your enemy ragdol in the air.

Epic Physics simulation for the attack , different weapons with different effects.

Super fun casual game

How to install Deer Hunting Sniper Reloaded APK at

Let’s pack up to go out in jungle and start hunting deer with american sniper rifle. Deer Hunting Sniper Reloaded is an addictive action game with amazing sniper guns and the most realistic jungle environment to give you an ultimate forest adventure with trees, grassy terrain, mountains etc. Sniper hunting lovers will enjoy this first person sniper shooting game where you are alone in jungle and you have to fulfil your sniper hunt duty. Take up your rifle and reload it to take down the deer predators before you become their prey. Let’s start hunting in real jungle and don't let the deer escape easily. Be a skilled shooter and show your sniper shooting skills to wild deer. The deer may does not notice your existence so take the best and accurate aim to shot him to become the best jungle hunter. The wrong aim can let the deer run away from your sight, so be professional in taking aim. Deer Hunting Sniper Reloaded will give you an wonderful experience of deer hunting with realistic 3D graphics of jungle environment, forest sound effects etc.

✦✦✦ STORY ✦✦✦
The army sniper has decided to live the rest of his life in his jungle cottage. He preys deer with strategy and then eat his meat to survive his life in forest. He has been exceptional in sniper shooting career and want to hunt deers in jungle. He owns one sniper rifle at his small home in jungle as he is passionate shooter and hunter. His love for jungle environment has lead him to live alone and prey deers. The army soldier loves to hear jungle sounds like animals, water, mountain waterfall, wildlife, birds etc and he is fond of eating wild fruits and vegetables.

✦✦✦ TIPS TO PLAY ✦✦✦
➙ Load your gun and take aim of deer between trees
➙ Touch on screen in gameplay and drag finger to rotate axis towards deer
➙ Camera zoom button to get accurate head and body shots
➙ After taking right aim of deer, press the bullet button to shot down
➙ Must shoot with proper timing to don't let the deer escape
➙ Complete your mission by considering time limit given in gameplay

➙ 10 different challenging gameplay missions
➙ Artificial intelligence of deer w.r.t hearing and running after shot
➙ Beautiful 3d game graphics with sound effects of jungle and gun
➙ Realistic jungle wildlife type environment
➙ First person shooting simulation
➙ Purchase different guns for your shooting fun
➙ Smooth gun controls for sniper shooting
➙ Accurate aim scope for snipers

✍ Give us your valuable ratings, comments, feedback and encourage us to make more cool games for your family and friends! ☺

How to download Mountain Train Sniper Shooting APK at

Get your shooting gears on as you have planned to execute a train robbery loaded with gold. The thrilling adventure begins with you playing as the lead sniper shooter in the group sighting the train on top of a mountain. Perform hill top sniper duty and take out the security on the train. Train is passing by the mountains, hills and through the jungle. Sitting uphill as the sniper, sighting the train will let you perform the sniper shooting task. Be the bravo sniper to infiltrate the train security perform the train robbery job. Take headshots, destroy barrels for maximum kills and even shot to separate the cargo loaded train boxes from the engine.

Become a hill top sniper and execute the grand theft job with your shooting skills. A bullet train is passing through the jungle and hills loaded with gold. You have planned to execute the robbery. The thrilling gameplay begins with you as the sniper to kill down enemy with perfect shots. Don’t let the train transport gold to the location. Take out all the security professionals with the help of your sniper rifle. Real thrill is to separate the gold boxes from the train engine. Execute the train robbery job with perfection. Immense gameplay levels will increase the thrill, action and adventure in this grand theft train sniper simulator.

The risk of being caught by the police remains until you left anyone alive on the train. Sniper, zoom and take perfect shots to eliminate the train security. Your job as the sniper is to help your fellow partners to execute the robbery plan perfectly. Use your sniper rifle with perfect shooting skills from the mountain top. Be the bravo sniper of the mountain to show your fury for this job.


- A grand theft plan to rob the train
- Play as the bravo sniper
- Realistic graphics, Shooting and train robbery job
- New concept in the action series
- Objective to kill everyone and take the gold

How to download Bad Traffic APK at

*** Awesome Traffic Control Game with Save and Crash Modes. Completely Free. ***

Can you control the crazy car traffic in the city and highway intersections? Accelerate or stop them, but you need to decide quickly.

Two play modes: car crash and car save with 14 different road intersections. It’s not a car parking or flight control game exactly but a city traffic control game on city road intersections!

Traffic panic is a very common scenario in the busy roads intersections now-a-days! Can you find the way to solve each challenge? Can you Save or Crash?

Clear levels and discover different types of cars like racing, vehicles with special powers, vintage cars and more

High-definition realistic graphics and high quality sounds make this game just awesome!

Remember! This is an addictive and challenging game; highly addictive car crossing and control game!

* Back story *
The Guardian Angel and the Devil's Advocate rarely agree on anything but this time they've agreed to get rid of Traffic, though their methods are not the same: the angel will help you save cars and the devil's advocate prefers that you crash them together.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Can you take control of the crazy highway traffic? SAVE or CRASH??

Download this game right now! Rescue the cars or destroy! Have FUN!

* Game Features *
- 14 different cities and intersections with gorgeous graphics.
- Two game modes: Save and Crash
- Over 60 cars including special vehicles like bulldozers, police cars, armored trucks, etc.
- Multiple upgrades are available for vehicles
- Available in 4 new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian

How to install Bomber Ace APK at

Drop bombs on enemy buildings and vehicles, try to perform precise hits in order to enter into fever mode! In fever mode plane continuously seed bombs and is invulnerable to bunker fire, homing missiles and debris!


Gather up your posse of friends, build a team, and kick some butt in the best looking multiplayer third person shooter for mobile. This intense online bullet fest offers the deadliest weapons in the galaxy to aid in your quest for glory...

“If you want evidence that mobile games are turning into their console and PC cousins, then look no further than Shadowgun: DeadZone.” -
“Shadowgun: DeadZone is one of the sharpest-looking shooters we’ve seen.” -
“They’ve made what could be the best multiplayer shooting experience on a mobile device.”


• Intense fast-paced multiplayer combat with up to 12 players connected online. This third person shooter puts you right in the middle of a futuristic war zone - make sure you bring plenty of bullets!
• Choose from two popular game modes: Deathmatch (a pure killing spree) and Zone Control (Capture the flag style war).
• Pick from a rogue’s gallery of 10 memorable characters. Customise to match your own combat style!
• Over 20 unique, futuristic and deadly weapons to choose from, including sub-machine guns, assault rifles and plasma throwers. Supplement your arsenal with lethal gadgets like sentry guns and landmines.

Shadowgun: Deadzone takes mobile PvP shooters to a new level of realism. Enter the atmospheric world of the Shadowgun and get transported by the moody graphics and slick animation.

• Intuitive fast-paced cover system. If the action gets too insane you can take a breather - just walk up to an object and you’ll take cover with the minimum of fuss.
Earn perks to pump up your experience and create your ultimate badass.
• Enter the private server and create your own war - your game, your rules!
• Kill your way across unique, ultra-detailed maps from the Refinery to the Palace.
• Fight, kill, die...kill again! If you are K.I.A you’ll respawn straight back into the battle.


Don’t forget to follow us on social media:

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How to install Find it: League of Legends APK at

Play the League of Legends find the difference game! Find it LoL edition!

Find the differences in all the photos pairs! We have more than 150 levels with all the League of Legends Champions.

Compare 2 images and find ,search and discover 4 differences between the photo pair. Improve your observation skills; exercise your brain while playing this awesome find the difference game. To set high scores, finish the levels faster. If you are stuck then use a maximum of 3 hints by pressing the magnifier. Score more and win big!

The awesome League of Legends wallpapers from the game have been used to create levels. All the LoL wallpapers are original.

This is a fan made app and fully complies with Riot Games guidelines for use of intellectual property: . Find it isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.

How to install Subway Prison Run 3D APK at

We proudly release one of the most addictive running games on Android! You will love it! Get ready to have some fun for the best running game on Google Play! ^___^
Jump, slice, turn... You need to escape from the police in the forest. Try to get the freedom being faster than they. The other way is you have to return to the jail! It's not comfortable anyway, so BE FAST
You will love this fast-paced and extremely challenging running game! Cheers!

How to download Ninja Jungle Run APK at

Ninja Jungle Run is an endless runner similar to the awesome game like Dark Run :)
- Beautiful graphics
- Multiple obstacles
- Captivating music
- Special Abilities
- Endless gameplay
- Smooth touch-based controls
- Simple and fun game mechanics.
- Update game frequently: more fun stuff coming soon ;)
- Welcome to Jungle World :D

How to download Guns HD APK at

* MP5k, M134 Mini Gun, AK 47, Silencer attached weapons and many more *

Guns HD features real animated guns and real gun sounds, animated at the pull of the trigger. Simply choose your weapon then tap the screen to fire, shake your device to reload. Smooth, realistic gun sounds and explosions. You have unlimited ammo but you can trigger the reload sound by shaking your device up then back down. Choose from dozens of real guns, machine guns, shot guns, tanks and more.

- Animated guns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, tanks, artillery and more!
- Real gun sounds
- Cool reload sounds
- Smooth graphics
- Free!

How to download Infinity Duels :BR APK at

Desperate fight of a family that has been led generation after generation.
As usual, a warrior continues to walk on the endless road of revenge for his father.

Since the day some warrior got killed by gigantic monster,
The story of a cursed family begins..
One revenge gives a birth another revenge
And it has created vicious cycle.
An Effort to cut off the vicious cycle is only a struggle of making bigger cycle.
Despite the situation, a warrior who never gives up face the destiny with sword on his hand.

- Epic poem that describes the cursed family
- A unique mix of RPG and two button arcade
- Unique and unusual artworks
- Spectacular action and FX
- Develop a warrior in various ways by learning skills
- One on one fight with gigantic monsters
- Warriors that become stronger by upgrading a weapon and an armor
- Various achievements and leaderboards
- Intuitive and speedy gameplay

*The permissions below are needed to support the share function.
User can share their game score on Twitter, Facebook and etc.
Thank you for your time.

How to install Girl Wrestling Championship Real Girl Fight 2019 APK at

Welcome to the Girl Wrestling Championship Real Girl Fight 2019 where the most powerful women wrestler is waiting to fight with you in the wrestling cage to become the wrestling ring queen. Play as super world wrestling championship to win smack down death fighting tournament. Get into the wrestle mania women fighter ring for shadow girl fight and win the challenge of girl free fight.
Do you ever play real girl fight simulator game? If no, then get ready to play the best wrestling evolution action mania games. In this women wrestling revolution 3D girl games, you can play as a cage wrestling wwe superstar to win this wrestling mania championship in this women wwe fighting games. Your opponent women wrestler are very strong to defeat them you need to be careful to win the match. In short, these real girl fight game are totally based on do or die scenario. Let’s jump into a girl free fight wrestling ring and show your all trick sand combo fighting skills to defeat your rivals.

You have a chance to select your wrestling revolution women fighter with different fighting styles like mix martial arts, Kung Fu, karate etc. Use kicks, punches and try every possible technique which you have in this girl fighting games to be the wwe champions because it's a freestyle wrestling revolution girl’s game and in this women wrestling games 2019, You will have to fight with the world best women wrestler and you have to beat opponent to become the wrestling wwe champions of this girl fight wrestle games.
You have to play many type of wrestling revolution games like women wwe fighting games, wrestling games for kids, real girl fight simulator, girl fighting games, beach girl fight, girl free fight, wrestling fighting games, fight games for girls, hot girl fight games, high school girl fight, ultimate robot girl fight, real girl fight game, shadow girl fight, girls VS boys fight, women fighter games, wrestling evolution games, super world wrestling, action mania games, girl fight games, wrestling games for free, wrestle mania, wwe games 3D, wrestling wwe, girl fight game, women fighting games, fighting girl games, wrestling mania, smack down, wrestling simulator, wwe superstar women wrestling games 2019, cage wrestling, death fighting, wrestling revolution girls, free wwe games, wrestle games, women wrestling revolution 3D game but Girl Wrestling Championship Real Girl Fight 2019 is the best game of this year.

Girl Wrestling Championship Real Girl Fight 2019 Features:

Amazing Graphics and Stunning Animations of wrestlers.
Easy On-Screen Controls of women wrestler.
Amazing Game-Play with best women fighter.
Real 3D ring environment
Fight with different grappling techniques
Different camera angles
Amazing HQ sound effects
Easy control for kick, knockout, punch and jump moves
Control using joystick and buttons.
Play this real women fighting games this is the best fighting girl games to kill time and enjoy latest features of wrestling games. Available wrestling games for free for you on Google Play store download and start enjoying the thrill and become the champion of wwe game 3D. Play Girl Wrestling Championship Real Girl Fight 2019 game. Participate in the hot girl fight game and become a super heavy weight women wrestler.
So now Just Install Girl Wrestling Championship Real Girl Fight 2019 and enjoy hours of fun gameplay.

How to install New Legend Fire Squad: Free-Fire-Battleground 3D APK at

Ready to play an amazing and exciting best shooting game of fire shooting game soldier squad, real world war shooting games against the free fire squad survival unknown battle strike in the free fire squad survival missions. In this Free Fire Squad Survival Battleground unknown and shooting action game you will face dangerous death missions of exciting survival battleground world war strike journey. World war free firing squad against the free fire shooting games and commando shooting survival games as army soldier. Free Fire Squad Survival Unknown Royale Battleground is a crazy challenging shooting arena where US Army commando and army squad of world war army training can will face crazy dangerous death missions. 
This enemy free fire shooting unknown battleground missions is the best offline shooting game. World war commando training skills and fire squad survival missions, your battleground survival in free Fire game depends on your war shooting squad in the Legend Fire Squad survival: Free Fire Battleground and world war battlegrounds world war game. In this battleground army squad, the last player of your firing squad will face crazy death missions in this Legend Fire Squad survival: Free Fire Battleground.

Legend Fire Squad survival: Free Fire Battleground in world war battlegrounds & cross fire surgical strike are filled with fierce shooting game 2019. World war commando training skills & Legend Fire Squad survival: Free Fire Battleground game is about world war missions where commando missions with best fps shooting and fire squad survival unknown battle strike controls are waiting for your sniper shooting skills. Start your survival battleground world war strike journey with modern weapons and free fire survival squad shooting missions like sniper guns and other world war shooting battlefield weapons.

The graphics of real firing squad is mind blowing and fire squad survival missions with survival battleground world war strike journey in this legend battle strike game. In this best shooting game, there are a lot of guns which you have not seen in any game and you will feel the best gun games. You have to show your world war commando training skills of modern weapons like sniper guns against unknown enemies squad in world war commando training skills games. 

Legend Fire Squad survival: Free Fire Battleground Features: 
Variety of weapons available with Free Fire shooting missions
Dozens of missions of war shooting squad
Real Enemy terrorist AI in Unknown battlegrounds missions
Realistic 3D 4 environment with high quality graphics
Radar system detects the enemy's position in surgical strike
Simple and smooth control of

Download on google play store the best Legend Fire Squad survival: Free Fire Battleground Royale game. Totally FREE!

How to install 激ムズ!崖の上の猫 APK at


■ 遊び方


■ キャラクター


■ こんな方にオススメ


How to install それいけ!にゃんぷー (激ムズ!無料 アクションゲーム) APK at

かんたん操作の3D アクションゲーム!
ゴール目指して、それいけ!ねこ の にゃんぷー!!!

・左 - 左右移動
・右 - ジャンプ


・100面を超えると激ムズ アクションゲームかも!?

・アクション ゲームが好き

>>にゃんぷーが大活躍するおすすめ無料ゲーム アプリはこちら<<



How to install 激ムズ!ジグザグにゃんぷー APK at



・ 魔王魂、野田工房など

How to install 激ムズ!ねこじゃんぷ2 APK at




How to install APK at is multiplayer physics based Io game. Play with real players and try to push them away from the scene to win the battle. Try to be live, punch others and be the last one of scene to be winner.

* Control (move) your jumping ball character with joystick. Hit other players by moving or jumping your character.
* Hold "mass" button to be heavier. When you are heavier, it is hard for others to push you. But, it is also hard for you to control your character.

There are kind of physics based levels with up to four players. When you join the game, you will play in random levels. It is excited to faced with surprised levels in each play!

There are kind of skins (capped, spy, red ball, etc. ). Choose you character and start to play this strategy IO game.

Form the developer of "snail", "insatiable io snakes" and "needle" games.

Your reviews are valuable for us in order to improve and update clash io game.
We are eager to reply your reviews and develop your wishes.

Have Fun!

How to download Paper Soccer APK at

Challenge a friend in a soccer game, made out of papers!

This game is based on a popular soccer game made out of papers. Challenge your friends in this realistic physics based mobile game!

Earn points by scoring a goal. Send your rivals flying up in the air with explosions. Make awesome combos by chaining powerups. Experiment various ways to defeat your rival, paper style!

Can you be the best paper soccer player? Try it now!


# Five selectable stages
# Ten jerseys to choose for your team
# Two types of powerups

How to download DaFox APK at

Run, Run, Run!

Run for your life and the future of your forest. In this epic HD graphics platformer, your objective will be to run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles and enemies and fight the Kingdom’s Queen.

The Queen had originally convinced the animals living in its kingdom to lend her money to restore the kingdom. The animals who were all very frugal and had saved money over the years had agreed to it for the general good of the kingdom they liked so much. However the Queen eventually went on to spend all the money on lavish pleasures. When the animals found that about it, they asked their representative DaFox to fight the Queen, get their money back and eventually restore peace in the kingdom

Will you represent your forest and animals well ? Are you up to the challenge ? How far can you run?!

The game is tablet ready

How to install Fireman APK at

Fire Alert ! In this new game, become a brave fireman whose role is to save the animals from the flames.
While doing so, you may also be able to find some treasures.....

You will be supplied with a water hose and a super jetpack. But be careful, you will need to keep an eye on your water supply, all the while putting out fires and battling different enemies.

It’s a lot of pressure but with some unexpected allies coming to help, we know you will succeed!

- Guide the fearless fireman through numerous challenges
- Fight fires in more than 50 different levels
- Better your equipment with our online boutique
- Find hidden objects
- Have fun controlling the water hose and your super jetpack

Download this free game now !

Compatible with Phone, Tablet, TV.

Note that for Android TV users a compatible gamepad is required to play.

How to install Bubble Blast Adventure APK at

Come discover the fabulous world your favorite Bubble Blast live in!

Bubble Blast Adventure is an exciting Platformer where you must race through the levels collecting special items and defeating the evil Bubble Square Tribe.

The Bubble Square Tribe has invaded the beautiful kingdom the Bubble Blast have peaceful lived in for centuries. While invading the kingdom, the tribe has stolen Bubble Blast artifacts, which represent the greatest source of power in the entire kingdom. As you venture through the various levels and take back the Bubble Blast Kingdom, you will be in charge of recovering them all. The kingdom’s future is at stake.

Bubble Blast Adventure features
- Unique Art design
- Platforming Actions: Rolling, Jumping and Exploding Bubble Blast
- Super easy to play, yet very intricate gameplay
- Hidden keys, gateways and treasures
- Over 100 fun levels to discover
- Interactive shop to boost your abilities all throughout the game
- Customizable Bubble Blast characters. How cool will your Bubble Blast be?
- The game is Tablet ready and supports 15+ Languages

How to install Animals APK at

Animals escape from the zoo !

In this new Magma Mobile adventure, help your favorite animals escape from the zoo and regain their freedom!
This new platformer game will lead you to an incredible journey with wonderful graphics and music!

As you progress through the various levels, collect as much food and coins as possibles. Make sure to catch all the helpful bonuses as they will help you climb even higher levels. Make sure you also pay attention to the maluses and other obstacles that will slow you down or threaten your survival.

When unlocking the first world, you will get access to an endless safari mode in which you will challenge yourself to beat your personal record.
As you progress throug the game, you will be able to unlock new in the shop.

This game will certainly appeal to the whole family. Now, get ready to help your favorite animals escape the zoo!

How to download Smash APK at

Discover the power of Smash today. Stunning music and stunning graphics for this new Arkanoid-like game. If you like brick breakers games, you will love Smash as it remains true to the best ones ever created while adding new bonuses and options.

Smash sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you’ve ever played!

Indeed, you will have the choice between 2 amazing modes for 2 different experiences! If you want to work on being the best of the best by constantly beating your best score, try the Arcade Mode!
You will also be able to play in Challenge Mode to progress over the packs and levels at your own pace.

Blocked in your progress ? Have a look around the shop and upgrade your power-ups !

Download it today for free!

Break all the bricks!

How to download Romans From Mars 360 APK at

Experience the all-time favorite Romans from Mars in Virtual Reality (VR) with Google Cardboard! You are a Roman soldier, and you and your crossbow are all that stands in the way of the invading Martian army. Use hands free movement to launch arrows or use your elemental powers like Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning to take down enemies. Hold the line and defend your castle walls or risk Earth being overrun by these wacky Romans… from Mars!


• Battle endless waves of Martians determined to take over Earth

• Upgrade your crossbow ballista to create the ultimate weapon of destruction

• Immerse yourself in a fun & colorful cartoon world with a 360-degree virtual reality experience

• Compatible with Google Cardboard and View-Master

How to download 모바일 리그 5v5 APK at

▣ 모바일로 롤 1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 AOS를 즐기실 수 있습니다.

▣ 피드백 주시면 게임 발전에 큰 힘이 됩니다.

▣ 재밌게 즐겨주시면 감사드리겠습니다.

모바일 리그 5V5는 팬게임 입니다.
개발자 연락처 :

How to download 더 난투 for LOL APK at

더 난투는 리그 오브 레전드(롤 LOL) 팬 게임 입니다.

라인전 압박없이 최대 6명까지 네트워크로 연결되 실시간으로 대결을 즐기실 수 있습니다.

각 플레이어는 코인을 모으며, 혹은 다른 플레이어의 코인을 뺏으며 10개를 먼저 모으면 승리하게 됩니다.

게임이 끝나고 주는 화폐보상으로 룬을 구입해 더욱 챔피언을 강화시킬 수 있습니다.

플레이하신후 피드백 주시면 게임 발전에 큰 도움이 됩니다. 감사합니다.

How to download おいかけっ紅魔館 APK at





How to download Clumsy Fighting APK at

Do you like ragdolls? Then this game is for you, unlock characters, unlock levels, and laugh on the many outcome that you can experience while you playing the game.

- Different levels
- Unlockable characters
- Funny Gameplay!

Rate and review our app if you can, so we can improve our game!

How to download 메탈컴뱃아레나 for Kakao APK at

◈ 스킬동영상 보러가기◈

새로운 메카닉 슈팅게임의 등장!!
시가지를 사이에 두고 5:5 근미래 기계화 부대간의 전장이 펼쳐집니다.
멀티플레이로 펼쳐지는 슈팅대전을 통해 MOBA (멀티 플레이어 온라인 전투 경기장) 게임의 진수를 느껴보세요.

※ 본진을 방어하고 적진을 파괴하세요!
- 다수의 타워를 부수고, 상대팀의 본진건물을 파괴하여 아군 미니언이 적진을 점령하도록 하면 승리합니다.
- 전략적인 협력플레이로 적절한 디펜스와 오펜스 전술을 사용한다면 점수를 선취할 수 있습니다.

※ 5개 유닛을 육성하라!
- 온라인 대전을 통한 레벨업으로 유닛의 스텟과 스킬의 업그레이드를 지원합니다.
- 유닛별 특화된 스킬을 업그레이드할 수 있습니다.
- 원하는대로 스킬 세팅이 가능합니다.

※ 오로지 온라인으로 펼쳐지는 멀티플레이 대전!
- 최대 5:5 의 멀티플레이 대전을 지원합니다.
- 쉽고 간편한 대기실 UI구성으로 전세계 플레이어와 빠른 온라인대전이 가능합니다.
- 당신은 하나의 캐릭터만 조작 가능하지만, 여러명의 유저가 팀을 이루어 실력을 겨룰 수 있습니다.

지금 다운로드하고 전략적인 멀티플레이 대전을 시작해보세요!!

◈ 메탈컴뱃커뮤니티 ◈

개발자 연락처 :
[email protected]

How to install Space Shooter HD: Star Invader APK at

Space Shooter HD: Star Invader is a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot'em'up action game. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorization of enemy attack patterns. The player must also have strategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific missions.


# HD graphics with at least 720p textures optimized for tablets and large screens
# Different alien races, hundreds of entities to fight against
# 100 missions in 16 campaigns to unlock with multiple difficulty levels
# Ability to use active skills during the missions
# Fully customizable spaceships with hundreds of upgrades
# Exciting boss fights
# Achievements and Leaderboard


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How to install Cell Planet Tower Defender APK at

Both classic and unique elements of the tower defender genre are combined in Cell Planet. While your enemies are attacking your organism, you can not only shoot them with blazing projectiles from your main tower, but also build leukocytes on platforms to obstruct them, and use various skills to destroy the threat.

Free Cell Planet HD optimized for tablets and large screens is also available!

# Touch or slide the screen to shoot incoming bacterias with blazing projectiles
# Build leukocytes, each with unique abilities, to hold your enemies back
# Drag and drop skills to damage or immobilize the bacterias, or even heal yourself
# Touch or slide the screen to collect resources for skills and leukocytes
# Construct a moat to obstruct your enemies before they can reach the wall
# Upgrade all skills, leukocytes, main tower, moat, and cell wall to increase their efficiency
# Conquer more and more stages - through muscle cells, lung, bone, skin cells, and neurons
# Different bacterias require different strategies, depending on their special abilities like quickness, toughness, immunity to slow, hovering, ranged attack, division, and more

Download today to decontaminate bacterias and stop the invasion on your Android device!

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How to download Contra Force 3D APK at

Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequel to Cease the Fire. Close in on the Occupation with each mission, make your way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Allied forces to WW2 victory! History depends on you!

Experience exciting WW2 campaigns with challenging missions that will test your skills on the battlefields of Belgium, Italy, Germany, and more. Grab your guns to fight enemy troops, eliminate snipers, or obliterate convoys, halftracks, and tanks to forward the war campaign and save Europe.

Master challenging objectives in Assault, Sniper and Rocket Launcher missions to clear war-torn streets and rural villages of Axis invaders! Become a special operations solider to take down the deadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers and destroy valuable military targets using snipers, machine guns and tanks.

New and improved weapons are at your disposal to help lead the Allied forces to victory. Fight with your whole arsenal and utilize machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and more. Choose your weapon of war and eliminate your targets!

How to download Assault of Armageddon APK at

Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequel to Assault of Armageddon. Close in on the Occupation with each mission, make your way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Allied forces to WW2 victory! History depends on you!

Experience exciting WW2 campaigns with challenging missions that will test your skills on the battlefields of Belgium, Italy, Germany, and more. Grab your guns to fight enemy troops, eliminate snipers, or obliterate convoys, halftracks, and tanks to forward the war campaign and save Europe.

Master challenging objectives in Assault, Sniper and Rocket Launcher missions to clear war-torn streets and rural villages of Axis invaders! Become a special operations solider to take down the deadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers and destroy valuable military targets using snipers, machine guns and tanks.

New and improved weapons are at your disposal to help lead the Allied forces to victory. Fight with your whole arsenal and utilize machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and more. Choose your weapon of war and eliminate your targets!

With cutting-edge graphics and precise controls, you can see and feel the action of WW2. Whatever the mission or weapon- from machine gun to sniper- you’re on the frontlines of war.

High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
-This game is not intended for children.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- A network connection is required to play.

How to install Glory of Sparta APK at

☆Speech by the king of Sparta!
Arexes, murderous tyrant and lord of darkness, has amassed his dark legions against Greece! It is our solemn duty to defend Greece and dispatch his minions to Hades. We will make our stand at Thermopylae, where we will engrave in eternity the bravery and name of SPARTA!

30 levels
13 Spartan types (4 historic hero characters)
30 Enemy types
12 skills (12 active, 4 passive)
RPG style level-up system
Fantasy history game
Automatic hack & slash
Combination of strategy + defense
Establishment of your own camp with strategic flags

☆Meet historic heroes!
Hero Agesilaus
- King who tried to free many Greek cities. He shoots arrows with powerful fire.

Hero Gylippus
- General who thwarted the Athenian plan to conquer Sicily. He has the ability to heal heroes and soldiers around him.

Hero Brasidas
- Hero of the War who is compared to Hercules in the Symposium by Plato. Using his tremendous Health as a weapon, he provokes enemies to attack him.

Hero Pausanias
- Spartan supreme commander for the allied powers that destroyed the Persian military. With powerful attacks and health, he significantly increases the attack power of allies by raising their morale.

HowTo Play
1) Become a Spartan champion and block the swarming dark legions.
2) Prevent the dark legions from passing through the gateway of Sparta that leads to Greece.
3) Win the battle by calling out strong soldiers with unique characteristics.
4) Use a variety of cool skills to blow away enemies swarming in.
5) Call out heroes with godlike powers to instill fear in the enemy.
6) Plant Spartan flags in the flag areas located on the battlefield. Each flag has its own useful ability and blocks the advance of enemies for a certain period of time.
7) Exalt the glory of Sparta with various skills, soldiers, heroes, and flags.

1) Utilize flags (army reinforcements, Health recovery, spirit recharge, increased defense) to further enjoy the game.
2) Upgrade heroes and soldiers with Gold acquired during the game. Create a powerful army.

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How to download SWAT and Zombies Runner APK at

You were one of the crew of the best SWAT TEAM in our previous game 'SWAT and Zombies!!'
Now you are the sole surviver of the helicopter crash that killed the entire crew in the middle of the zombie nest.
You have to survive on your own.
The only way back to your waiting brothers is running.
All those strained zombies and nameless giant zomies are blocking your way!!
Now! Run til you die! And Survive!

#Easy controll
No need for complex tutorial and manual.
Two thumbs and tabs are all you need and you are ready.
Jump! Slide!
Kill zombies with auto aim!!

#51 weapons and upgrade system
8 types of Pistols
4 types of Shotguns
11 types of Assault Rifles
9 types of Rifles
5 types of Sub Mchine Gun
9 types of RPG
5 types of Bazookas
10 possible upgrade steps

#Steam Jump
No more boring normal jump!
SWAT with steampacks!
Move more swiftly with 2 step jump!
Evade randomly appearing obstacles and survive!

#Various SWAT characters
11 types of various personage and characters to choose from

#Gigantic Boss
Get prices after killing Gigantic Boss that awaits every certain distances!

#Mercenary System
Find scattered and hiding mercenaries!
Run together. They will be trustworthy backup.

#Check your skills!
Compete with your FaceBook friends!
Top Rankers will be awarded every week.
You can check your skills by checking local and world ranks in Global Ranking.

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Google+ :
Home :

*)Thanks to Dho Won Shin for the Spanish translation.
*)Now we support German, thanks to Jakob Filpe who helped us with translation.

How to download Wire de Coins 2 APK at

[How to play]
Touch a screen to move and attack to enemy with wire.
Beat a boss in a last of stage.

Avoid the trap using swipe and tilt.
Tilt the device to get the coin.
When fall from the ground or your HP decrease to zero, you will be game over.

[About the coin shop]
You can shop at the coin shop by collecting the coins.
Let's collect the coins, in order to buy a convenient item.
For example, stronger weapon.

How to download Track Sprinter APK at

Not that I'm bragging, but I believe that I'm good enough at the 100M sprint that I can beat a world record.

Starting from today I'm going to be entering qualifiers for tournaments.
If I win I'll be able to enter even bigger tournaments.

How to Play
Run by alternatively tapping the right and left of the screen
Speed up by tapping faster in the right order.
Take care not to get the order wrong or you will fall over.

I can't wait to compete against a worthy opponent.

How to download TapFighter APK at

This place is a dark alleyway that few people dare to pass.
Just 5 minutes away from here is a big city filled with skyscrapers,
however lose your way and you end up at a place like this.

I've heard that bad guys come down this alley often.
Today I've finally arrived.
Whoops, I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is "Tap Fighter", hero of justice and punisher of bad guys.

* How to play
Tap the screen to attack in that direction.
Attack the bad guys that come running at you by timing your taps.
Max the combo gauge located at the top right of the screen and press the "SP button" to unleash a SP movement.
You become invincible when you enter SP mode
You receive coins depending on the amount of enemies you defeat.
Use the coins you've earned to unlock even stronger weapons.

Oh uh, it looks like I've been spotted.
Well then let's go teach these bad guys a lesson!

How to download Kick the wall 3 APK at

I previously mastered the art of wall kicking, now I hope to master the art of the rope.

I have recently obtained a legendary rope and have finally made it to the village deep in the mountains, from today on I hope to master my skills here.

My challenge is to use the rope I obtained and to see how far up I can climb.

[How to play]
Tap the screen in the direction you want to go to extend the rope.
Try to avoid falling, bombs and getting to wet as you climb.
Pick up power-ups along the way.
Unlock more ninjas by collecting scrolls.

There are 7 other ninjas that have agreed to help me with my training.
Let's walk the path of the ninja together!

How to install Hopping Copters APK at

Welcome, here helicopter professional pilot training school.
You will get training for maneuver the helicopter here.
Take it easy.

*How to play*
- Tap the screen, the helicopter will rise up.
- Be careful not hit the ground, clouds and blocks.
- If you get the coin, you will get bonus point.

Let's fly as fly far!

How to install Jump de Coins 3D APK at

Extra edition of "Jump de Coins" has been released !
Let's get a coin on the stage in 3D !

[How to play]
Let's take a coin to operate the hero of the left and right buttons and a jump button!
I'm gonna do it game over fall in lava below, there are no physical touching the needle.
Let's go over any terrain with poor footing by making full use of two-stage jump!

[About the Coin Shop]
You'll collect coins and buy a coin shop!
Or make up your strength, and strengthen your jumping
Earn coins because more and more useful items they sell!

Take a magic coin shining, I'm rushing to the super coin time! !

How to download Hit the Black Company APK at

The employee was having forced extremely hard labor.
Also physically and mentally, he has already been a limit.
He decided to beat CEO in order to gain a paid holiday.

- How To Play -
It's simple.
Just tap the device screen.
However, tap actions differ for every floor.
Let's pass all the floors.

The score of this game is the number of taps.
Pass the floors with the small number of taps.

How to download Torocco de Coins APK at

[How to play]
Avoid the trap using swipe and tilt.
Tilt the device to get the coin.
When fall from the rail or hitting the trap you will be game over.

[About the coin shop]
You can shop at the coin shop by collecting the coins.
Let's collect the coins, in order to buy a convenient item.
For example, Guard that protect from the trap.

How to install Custom Rocket APK at

He toward planet that have discovered, took off with the rocket.

*How to play*
- Controll rocket by push left or right button.
- Game will be end when empty fuel or empty physical.
- You will get many coins by flying highre and long time.
- You can customize your rocket by your coins.

How to download Commando Desert Operation APK at

We are bringing you an interesting in playing shooting games, Desert City Operation: Commando Assasin . Ultimate first person shooter with advance multiple weapons on your smart phones.
As an army commando, complete challenging missions, clear the area from brutal terrorist. You are supposed to kill all enemies, clear the area with powerful and destructive guns. As a commando, you need a great courage in the face of the fierce enemy. Terrorist has taken the one of small area in the desert. You are a signed to rescue the area because you are best commando and having good battlefield experience for this mission. Use your one man army skills and clear all levels.
Your action will determine the victory. Load gun, show your skills, be the assassin in fury battle. Here you have to fight against very dangerous soldiers, enemies and spiders which are almost spread in all over the border area. Just find them and shoot them. Be-careful, there are some enemy soldiers also attacking you.
It is a test of your military skills to rescue the area. You must save yourself and keep eye on every terrorist for your successful complete mission. This is the military action oriented shooting game for all on Google play.


- FPS game
- Amazing graphics
- Challenging missions
- Excellent environment
- Destructive Weapons
- Auto loader shot guns
- Sniper scope view
- Fabulous sounds.
- Completely free game

Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make more enhancements in it.


This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the App only as per Google Policy.

How to install Penguin Wars - Online Battle APK at

Welcome to Penguin Wars! Enter the Antarctic Colosseum and fight for glory!
Fight with armed penguin with players around the world in this fun multiplayer game.

A game of chase, run and kill!

Chase your opponents under the ice tiles. Shoot at them to take them down. When you fire a shot to your enemies , they will come after for you too!

«World-Wide Battle»
Online fight against four rivals around the world!
With high-speed matching, you can casually battle at any time.

«Friend battle»
Battle with friends and family on the spot!

-How to Play-

1. Swiping the screen in the direction of travel will advance the player character.
2. Press and hold the screen to fire bullets.
3. You can damage the block by firing the blocks.
4. Take the item to power up your armor.
5. Limited game time for each stage.
6. The player who survives to the end becomes the winner.
7. Change the appearance by changing the skin!

- Recommended playing environment -

We recommend to play under Wi-Fi connection to have stable connection with others.

Recommended for people like
· likes to play multi battle
· likes to compete with friends
· Enjoys Battle Royale game

How to install APK at - fun game of survival in which you control a small fly - you must literally learn to become a fly and survive or die! In you must search for food and try to survive in the wild against other players and animals. As you progress and level up you can evolve into new animals that are larger.

How to download Anaconda Dragon Snake Simulator APK at

Multi shaped wild anaconda has trampled down the whole city with the power of ultimate dragon. In this Angry Anaconda Dragon Revenge 2018 featuring real dragon anaconda which is pretty mysterious creature came from wild jungle. In this free animal simulator game you have to be dragon snake anaconda in the city battle attack gam. Be the furious angry anaconda dragon snake in the city revenge wars to battle that creating having for a city battle. As the angry anaconda dragon snake, protect the territory from enemies by using your furious fire and fire ball attack skill and end the final city revenge battle. This action simulation game is best in the category of anaconda games. Take over the castle and kill the bow arrow archery shooters.

Game-Play in Angry Anaconda Dragon Revenge simulation:

Brutal jungle revenge fight and town or city rampage missions against the spear village warriors, archers and lot more non-stop action. Fight against wildcraft immortal lizard man aka werelizard, Ogre beast, Basilisk and flying dragon bat. The angry dragon snake anaconda is in search of the mischievous innocent people for prey and this will be converted into a anaconda dragon snake grand city battle. Transmute yourself in the angry anaconda dragon snake and let’s start revenge war and rampage around the village and dark jungle with wild animal simulator games 3d.

Play the angry anaconda 2018 with the twist of dragon anaconda snake in the anaconda games. The anaconda dragon pursuing a revenge on humans, creeping hideously because of weaponized archers and speared villagers looking for its next prey, hunting humans and animals ruthlessly. Fight against lion, tiger, hyena, crocodile and many more wild animals. Use your stealth and ingenuity to carefully calculate the right time to fire attack strike. Crush your foes and city forces with your giant wild anaconda dragon attack.

Angry Anaconda Dragon Revenge 2018 Features:

• Featuring multi shaped wild anaconda dragon snake.
• Fight with jungle animals & predators like ogre, basilisk & flying bat dragon.
• City battle missions against armed villagers like and sharp spear hunters.
• Trample down the castle & kill the bow arrow archery shooter force.
• Face the final war against immortal werelizard enemy with wildcraft animal power.
• Simple & smooth controls to help chase your prey.
• Amusing gameplay with realistic anaconda snake animations.

Control giant wildcraft angry anaconda snake dragon and trample down the city with rampage and chaos. Win the city revenge battle missions by getting rid of immortal enemies one by one. Download now Angry Anaconda Dragon Revenge 2018 and be the anaconda snake dragon reptile for the first time.

How to install Werewolf Revenge: City Battle 2020 APK at

Transform your wolf into huge werewolf in city battle game! Use claw blade to hunt and revenge against other wolf pack with the help of your clan of wolves and become werewolf alpha. Create massive werewolf rampage and chaos around the city. Fight in town with gangsters and evil aliens for city survival. Claws blade transform wolf hero with the multiple jungle and city battle missions is here in the most fascinating werewolf survival simulation game and werewolf simulator. Run free through the crime city and forest as a wolf during the night, or hunt deer and rabbits and protect your territory with the help of your clan as claws hero. Time to survive enemy invasion with this Werewolf Rampage: City Battle 2018! Story of wolf transformation city battle & jungle war.

Transform yourself into Wolf Super Hero or Werewolf:
In paramount of werewolf games, Get ready to clear the real city from all sorts of mafia and villains as with your wolf superhero with super transform skills. Start revenge battle, trample the whole city and create massive rampage with this werewolf city survival game.

Hunt as a Clan of Wild Wolves:
In this werewolf city battle simulator adventure! Hunt animals for food, but avoid predators, fight with the help of your clan become a hunting beast with werewolf games to where you can turn into werewolf and a person. This game combines elements of rampage style games with forest adventure and write your own werewolf hero survival simulator story.

Trampled Down the City & Create Rampage:
In werewolf simulator games you need beware the bandits and police shooters in the city. They are cruel and would kill you on sight. Convert yourself into human and show them your hidden powers and ample the revenge of werewolf! Keep your claws blade weapon alert and survive at all cost like a real wolf superhero or werewolf super hero. Show them your hidden werewolf attack powers as super werewolf avenger hero.

Fight against Villains & Mafia of Crime City:
In this action game you play as super Claws blade hero and transform into wild wolf to kill dangerous villains in the city and make possible wolf survival. Use your fantastic villain powers against the city police and create havoc around the town because on this way you can survive from cops in wolf hero revenge simulator.

Gameplay/Features of Werewolf City Rampage Future Battle
• Combines, hunt, fight as clans & jungle rampage with adventure.
• Ultimate battle with wild animals & in the city as werewolf survival hero.
• Werewolf warrior environment! Amazing HD gameplay & 3D graphics.
• Wolf claws hero vs super villains! Fight against other wild wolf & other jungle beasts.
• Fight with gangsters, thugs & police with wild wolf transformation feature as werewolf avenger.

Start brutal battle against villains of the grand crime city and become a werewolf revenge superhero or claw blade hero of 2018. Download Werewolf Rampage: City Battle 2018 now! Vertex of werewolf games. Adventure story about wolf super hero crime battle vs fantastic villains.

How to install Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City APK at

Its Halloween night at Vegas city and mad scary clown is ready to attack on citizens with sledge hammer and handy stick in this scary killer clown attack crime city game. In Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City there is situation about creepy prank simulator with scary clown super villains gangster fight. Use special attacks like slime pumpkin, flick of leg, fire the tire and crack attack and create scary clown city rampage. Use your killer clown mask and funky costume and destroy cars and vehicles, lamp posts and even citizens in your way with your super strength. In Killer clown attack vegas crime city with city clown sightings you need to be a creepy clown and scare the people with your dirty clown pranks. Create ultimate destruction, threat and thrill with creepy killer clown game. Your vegas scary clown super villains will face Police which is active because of people screaming and destructive attacks on various occasions but no one was caught last year halloween night. Be a creepy killer with Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City.

The clown city attacker is equipped with razor sharp axes, blades and bats to hit people around. On top of that he controls the environment with his possessed evil powers. Leaving you at the mercy of this evil stone cold creepy clown. Killer clown scary pranks simulator 2018 is based on Halloween night with Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City. The scariest clown terrified Vegas citizens with his spooky actions and horror making clown sightings were taking over the city. So get ready to attack and smash your enemies in this real prank attack sim of scary clown. Killer clown vs super villains city people! you need to be a gangster clown and attack like a clown villain at Halloween parties, go and fool around people.

Make your creepy evil plans and build your own clown shelter and may start your own clown gang with scary weapons and strange clown strategies and be a killer clown and attack crime city. So here is your chance to become a scary clown other than on Halloween party. But beware from cops because strange clown was also suspected in other city for different crimes with this city gangster clown attack.

Features of Scary Clown Super Villains vs Vegas Police:

• Various scary prank killing & attack missions with the help of super villains clown gang.
• 3D Halloween city & realistic horror environment.
• HD visual effects with realistic clown animations of hitting or scaring people.
• Multiple tasks and different action based gameplay.
• Smooth controls & vibrant 3D graphics as scary clown vs super villains city.

So time to join the criminal clowns gang and rule over the vegas city at Halloween night because this is a prank attack sim about the city clown gangster. Download Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City and enjoy the super scary clown attack powers.

How to download Superhero Panther Flying City Survival APK at

Superhero Flying Panther with his Pet Real Wild Black Panther is here to rescue your city. Your grand city is under attack by city mafia, gangster and drug cartels. For rescue mission, a flying panther superhero has come forth to help new york police, eradicate city mafia, crime gangster and to fight the crime. Panther hero possess incredible crime fighting skills. A real wild black panther is always there to help superhero panther. Flying panther superhero can fly for city rescue mission and fight crime with some amazing rescue, fight and shooting skills. Panther Flying Superhero is referred as real fighting warrior for city survival. The fighting warrior who is not afraid of any criminal, city mafia, gangster, robbers, drug dealers or terrorist. The flying panther super hero carry out mission in precise way.

Be ready for real superhero fighting and shooting game with help of Real wild black panther as your Pet and companion! You have tried many other flying superhero games but this SuperHero Panther Flying City Survival game unlike other is full of thrill, action and adventure. The incredible hero takes you on next level. Become a new york superhero and fly around for saving people lives. The panther can fly around the futuristic city and has to rescue city people from bad time. The terrorist, city mafia, robbers and gangster will device different ways to sabotage the panther superhero move. To add to trouble, terrorists can plant bomb in cars, attack the shops or banks. Panther super hero has been called many time incredible hero warrior in new york city because of his flying rescue, instant kill and fighting skills. In this Panther Superhero City Rescue missions the eminent panther superhero or well-known flying panther has to rise up against mad city mafia along with street fighters and accomplish crime city rescue mission for futuristic city of New York.

Strange super panther hero future war is a completely free superhero game having great adventure of hammer hero in the huge avenger battle. Just play this new hero game of 2017 and enjoy unlimited fun and ultimate battle action and make yourself a super villain for your mutant enemies and gangsters of the big crime city.

GAMEPLAY of Superhero Panther Flying City Survival
• Exceptional HD graphics with City environment!
• Rescue city people as the real super panther hero with your Wild Black Panther!
• High quality sounds with superb animations!
• Multiple missions of flying & fighting with city mafia!
• Ten amazing game levels! Call your pet Balck panther to help you in danger

The stage is well set for the entry of fictional hero of superhero games. The mafia and thugs are using super powers through their evil robots with the help of transformation technology. They are transforming their robot simulator into super robot, car robot, flying robot car and flying robot simulator.

Download Now Superhero Panther Flying City Survival and Enjoy

How to install Tiger Family Sim APK at

Make your clan, hunt together, make cheetah family and survive in the wilderness of the savanna forest. This tiger survival game is all about to explore the Jungle and look for hunting to feast on. You are a vicious and angry tiger leading a tiger family sim 3d and clan of arctic tigers and looking to kill anyone who comes in your view. Play this tiger family simulator or clan of tiger game and fight with wild animals like cheetah, hyena, buffalo, leopard, lion and other dangerous animals in the huge jungle wilderness. Tiger simulator games 3d and tiger fighting games were never been so thrilling. Beat the bosses of jungle in this wild tiger forest hunt. Play like a hungry beast animal that searches for its prey with the help of mate or clan in this tiger family simulator game. Play as a Tiger survival wild escape hunt to attack and kill for food in jungle with Tiger Family Sim.

Experience the real tiger’s life with tiger jungle hunt. Fight with jungle beasts with the help of your clan to survive in an adventures jungle environment. Wild African tiger is a Combination of adventures, simulation and rampage around the massive Jungle in wild tiger jungle hunt. Beware of giant crocodiles and elephant they might attack furiously you as well so you have to be ferocious to eager attack on them in wild tiger simulator jungle survival. Wild life tiger game is specially designed for the lovers of tiger fighting games and tiger attack games with our tiger family sim 3d.

Start the wild tiger adventure and survive in the wilderness to dominate the jungle wildlife. Start your jungle hunt in the lush green forest with the help of clan of white tigers. Show your ferocious nature as you are king in the wilderness of huge jungle.

Features in Tiger Family Simulator

✪ Explore the big savanna jungle & create cheetah family.
✪ Find your mate, feed & protect her in the wilderness of forest.
✪ Make your clan of the tigers, fight & hunt together for hunger.
✪ Attack & running tiger family simulation with HD graphics in tiger simulator 2018.
✪ Realistic safari 3D landscape with dynamic weather conditions.

Start the wild tiger hunting adventures and feed your ultimate tiger like a sabertooth tiger play this wild tiger simulation game and show your strength, attack and survival power in the wilderness of jungle. Download now Tiger Family Sim the vertex of tiger attack games and tiger games 3d new free top fighting animal.

How to install Vegas Mafia Driver APK at

Wanna play mafia driver in car game? Play the fusion of mafia driver games and gangster driving games with multiple drugs, gold and secret crime transport of Mafia crime lords from one place to another in the city of Vegas. Real mafia gangster car game is all about Bad guys, money, crimes, exclusion era, gangs, or cars and trucks. American gangster families were able to maintain their secrecy and success with different name code in American gangster action games. Let’s start the mafia drive and beware from police agent who is seeking for you in the streets of Vegas. Several smuggling, car theft, cop escapes and police shooting missions are available in Vegas Mafia Driver the vertex of mafia car driving.

Mafia clans families were also known for increasing terror in the crime city of Vegas. In addition to this, they are extremely good drivers and are often spotted driving expensive cars. This is your chance to test your driving skills at the wheel of some of the most exquisite vintage cars and crime truck, experience the life as a Mafia Driver! Crime transport games were never been such thrilling. So in this crime transport game you will face challenging fights against the police squad and other bad guys to protect your bosses. You will enjoy immersive prohibition-era mobster feelings and stunning vintage cars and truck collection. Step into a truck and deliver smuggled boxes, drugs throughout town, without any damage or drop. Join the huge gang of mafia but during mafia transport you need to avoid the police who are looking to arrest you in this mafia driver in the vice crime city.

Features of Crime Transport:

• Old school for the learning of driving in the Vegas mafia city.
• Deliver crime cargo, superb police escape & killings, & race car in the streets of Vegas.
• Transport mafia boss & their families with super-secret drive around the town.
• Thrill auto driving missions with police shooting criminal and car games.
• Amazing cars which are unseen in other mafia car driving & mafia games.
• High definition graphics & 3D gameplay with mafia driver in car game.

Mafia games were never this much fun in which you may become a real mafia mobster. In mafia driving games your main task is to be a transporter of bosses, collect money deliver drug packages and escape the police. You are appointed as a driver in the mafia organization complete all missions successfully will make you big gangster of Vegas which is known as the city of crime. Download Vegas Mafia Driver and start your mobster career as mafia cargo transporter.

How to download Super Spider vs Zombie Shooter - Survival Game APK at

Save the city attacked by the dead monster zombies in Super Spider Zombie Battle game. Rescue people in this final battle as a spider hero. Destroy apocalypse of zombies, save the city defeat the supervillain with shooting action! Play this action packed super spider hero vs zombie shooter survival gunship battle. Start the final combat between spider superhero and super villains in form of dead zombies. Superhero spider fighter is trying his level best to eliminate these cruel creatures as they are invading the town and killed so many citizen in deadly city battle. Spider Superhero adventure awaits you as they like death games and it's your duty to stop them with Super Spider vs Zombie Shooter - Survival Game.

Use strange super mutant ninja fighting skills and fight like a strange hero of the city in this future battle. After the massive rampage of zombies the strange spider hero has decided to take a final revenge from these blood craving creatures in the future battle in zombie shooting games with gun.

Play as a last battle between incredible strange mutant spider city hero and super villains in this open world action adventure simulation game. Use all your fantastic futuristic powers and marvelous strategy to fight, protect and rescue the people and the universe in this zombie shooting hero game like a super spider. Start the mortal battle against the virus of dead zombies & extraterrestrials. Test your flying skills as save the people against the zombies in Super Spider vs Zombie Shooter - Survival Game! Spider vs zombies game.

You are super strange hero in this future battle and final war against the dead walkers. You are alone spider army, fly like real spider with your strong rope. Use the web, climb walls with flying powers and win the final battle, save the city from villain zombies!

Spider hero has strange flying abilities with rope now it’s time to use your powers in future battle like a real super strange hero as a mutant spider. Jump from wall to wall or fly, take long jumps as a flying spider with the help of your sticky webs. Save lives during the war against zombies in spider vs zombie.

Features of Zombies vs Spider Survival:

- Fly & rescue like a strange war hero like a real super spider.
- Future battle against the destruction of zombies in spider shooting game of 2017.
- Rescue like hero in this strange super spider game.
- HD graphics in spider hero game or spider vs zombie.
- Epic shooting battles with the dead supervillains of the future.

Download and play newest idea in flying spider games with our Super Spider vs Zombie Shooter - Survival Game and become a strange hero of the city.

How to install Crazy Neighbor Serial Fights APK at

Let’s get on with this super crappy neighborhood by engaging in with the fights in this adventure filed survival game! Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D is the game to play to unleash your wild human inside you… Let your devil mind start doing mischiefs super suspicious activities like breaking glasses, escape the scene and do not get caught by the neighbor’s eyes. Be cautious! You’ll caught up dong suspicious stuff will definitely ignite a neighbor super smashing fight.
Game Play:
First of all you have to break in the neighbor’s house from the main gate. After you are there you have got various options to do all the suspicious activities in the form of missions including Hide and Seek, Break Glasses and interior of the rooms, smash the walls. As soon as you are caught up by the house owner doing this mass destruction in his house the fight will break out. You have to survive the fight and escape in order to unlock the next mission.
By the way, this is not going be that easy! Your neighbor will give you hard time in his house but you have to escape in this survival mission. One mistake and you'll be caught in this survival game with Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D. Best among all neighbor survival and crazy neighbor games.

The adventure begins when you take control of the house by sneaking in your neighborhood and start crazy stealing, and breaking things around! There are various missions enough to put your life on the line by breaking out the full scale Crazy Smashing Fights in 3D with the neighbors as soon as they figure out! During Crazy Neighbor Smashing Fights in 3D sneaking in, stealing things is not easily doable unless you keep up all of your senses and have total control of the mission.
So, get ready to find out who is your neighbor. Remember in Crazy Neighbor Smashing Fights stealing is tough and you may become a strange suspicious neighbor in your neighborhood. Monitor the movement of your neighbor, punch them hard if you are caught otherwise you have to face the consequences. There is nowhere you can hide, the only option in Crazy Smashing Neighborhood is to fight!

Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D Features:

• Play as scary & strange neighbor in your Super Furious Neighborhood.
• Complete stealing & breaking crazy tasks in neighbor home.
• Show some epic fighter action in neighbor games.
• Steal & breakdown precious stuff from neighborhood with neighbor survival game.
• Awesome 3D graphics & neighbor revenge gameplay in neighbor fighting games.

It’s a neighborhood survival game with scary breathtaking adventure for a stranger. Let’s be ready for doing some strange and crazy stuff in neighborhood! Download Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D and play as strange crazy neighbor which is new neighbor in town.

How to download Mafia Gangster Criminal Escape APK at

Welcome to mafia and gangster city in mafia games gangster free and mafia gang war fights free games. Become an ultimate robber & gangster of Italian Mafia to unleash hidden secrets of your neighbors with gangster games. Mafia Gang Robbery masters in the town for theft and wildest crime on the land of Italy in mafia games. Start your grand gangster operation in crime city. These Grand mafias and Gangsters put the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of the city’s street crime in mafia games gangster free. Auto theft, robbery and killing missions will make gangster games more difficult. Your ultimate robbers, mafia and gangster team will rob neighbors and others in crime town. Snatch cars and Drive your snatched car to speed up your escape from police you can do two things struggle to make living or you can start playing in the criminal underworld full of grand mafia and gangsters in mafia gang war fights free games with MAFIA GANGSTER CRIMINAL ESCAPE!

Join the biggest army of skilled robbers and mafia gangsters with gangster games. At the start of the robbery game, Drive car and make plan with your robber friend about robbery. Pick your partner and go to robbery spot which will be jewelry shop. You have to kill 2 guards as quickly as possible with the help of your gangster partner with this mafia gang war fights free games. Show your robbery skills to rule this cruel army of Mafia robbers in a mad crime city of Italy. You have to fight with other gangsters and crime city mafias on the order of your mafia DON!

Get involved in to street robbery, shopping mall robbery, Jeweler shops, auto theft, bike snatching and money grabbing in hours of thrill game play. During your mafia robbery missions you have to be very careful from crime city police who is on high alert because of maximum robbery and mafia gang war and fighting issues. This crime simulator will take you in revenge and rival mafia gangsters’ scenes with intense robbery missions. Go on sea port with gangster friend and meet big drug dealer. Drive mafia truck and deliver weapons and drugs. Do not stop yourself to give your neighbors a chance to fight back. Sneak yourself behind walls to escape the cross fire from your enemies, security officers or crime city police.

At the end you have revenge scenes with your mafia don in mafia games gangster free. Don will try to kill you by sending his criminals crew you have to take the challenge of this last battle and kill them all. Kill your boss and become the boss of underworld mafia in mafia gang war fights free games like other mafia gods. You are well equipped with multiple weapons like with mafia games. Pistol, AK47, M6 and huge rocket launcher.


- Shooting like real don lord with multiple gangsters and robbery missions.
- Ultimate crime city car snatching, drug dealing, killing, fighting and mafia war adventure missions.
- Kill your gangster gang war don and become underworld mafia don in crime city.
- Car Driving with real Physics in gangster games.
- Highly challenging stealth games mission for real spy
- Real time 1st and 3rd Person game play Controls in mafia games.

How to download Police Car Chase: Unbeatable APK at

After success of San Andreas Police Chase game, Mas 3D Studio presents Police Car Chase Adventure game. Play one of the best interactive police games with the police car chase unseen in furious police chase or police car games.So be ready to play the latest sequel of police driving games and enjoy police driving car chase games. Police car games chase is a fast action packed police car racing games which tests your car driving and chasing skills against the criminals violating laws. So become a daring policeman or thrill car driver in car racing games and police car games, get into police car and chase the offender with great car racing games spirit to put them behind the bars in city Jail. Supper built POLICE CAR Chase: Unbeatable is truly going to enliven your inner police pursuit. Believe it! There has never been such 3D police car games of police chase in car racing games adventure category.

Ready to Be the Bravest Cop and Play for Greater Cause!! Drive, Chase and Catch the Criminals in police car driving simulator !! Imagine the rush and thrill of car chasing and smashing all those crooks that pose a threat to the peace in city! Your city is in need of a POLICE HERO who can chase down even the most wanted thugs and help eliminate crimes! Report for duty OFFICER, get into your police car racing games and give the criminals what they deserve!

This Police Car Chase: Unbeatable isn’t all about driving fast. Be careful to leave the innocents untouched as you weave through a suburban 3D environment. Follow the fast paced CRIMINALS and bang into their cars to thrash them! Unlock access to different cars and settings so keep in mind its not a car racing games. There is a lot of car smashing involved!

Become a cop car driver turn the police siren on, race through traffic, overtake traffic cars and catch the bad guys who are trying to break the traffic rules and make them pay against the traffic violation. Reckless car driving, hot pursuit car racing games and high speed GTI police cars games are all packed in to this fun police car games or car chase game. Don’t hit into any other civilian car on the city road while catching the criminal otherwise this car chase game will be over.

• Outstanding police car chase game
• Modern and Super-fast traffic police car
• Real time experience of driving police car
• Awesome police car chase game play
• Smooth driving of cop car
• Realistic physics controls for driving speed police car
• Police chase car racing feat with one of the best racing physics

Police car Chase games were never such before. The real police car driver is the ultimate 3D police chase race where you get to drive real police cars against robbers, thieves and law breakers. Police car chase: Unbeatable, giving you an exciting 3D race fast police chase car games experience, is the eventual 3D police car racing games where you get to drive real police car you normally see on the TV. Fast chase car race, POLICE CAR CHASE: UNBEATABLE is what you were waiting for!

How to install Halloween Zombies Shooter 3D APK at

A virus has infected the city and you are the commando to kill infected citizens .This Virus is extremely dangerous.Choose your way to destroy all the zombies: aim to the heads, chop the limb and crush them like small worm.
The homeland doom is getting closer as the humans are infected by the ebola virus and turned into walking dead Zombies around who demolish any living thing they catch or hit, and whose bite is infectious to all humans. This is the time to take action against ebola affected species and save your homeland with defence.
Make your way to the evacuation center, take part in the great battle for survival, and discover the cause of the virus!
Reload your gun and Be a Hero in zombie city on Zombie Land.Halloween Zombie Shooter is an FPS game where you can Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures.Tsunami of Zombies of many forms and have ability to kill you but you have be the terminator and Hunt them like a Boss. Clear the zombies in hospitals, schools and Buildings. You can choose differents armors like shotgun, AK47, Rifle and many your prowess Plan ,Aim and Shoot them like you are crushing candies.Your mission is to return the city to its original state.Kill Brainless Zombies with Buckshot .You have to face battle with the dead living creatures in this game unlike other plants zombie game in forrest.You are the only superhero left to chase and crush the bloody creature to save the world.Try to shoot them with sniper at head part to see the head shot effect. you are involved in the war against the zombies, merciless,bloody, no mercy smasher.
Be the savior of this world else Z-virus will spread in the whole world !
- Realistic sound effect and music
- Bring smash death to zombies which are chasing you.
- Be a killer to Crush zombies in style with awesome weapon system
- Be the Zombie Hunter to save the City
- You have to Interact with the environment to defend yourself
- Great shooting game physics, easy controls just point and shoot your weapons

facebook :
twitter : @Mas3dstudio

How to download River City Ransom Classic APK at

River City Ransom Classic is a best arcade games

Game Features
- Original River city ransom game nes play, graphic and sound
- Classical River city ransom snes classic edition game's style
- Smooth controler
- More than 20 Level River city ransom
- New River city ransom nes classic mini vivid image, nice effects
- User-friendly interface.
- Creative and exciting entertainment and suitable for all ages.
- Many levels and you can play old online or offline
- River city ransom 2 snes and Classic edition.
- River city ransom Nes classic edition games
- Video arcade games classic
- Mini nes
- Nes the river city ransom 3ds super arcade
- One of the Best nes games

+ How to play river city quan 7
The player, controlling a river city, and you can Play to Fight All enemy.

+ River city Classic game's style, but different implementation of Teams, it has some improvements, offers players a more exciting and challenging game experience. Get ready for a fierce river city !

+ Install River city now and immersed in a river city ransom snes. Come and enjoy it, hope it might remind you of the good old days when you were a young boy!

Contact us if you need any Things
+ Download now and start your challenging game experience!

How to download Ice Dash - Penguin Run APK at

People are crazy about IceDash:
-"Very fun and addicting"
-"Awesome game"
-" This game is simple,but fun. You should definitely download it."

Ice Dash is a fun, exciting game for everyone! It's simple yet addicting!

First, customize your penguin:

Customize and personalize your penguin to be as cool as you want! Try out the ninja costume, the futuristic penguin helmet, or a cute kitten outfit. Mix and match the penguin to make it exactly how you want it.

Next, it's off to the races:

Help the penguin find food! The penguin wants to get as much food as possible and eat it all, but be careful! He runs faster and faster each second.
The longer you can stay running without crashing, the higher your score.

Be careful of running into walls or frozen fish. To eat the frozen fish, FIRE DASH into them. The fish will melt and the penguin will have a nice meal!
The squid are your friends. Don't eat them, or you'll lose points. If you run into their arms, they'll shoot you high into the air for extra points. Be careful where you land though!

The game never ends, just try to get the highest score possible.

*Ice Dash is a kid-friendly too! Great game for youth and young kids, from toddlers to pre teens to adults.!*

*Break the fish out without missing any to to score combo points.
*Use double jump effectively if you are about to fall into a pit
*Hold Jump to jump higher or let go to fall more quickly

Watch out! The game goes faster and faster as the penguin eats more and more!

*Like/dislike something? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you*

*Similar to Robot Unicorn Attack & Doodle Jump. Game never ends, try to beat your highscore*

* Meow Meow Beenz (aka MeowMeowBeenz or Meow Meow Beans), Kwazy Kupcakes: This game is better than all of those! *

How to install Hand Spinner HD APK at

Use your fingers to turn the spinner. Make your best and share to your friends.

Selecting more spinners
Selecting more backgrounds
Save and share your best score

How to install Hand Spinner APK at

This game will make you relaxed and feel good. Touch the screen and turn the wheel. That will feel you good.

Soon more turning wheel styles and turning speed - turning score.

Have fun.

How to install Sniper Special Ops : Counter Terrorist- FPS Battle APK at

Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps is the Latest Sniper game. Forget those flaggy shooting games. In this Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps sniper games your duty will be challenged against time, shooting helicopters, shooting enemies and shoot the Target Shooters its a huge risk. Survival is compulsory you have to shoot them down, save the victims and shoot only the right target down ? and show your Epic Sniper skills by target shooting the enemy.
Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps sniper games is one of the best shooting games.
Unlock the best Sniper rifles and Scopes with the Cash you earned in the game. Upgrade the Ammo and Guns. Enjoy this FPS Offline Shooting Game. Sniper Games does not require you to be always online in order to have shooting fun. Enjoy this one of the offline shooting games, while shooting from the Mountain, on the Roof on the road.
One of the best non-stop action Sniper Games shooting 3D of 2019 is here. Mafia gangsters, terrorists and vegas criminals are destroying city by shooting innocent civilians emergency commando action is required. You as an Epic Sniper 3D Assassin has been assigned a task to bring back the new york city and stop the terrorists attack. This is an Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps endless shooter games to shoot down gangster mafia. This is a stealth shooter mission and you must have quick draw the Weapon and show your shooting skills. This sniper shooting game consists of challenging missions in which you have to shoot the leader boss, shoot the terrorists and contract shooters. Being a elite commando Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps and save the world, you have to shoot terrorist with one bullet which means single shot so only take Headshot.
The realistic shooting experience with Us military Guns. As a good Army sniper shooter your duty is to shoot the counter terrorists boss to make city anti-crime. As a Army commando will use the best Sniper Skills to eliminate terrorists enemy.
In this Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps, special forces are going to join warheads heroes. This is counter terrorist warheads open war with Terrorists.
One of the hardest game sniper assassination mission as you are being sent to assassin gangster and assassin mafia. Suicide Bombers and war criminals have taken control over New york city and turned it into a forbidden city where nobody is daring to stop them. As an Epic Sniper and an American hero it is your responsibility to fight for justice and win the war against global terrorist.
Shoot down the terrorist and become a Warheads Army hero. If you love 3d EPIC sniper games and free shooting games offline then Epic Sniper 3d Assassin : Elite Army marine corps american city sniper shooter warheads battle is an ultimate non-stop action games pack one of the best Offline shooting games. This is a 3D shooting games where you have been sent on a sniper shooting assassin missions for terrorists with an ultimate sniper rifle.
Time to be a sniper commando strike shooter as the fps shooting games to becoming a Epic sniper of the gun shooter to do gun swat strike in the sniper games. The role of the fps sniper is not easy so you have to be good in terrorist games. You have to do real enemy strikes and clean your city from the terrorist by doing counters gun strikes of the EPIC sniper 3d Assassin of shooting game in the sniper mission games. Before starting the 3D strike counter with enemies, take your gun and start free gun shooting games in the Shooting gun games 3d of best action games and shoot all the terrorist in the free shooting games of 3D sniper combat games. Try to focus on your target and not missed any chance of the sniper shot to stay in the fps shooting games and perform well in the action games all 3d of the shooter games in this military sniper games. Stay in touch with shooting games as much as you want to enjoy gun shooting games.

How to download Dead Souls : FPS Shooting Game Offline APK at

Dead Souls game requires termination and elimination of the living dead creatures being infected by the tyrant virus which has spread all across the city. Shoot the undead in this FPS zombie Shooting games. You as a Zombies Shooter you will face immense challenges, from zombie attacks to defending and rescuing the survivors.

To save the humanity race and rescue the survivors and in order to stop the zombie virus from spreading, the zombie Shooter must use weapons such as a pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun and other weapons to shoot the zombies and at all times as a captain You will be flying around in helicopter. Game features a 360 degrees movement with good screen graphics / mobile optimised graphics, smooth controls making everything visible for the FPS, which provides a realistic FPS experience.

The city is in a huge Zombies apocalypse because of the rise of zombies and time is running out. So, Captain, are you ready to become a real Shooter ?

Widespread rise of Zombies:

Publicly announced by the president that the City is being infected with a zombie virus. Reports coming from all across the City about the widespread rise of the zombies in the city. This virus is spreading and rapidly attacking the human brains and nervous system and turning humans into bloodthirsty creatures. The infected people are attempting to bite and pass the virus onto the next person. This won't stop until and unless every zombie is killed by the zombie shooter. It is a big mission with a big risk which needs to be completed as soon as possible. So captain, pick up your guns / weapons to shoot all the zombies and stop this deadly zombie virus from spreading.

Game play:

Dead souls a free zombie shooting games. You are basically shouldering the mission of saving the city from the widespread t-virus. As a zombie Shooter you will require the skills of sniper shooting and zombie Shooting with the main objective of protecting the Survivors that are not infected by the zombie virus in a zombie attack and zombie assault in the city.

Why should you play this game?

If you are passionate about Shooting Games, Zombie Shooting games, shooting games in general or playing free shooting games, sniper shooting, zombie shooting games then this free best zombie Shooting game is for you. This game requires shooting the undead and saving the world being the Army Captain from a zombie outbreak. Also if you like playing free games that include weapons such as rifle, shotguns, sniper rifle, grenades, assault rifle, then this free offline shooting game is recommended for you. Hence this game is all about Shooting zombies before all the people are infected by the virus. This exciting shooting game will send chills down your spine with an increase adrenaline rush. So play this game now and kill the deadly zombies before it's too late!

If you want to experience the best offline shooting games on mobile then this is the right game for you with smooth controls mobile optimised graphics, additionally, a real experience of being in the war with zombies,
taking the responsibility to save the city, rescue the survivors and eliminate the deadly zombies.


Manual rifle selection
Powerful weapons
Upgrade weapons
Get extra health and time
Mobile optimised graphics
Diegetic and nondiegetic sounds

How to download Desert Strikes 3D APK at

Desert Strikes 3D is an amazing oldschool war game, where you fight against enemy armies. Get in the Apache helicopter and fight against them with powerful weapons!

Main Features:

- 3D graphics

- Fully 3D steering with intuitive controls

- Various weapons to choose from,such as miniguns and powerful rockets

- 10 missions in the extremely dangerous area fullfilled with enemies

- Graphic settings to improve performance

- Bonus rewards after completed missions

Please rate the game and provide feedback so we could improve the game more!

How to download Blast Hero APK at

Join the Blast Hero adventure, and be a legendary hero for a day! Tap & smash cubes in a super cool tapping game, and have fun in the brand new blaster puzzle game! Tap 2 or more bricks to complete the challenges of each level. Try out this blasting fun and become the ultimate Tap 2 Superhero!

Tap the bricks to blast them away, complete quest missions and enjoy hours of crushing fun time!
The more cubes you pop at one move, the better the chance you’ll unlock a cool booster that will help you defeat the obstacles, get high scores, and become the champion. Once you start tapping, you just won't stop, so you better be careful, it's an addicting tap 2 puzzle game!

- Match and smash 5 or 6 tiles to get a rocket.
- Match, pop, and explode 7 or 8 cubes to get a bomb.
- Match and crash 9 cubes to earn a color wheel
- Combine boosts to get bigger effects that so you can become the champion and solve the cube games puzzle in no time.

It’s easy just to pick up and play this superhero game, Follow these Instructions:
Click on any 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to blast. The more blocks you pop, the higher score you will get! Complete the superhero game challenge set at the start of each level. Unlock powerful boosts and beat the block crush game challenges. Clear the board and blast all the cubes.

Blast Hero Game Features:
• Colorful blaster graphics and designs.
• Amazing gameplay, tap the blocks to blast.
• Hundreds of exciting blast game levels to tap and crash through.
• Blast and explode all the cubes by using special boosters as the hammer, truck, spray can and many more.
• Fun boosters and bonuses!
• No wifi game! Completely free to play with no internet connection!

Enjoy a smooth tap 2 game addicting gameplay, beautiful designs and fun logic blasting puzzles. Test your color matching skills in this awesome free blast game puzzle game, master the tap blast challenges and complete block game levels.

How to install - Build a robot car APK at

Boxz iO - Craft&Build vehicle with that car. Made of Each piece Select the box gun engine as a car racing to be No. 1 is a cute 2D style game can increase the number of build. When the player has enough experience, they can upgrade new weapons and attack other players to score.

build and craft vehicle in craft mode. Decorate your vehicle into the ultimate car. Enter field attack with your weapon in the car.

How to install gunzer io APK at

Summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new. Have fun shooting groups in your battle to win the battle. In the ultimate full-scale war, 18 teams play in online mode. No less than 10 players, cute 2D characters with guns. Choose to build in the team. It can unlock better characters. Do not miss this opportunity!

The player must accumulate the power of the BOX POWER to build your own military team to form a gun to play. Each gun is different in speed.

- Build up to 18 teams.
- 25 characters
- Guns 20+
- Play online

How to download monwar io APK at

Build a hero army to protect the king in 2D style pretty much play. Come with the face of love. Round knob decorated with knights. And ancient weapons Build a village, upgrade the resources to produce wood, stone, gold and meat to build a more powerful military monster. Fighting with other players coming into the room is a game that requires internet to play.

More than 20 military styles
Create a pig house to upgrade resources.
2D RTS game
Can play the world 3 zone.
Show Highest Rated

How to install APK at - multiplayer online / room . 3 server us asia eu with character control Your troops are easy. Can walk back and forth.
Guns come in a variety of styles, for light machine guns, heavy machine guns, rifles.

Connect online with players around the world.
Many weapons
Unlimited ammo

How to install Laser Hero iO APK at

Laser Hero iO, pipes and gun attacks from Sir streak against bots white robot capable of walking calculate old enough to play it.

The game Tooth Protection from bullets Bullet Laser
Can fire laser guns to attack...

How to install gooz io APK at

Play action pass indigo blue team and red team warfare on the battlefield at a time of 300 seconds tick mark in the military to attack each other as much as possible. There's a reward in exchange for weapons and ammunition.

#A second team selection (red and blue).
#Many weapons to choose from
#modern weapons
#You can buy unlimited ammunition
#update 29/08/2017

How to install box lift APK at

box lift - Play the game on Easy difficulty for fun mobile game that you can play. Endless fun with the game box. Wooden box, it's nothing special to write with the Physical Gravity of items you can. Fall by gravity The game will come out to play on mobile.

The camera is attached to the machine. We can leave the box with the press. Wooden boxes will fall Browse our words as vertically. Not falling When the timber is dropped on the ground game will end immediately displays the score and the highest ever played.

Can be saved online But the letters AZ only.

Problems can play Voted to recommend it.

How to download The Game of Warriors:Compete Like a Real Soldier APK at

Are you ready to experience the Annual Warrior Competition? Download the Official King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) Military Simulation Game - The Game of Warriors

This perfect Military Simulation Game; challenges your ability to train like a real soldier. The game is packed with amazing high-quality graphics so you can enjoy the experience while playing. The Game of Warriors also has amazing sound effects to enhance your gaming experience.

Game of Warriors will challenge your abilities to move and shoot with speed and accuracy of a soldier. With the Game of Warriors Mobile Game, you will see detailed gun models, realistic physics, and special effects are all part of the simulation to live the real experience.

Competition Experience. Arm yourself and upgrade your armors.
Make every shot count, your country and the title are depending on you.

This Warrior Game based on the Annual combat oriented Military competition "The Warrior Competition" which takes place yearly at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center KASOTC.

⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎GAME FEATURES ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

⚔ Single Player and Challenge mode

⚔ Cool graphics and fantastic game effects
⚔ Different Challenging Game Levels with real soldier like experience

⚔ Upgrade and Power-up Options: Energy, Thirst, Speed and more 

⚔ Stunning 3D graphics with quality options - Easy & comfortable control options
⚔ Online Leader boards and Achievements

So, what are you waiting for? Download the fantastic The Game of Warriors now for Free and become a pro warrior.

We are constantly working hard on making The Game of Warriors better and more entertaining and challenging for you. We need your constant support to get going.

Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the The Game of Warriors, do not forget to rate us on play store ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
Join Game of Warriors Page:

Tweet with us :

If you have any inquiry, please email us : [email protected]

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How to download Eve Special Forces APK at

In 3029, the earth core was damaged due to excessive development, UN invention gaia engine to maintain the balance of the earth, because of the gaia engines needs a lot of energy, so you need go to other planets to obtain energy from space, but in mine Z planet is an alien zerg attack, lost contact with earth. ESF were ordered to Z planet searching for survivors and destroy invaders.
ESF (full name Eve Special Forces) is a Special handling Special task Forces, their bodies are modified to deal with all kinds of extreme cases.
*Unity engine offers a brand new 3D combat mode.
*With multilingual versions, it can meet demands of players in different regions.
*The improved combat skill system makes you stronger.
*The combat system is further improved and movement mix is smoother.
*Weapons of more types provide more choices to you in quests.
*Optimized performance brings a better manipulating experience to players.
*Various strong Bosses make quests more challenging.
*Elaborate scenarios bring a better visual experience.
*More and stronger Bosses are waiting for your challenge.
*Various types of weapons are available, providing you with different combat experiences.

How to download Scary Ugandan Neighbor. Knuckles Meme Revenge APK at

This is a story about Revenge of your Meme Neighbor. He is a Scary Ugandan Knuckles! He looks like zombie! He has Russian Tank! He is Ugandan Knuckles who lives in Uganda! Welcome to Uganda!

A few weeks ago you've come to Uganda to live. And you saw that your Neighbor is super scary Ugandan Knuckles! You wanted to say Hello to him and come to his house. Your Neighbor Ugandan Knuckles was suspicious he was repeating "Do you Know Da wei,Do you Know Da wei"! He was hiding in his garage. You've shouted Hello! But he didn't answer. You became very angry and decided to come later and figure out what is happening with him.

How many things do You know about your Uganda Neighbor? All you know is that, he is super scary Ugandan Knuckles. You need to explore your Scary Ugandan Knuckles neighbor's house in Uganda without getting caught. After that you need to escape his Uganda house as soon as you can.
At first, you have to enter into his Ugandan house after finding the main entrance, and then perform various missions including stealing keys and screwing his home stuff and escape of the house without getting caught!
Scary Ugandan Neighbor can sometimes create problems more seriously than noise at the wrong time of the day. The main character in this interactive thriller is yourself, thanks to a realistic camera from the first person. In this game you have to face exactly with such an unusual neighbor scary Ugandan Knuckles, whose home is fraught with ice-cold things. Get into his uganda house and escape it unnoticed! And try to figure out an information about your Scary Ugandan Neighbor!.Your goal is the information of the Scary Ugandan neighbor's house. It is there that lies the key to unraveling all the terrible uganda secrets!

One day you discover some changes in the behavior of your Scary Ugandan Neighbor! Often you see strange ugandan people with big bags near his house! Sometimes you hear some strange sounds, like cries and noises of fighting... And one dark night the Uganda neighbor drags out of his house a bag with something that terribly reminiscent of the ugandan body. It becomes clear that something terrible is happening. You can not stay away-you need to get into the neighbor's house and find out what's going on! However, this will not be so easy! But Don't be scared! Just say " Hello, Scary Ugandan Knuckles Meme , I am not afraid" and challenge with him!
Search and use of useful items. Find a gas can, pickpockets, keys, smoke bombs and the like - all this will be very useful to you in the neighbor's house! Every corner of his yard is adorned with a mobile video camera, and on the ground there are sharp traps everywhere. And the neighbor himself, apparently, is a pretty dangerous person. Stay unnoticed and uncover a terrible secret and escape of this uganda house! Constantly look at both - the Uganda
neighbor can lie in wait for you anywhere! In a critical situation, you can try to escape and take refuge in your own home - there the neighbor Scary Ugandan Knuckles Meme will not be able to get through!


• Scary Ugandan Knuckles Meme Neighbor who will not let you go!

• High Quality 3D Graphics! You will Enjoy how your device will show this Full of Atmosphere Uganda Game and You will feel the Scary Ugandan Neighbor's presence everywhere!

• Amazing Sounds! A stunning soundtrack, the ominous melodies of which perfectly convey the atmosphere of a mystical Uganda thriller!

• Smooth and Easy Controls! A well-designed first-person camera system that allows you to move around freely and look around without any delay!

• Amazing environments. Explore this mystical house of your Scary Neighbour Ugandan Knuckles Meme and try to get known in all his Uganda secrets!

Enjoy the best game about Scary Ugandan Knuckles who lives in Uganda and has T-34 Russian Tank!

How to download Scary Meme Hospital. Five Ugandan Knuckles Nights APK at

The game contains 7 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese!
Legend scary hospital escape style gameplay with an amazing atmosphere that you will enjoy!

This is the story of a Guy who get into the Scary Memes Hospital and spend Five Nights at Uganda Knuckles! You need to find out secrets of this place. The Game Scary Meme Hospital. Five Ugandan Knuckles Nights is really Scary! Many scary memes will do anything to stop you. Whatever you do... do not look back you will meet many Memes such as Ugandan Knuckles and a Bear who likes little kids!

Are you ready to face your Uganda enemies?You are in a hospital corridor which Ugandan and Scary Memes Hospital in nested.
You are feeling which Sponge Bob, Patrick and Ugandan Knuckles pester to you in every step.

In a Scary Memes Hospital which contains paranormal activities, it is very difficult to survive Five Nights at Uganda Knuckles if your nerves is not hard as steel.
You can't determine who is angel who is devil. You meet the memes all time!
Extraordinary atmosphere, nervous scenario you are one step ahead of comic book Scary Memes Hospital game.

If you have courage, what are you waiting for?
Try to find all pages in the Scary Memes Hospital and then run to the exit. Look everywere, for they could be anywhere.


• Realistic Memes Scary Enemies which will not let you go!

• High Quality 3D Graphics! You will Enjoy how your device will show this Full of Uganda Atmosphere Game and You will feel the memes enemies presence everywhere!

• Amazing Sounds! A stunning soundtrack from Memes , the ominous melodies of which perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Scary Memes Hospital game!

• Smooth and Easy Controls! A well-designed first-person camera system that allows you to move around freely and look around the memes without any delay!

• Amazing environments. Explore this scary meme hospital and survive five nights with ugandan Knuckles there and try to get known in all secrets of the Scary Meme Hospital. Five Ugandan Knuckles Nights!

• Deeply affecting story
• Ugandan atmosphere
• 7 different languages : English, Spanish, German, Italian ,Russian, Chinese and Japanese!
• Plug in your headphones for the best atmosphere of Uganda Hospital!
• Memes sounds.
• Scary Meme Hospital. Five Nights at Ugandan Knuckles is a paranormal Hospital and funny game.
• Live in the funny and scary Memes Hospital stories and feel the memes sounds.
• If you like Ugandan Knuckles, you will face with him and his scary friends.

The main character in this interactive Scary Memes Hospital is yourself, thanks to a realistic camera from the first person. Your goal is the pages. You will find there the key to unraveling all the terrible secrets!
Scary Memes Hospital. Five nights Ugandan Knuckles, is a first-person escape survival game with amazing graphics and a really fun atmosphere.

Horrible weather, problems on the news, and the car breaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing the start of the clinic capture operation. After the main character gets inside of the ugandan hospital and is introduced to it's inhabitants he understands that it will be nearly impossible to describe what he saw there and escape of it. You can of course erase the footage, but there is no option to erase your ugandan memories.

Something is really wrong with the scary memes ugandan hospital not far from your house! It might seem quiet and nice, but some day you accidentally saw some strange shadows of Ugandan Knuckles through the window… You must find out the truth about this Scary Memes Hospital place and find all pages with information about this place and spen five nights with Ugandan knuckles and his friens from Uganda, but be careful: there many different scary meme emenies !

Enjoy the best Memes game on Google Play and try to Survive Five Nights at Scary Memes Hospital with Ugandan Knuckles!

If you like Memes and Ugandan Knuckles, then you will love this Memes game.

How to download Cheats for GTA V (XBOX) APK at

If you love playing GTA V on XBOX 360 and you want to make this game easier and more funny - download the best cheat codes for the game! Just start playing GTA V and click the combination of keys and activate cheats! This is a collection of the best cheats for GTA5 working on XBOX!

How to install Color Defense - Tower Defense TD APK at

Get the # 1 action strategy game! "Color Defense" is the ultimate game for both casual players and strategy action fans! A unique TD gaming experience and all content is completely free to play!

"Color Defense" has been optimized for all Android devices, supports the latest operating system as different screen solutions and HD graphics. Play this unique Tower Defense hit now totally for free! All content is f2p and free to play!

The new and unique TD action casual clicker game is the ideal companion as it has no entry barriers and is perfect for short game sessions but also for hours of strategic action tactics.

Visit the official website of the game at for even more information, videos, contests and much more from the exciting world of "Color Defense".

Your task in "Color Defense" is to place unique defense mechanisms to prevent colored creeps from reaching and destroying a reactor. Every defense mechanism has unique capabilities. You'll need to use your puzzle skills as well as your strategy skills to reach the goal.
A nine-step tutorial will take you through all the important facilities so that you are well prepared.

"Color Defense" can be played as a casual game, idle clicker game but also offers an exciting science fiction background story. Your own fantasy will make this new Tower Defense game epic.

Please note:
We will regularly expand the playable geo space worlds and at the same time continue the exciting science fiction background story. If you like the game, support us by rating the TD game in the store. This greatly supports us in the rapid development of new content like levels, enemies, weapons, strike action and more for color defense.
If you don't like the game and want to send us feedback, please do not rate the game in the store but instead send us your feedback directly to:
[email protected] so we can consider it for the next game updates.

The game is using our unique smart placement technology. The smart placement technology automatically prevents false geo placement above movement paths or other defender systems. This is very unique and gamer love the resulting fast intuitive weapon placements during the hot action.

• Play all content completely for free without spending any money!
• Optimized for all new devices and the new operating system!
• Supports the Google Play Game Services!
• Collect various Google Play Game Servicestrophies!
• Contains our unique smart placement technology!
• Universal HD Game for both phones and tablets!
• Optional fascinating science fiction backstory!
• Meditative experience with lots of puzzle elements and strategy!
• Great graphics, music and sound effects!
• Voice output for an even better gaming experience!

Puzzle friends will love the game because you have to think where to place your defenders while working towards the best strategy to keep the upcoming kingdom creeps away from the nuclear reactor core.
Casual players will love the f2p alien attack game because you can play fast game sessions wherever you are and even if you just have a few minutes left to play. This makes "Color Defense" the ideal companion on the train or bus or wherever you have to wait.
Strategy and action fans will love the alien rush free Tower Defence game because of it's best possible game design which will bring you directly into the action.

Because we show now real violence the game also is perfect for kids and family.

Even tap tap idle clicker and tycoon games players will love the game because of the endless clicking action and idle actions in the clicker parts of the tap game.

The unique flat color design was optimized to give players the best and ultimate TD Tower Defense experience possible.

Visit the official "Color Defense" website:

Visit us on facebook:

Follow us on Twitter:

Visit us at:

Your McPeppergames team

How to install لعبة ساهر APK at

لعبة ساهر .. لعبة تحدي ... حاول جمع اكبر عدد من النقاط دون ان يصورك ساهر او ان تصتدم باحدى السيارات
استخدم الفرامل او البريك اذا رأيت سيارة ساهر
تحدي , سباق , لعبه , العاب , ساهر , سرعة , سيارات

How to download Fastlane Moto Death Shooter Race on Highway APK at

Bike Attack Moto shooting rider race is an endless motorbike action racing adventure for those who are searching for challenging bike shooting games.

Shooting rider gives you experience of reckless racing game in a road warrior racing with extreme bike attack race in most realistic racing simulation of super bike game.

It is a death rider gun shooter stunt bike racer in a Moto bike attack with road rush. Capabilities of super fast pro racing game. A racing thrill super bike racer outrun rivals with death rider skills.

Drive your sports bike through smooth paths on amazing tracks through the rush traffic. Different bikes and motorbikes are available. Death moto bike punch rider 3D is a very simple addictive game.

As a rider you can choose your favorite powerful bike and begin the race. Shoot and kill enemy attacker, do not crash into any obstacles, vehicles and road barriers. If you hit any obstacles like car, truck, bus and taxi car your mission will be failed and you will have to start your mission again. You can also attack your enemies with missiles and with latest gun attached to your motorbike.

It is time to hit the roads! If you love racing games and are craving a bit of real action and thrill, Bike Attack Race should definitely be your next move.
How to Play:
• Keep tap for shooting laser bullets.
• Upgrade bullets
• Upgrade side and main weapons
• Pick up pickups and cash coming out of enemy destroyed.
Key Features:
• Collect different Pickups of Boost, Stunts, Bullets, Shields and Power
• Shoot gangsters' cars in your way
• Collect cash in your way
• Shoot down the fire storm vehicle and helicopters
• Avoid from different obstacles and vehicles, gangsters coming towards you on bikes
• Avoid from accidents at road with traffic
• Race as many as you can to earn cash

How to download Monster Hero City Battle APK at

Welcome in the monster city battle game

Would you be capable to beat with the super villains? You are a monster gorilla and you have super powers for demolition. Just you will be proficient to protect civilians and set aside the city. Scary monster city attack game is here, and gorilla monster save the city, people & create frighten in a town with the result of revenge city battle. All are scare, creepy monster come up with special attacks like leg flick, combo, fire tire, freeze ball and crack attack, and this monster apply these tricks just on special forces . Unlock more attacks with accomplishment of levels. Destroy cars and vehicles in your way with super strength. Creepy gorilla has extreme physics and responsive controls that will help you to burn, smash and attack on your other monsters, robots, Special Forces, police and army.

This revenge story of monster gorilla, which is much acquit, forces used to bother gorilla and now gorilla has gone mad and he is taking revenge. Now you are a creepy gorilla and you have to decide to teach lesson by scaring forces. You played many scary game and spooky games & different Halloween scary monster games. But this ultimate monster is very awesome for like never before.

Do you want to scare the people and your friends? So be creepy monster rampage and you must complete your missions without getting caught within allocated time. Get ready for the battle against mafia and gangsters and be a new hero.

Monster City Battle

• Monster gorilla Survival horror game
• Deadly monster in spooky environment
• Addictive and intuitive gameplay
• Wonderful and easy controls
• High definition 3d graphics
• Stunning sounds effects
• Challenging missions with deadly monsters
• Horror adventure for boys and girls
• Adventurous Animation

Are you wanted to survive in the monster city? Mystery gameplay, scary monster and freighting moments wait! Play astonishing survival game and chilling monster game first time come in your mobile phone from play store. The survival horror adventure game never ends. Factual battle begin, scary monsters have their eyes on you. One of the best monster city battle apocalypse survival game with exploration made for boys and girls.

How to install Monster Hero Ring Battle APK at

Oh yes! You can be a royal rumble of ring battle with giant monsters in incredible monster superheroes fighting game. Now you are boxing champion of monster superhero ring battle wrestling game is for you whether you are monster super hero fighting games lovers. The best superheroes fighting game will fetch you into the enthusiastic atmosphere even you will forget the real monster battle games and superheroes monster league. Put yourself into wrestling ring battle fight with the right choice and defeat kung fu ninja with great punch and kicks. Explore your abilities to conquer all rivals of monsters superheroes who want to keep you in darkness of monster superhero fighting games. Prevent good powers like spider hero games and monster hero games bring them to victory ground through blasting energetic superhero actions. Overthrow bad fighting style using karate fighting ability in this real superheroes games or king of kung fu fighting games.

Super heroes monster break the immutable ring battle by playing a monster super league in the real superhero fighting games environment. Via playing this real fighting adventure game or superhero fight, enhance your pure combat experience superheroes hulk game in the gaming steal world championship. So if you want to play a different fighting game of monster heroes just click to download with the single touch. A summery demesne with a lot of fighting characters kicks off your brood. On the flip side, energetic sound pushes up interest to win the war of monster superhero, with various features.

Monster Superheroes ring battle game feature:

 Excellent combat atmosphere of superheroes fighting games
 Comely superhero round and combat sound effects
 Fabulous combat animation, hovering kicks, and punches
 Amazing HD, 3D Graphics of super monsters
 Numerous Fighting monster heroes for round
 Enjoyment for single player
 Terrific ultimate fighting actions game
 Outstanding monster superhero ring battle fighting games

Monster superheroes fighting take the advantage of your time, let’s go to play monster hero ring battle fighting games and enter into vast combat actions experience to become a fighting tiger. Super heroes fight games to root out boredom through astonishing and remarkable features. Hits, actions, kicks, punches, hovering and extreme interesting influence of sound effect gets you in competition that will be developed in you a delightful taste for winning the game to become world champion of terra fighter. This might be helpful to explore your fighting skills over the game in revolution war of robotic ring. After playing this game your comment definitely will agree with the content which is the result of this excellent gameplay of monster superheroes league and instead of other superheroes fight games. So, do not wait, get a move to play these monster superheroes games rapidly. Harry up invests your time in interesting place and thirst to send finally. Hey, you go!

How to install CBBC Dennis & Gnasher, Unleashed: Leg It! APK at

From Beano’s comic book to an action-packed, chaos led game.

Dennis & Gnasher: Leg It! A high-speed, free-running, parkour, collect ‘em up.

Stars to collect:
• Beat the clock
• Collect slingshots
• Collect BLAM letters

Cause chaos over 30 levels in 3 amazing 3D environments.

Take on action-packed challenges, slime your enemies, play as your favourite characters from the Dennis & Gnasher TV show and run, jump, slide and grind your way to the finish line.

Dennis & Gnasher: Leg it! Features:

• Replay-able levels to earn a max 3 stars
• Play as 4 different characters
• Free-running gameplay
• Jump, slide, grind and parkour your way through each level
• Slime your enemy Walter
• Stop function to avoid obstacles such as pesky banana skins
• Gnasher will meet you at check points and the finish line

Download the Dennis & Gnasher: Leg It app for free! It’s BLAM-tastic.

DC Thomson & Co Ltd owns all copyright and trade marks relating to Dennis & Gnasher and all other Beano characters

Important information about the app:

The app is free and there are no adverts or in-app purchases to worry about.

This app sends anonymous performance stats for internal purposes to help the BBC improve your experience. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu.

If you install this app you accept the BBC Terms of Use at:

To read the BBC’s Privacy Policy go to:

How to download JRevolusi APK at

Play as Jay or Eddie, eliminate the enemies and save the day. J Revolusi is an action packed auto shooting game. The Official Movie Game for J Revolusi.

Be the characters of J Revolusi, play as Jay or Eddie in Malaysia's Elite Special Squad.

J Revolusi offers a First Person Shooter (FPS) experience in Full 3D with Special Operations Missions.

Game features

-Choose your character, play as Jay (Zul Ariffin) or Eddie (Izara Aishah).
-Play in 3 different worlds - Mining Factory, Warehouse and City Center.
-Variety of weapons selection to choose, from M4 Carbine, MP5, Glock 18, SPAS12 and Remington 700.
-Additional accessories ranging from Red Dot Sight, Advanced Combat Optical Sight (ACOG), Grenade Launcher and Extended Magazine.
-Earn in-game cash to upgrade weapons and accessories.
-Stunning graphics, visual and audio effects.
-Simply aim the crosshair on the enemy and it will auto shoot.
-Headshots will earn you more points!
-Duck to avoid heavy fires.

Download for free now!

How to install Army Truck Simulator 2017 APK at


It’s time to drive Army Truck Simulator. Choose from a variety of army trucks. Start playing army truck driver. Army truck driving simulator with military transport missions. The best military truck driver simulator. This is one of the army training game where you test military transport skills.


Time to drive in the warfield. Deliver army cargo, weapons, ammunition. Keep up the army supplies in army extreme truck driving. Here you will be able to dive US Army Grand Trucks. The heavy military trucks are fun to drive in the battlezone. For those who transport truck, cargo transport, truck driving, or truck parking games, and army games, this army truck simulator is for you.


Get to the highest rank while you play this army truck simulator to deliver packages between base and check posts. You will drive camouflage truck. You will be bombarded, but you need to keep yourself away. We hope you enjoy this best game.


Multiple army truck to choose
Drive in warzone between base and infantry
Military cargo transport during invasion
Tilt, Steering, Buttons controls
Game rewind feature
Daily rewards claim
Realistic gameplay and environment

Unlock all levels to see all the features of this game. Enjoy the best army truck simulator 2017.

Please give us your feedback and ratings. Thank you!

How to install Grand Crime Gangster Auto City APK at

Grand Crime Gangster Auto City brings the underworld of the city to life in this third person 3D action game. Take the role of gangster, enforcer, getaway driver and more in this newest 3D crime game. If you previously liked Crime Simulators, this game is for you.

The game features loads of different action packed missions with different sub quests possible. From taking out gangsters, diving into car chases, big street crimes, shootouts everything you like to see in a big free open world 3D crime simulation game.

The police has built a criminal case against you!
As a player you can perform a wide variety of different criminal activities, ranging from stealing cars to assassinations like a real hit man and city gangster. Earn money and respect on the streets of Miami and Chicago crime city!

Explore Open World Crime City
Whether you are on the streets of Grand City of Chicago, or Miami, act as real gangster bold enough to face city crime rivals in crime city gangster game.
Grand Crime Gangster Auto Crime takes place in Miami, Chicago, and New York. For year’s criminal case numbers were going down in the City. But today it's time for you to show everyone who the boss is. Pick up your guns and start shooting down your rivals.


★ Earn money
★ Loads of different mission types
★ Find guns, use them, act as grand criminal boss
★ Epic fun crime story gameplay
★ Ride on insane fast sports cars
★ Open world, enjoy the music, enjoy the feeling

How to download Grand City Gangster-Gang Crime APK at

Grand City Gangster: Gang Crime is all about stealing auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets and shooting out other police and gangs.

It’s a story of gangster crime city in which gangster robs the bank in grand theft city, delivers secret packages, and steals trucks. Crime missions starts in Miami, Vendetta, Vegas, San Andreas and LA. Street gangsters have dispute in Vendetta Crime City and they are after each other, trying to rise as gangsters and in street crimes.

You need funds to further your criminal career and you need to hone your skills! Time to go pick pocketing in Miami City, get ready to make reputation in San Andreas, and gangster move towards Vegas and Vendetta!

Grand Gangsters Rob banks and run away as police is chasing. Play this crime simulator and enjoy epic real gangster shooting, survival and chase missions. Free roam in the world of vice city to get familiar with it.

These missions are super fun to play. You get to drive people around, take out other gang city members and deliver packages in street crimes. As u go move to higher levels, missions become more interesting and crazier.

No WiFi required. Can be played offline!

How to install Russian Mafia Gangster City 3D APK at

Build reputation of real Russian mafia gangster in San Andreas crime city. Become toughest villain in Russian Mafia Gangster City 3D simulator game. Scavenge mobster from slum to rebuild the Russian mafia terror on citizens.

After spending time in slammer of American Las Vegas prison, people see you as saints. Ghetto Crooked gangsters of criminal Russian mafia and urban cops forgot you. Use treachery and exploitation, start earning reputation for your underworld gang as crime boss. Capture rival turf, ruling the hood and expanding your Russian mafia territory. Shoot down real enemy gang members. Master in attacks to bring down opponents gangster city rivals and cops. Put your fear in dangerous mobsters in crime town.

Multiple criminal case are filed against your criminal mafia gang in police station. Play as most wanted real Russian mafia mobster and escape chase from armed forces. Do not get arrest for shooting and killing gangster city rivals. Call air strikes for backup. The action in this gangster crime simulator 3D game revolves around shooting and killing your enemies as Russian mafia crime gang mobster.

action based gang war missions rising from soldier to godfather
third person shooting experience with rifle, grenades, and air strikes
amazing city environment ghetto lifestyle of mafia gangster city crime

Download Russian Mafia Gangster City 3D simulator for endless hardcore action.

How to install Sniper 3D Shooting: Black OPS - Free FPS Game APK at

Welcome to the FPS shooting game fans. Join this best first person shooter game offline! AIM, TRIGGER and SHOOT! Download and start playing for free one of the top FPS shooting games offline. Fight with the enemies in epic realistic Environment. The best first person shooter (fps) action game offline! Be the best sniper shooter in realistic environment! The combat is real and realistic, and you can be the action hero in commando game.
The time for best action is today. As a secret special black ops soldier, you need to carefully search each location, find out the hidden terrorists, make a plan and then strike with your epic world war weapons. Aim your gun and shoot to kill now! Start playing Sniper 3D Shooting - Black Ops: Free FPS Game.

This is a front-line action war game in realistic environment. As an action commando hero, in the front combat war zone, use world war weapons like machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and other modern combat weapons to kill your brutal enemies. Use your excellent sharp shooter skills to kill all enemies!
Sniper 3D Shooting - Black Ops: Free FPS Game is an action game | survival shooter war game. You play as a part of special black op commando force in battlefield to end this critical strike. Being a silent assassin sniper shooter with sniper shooting experience, kill each enemy from all sides in modern warfare war zone. You will be the hero of last world war who will lead the war and safe the city from deadly attacks from brutal enemies out there with best commando action. Choose your favorite sharp shooting weapon from UNLIMITED world war weapons and roast your enemies in this critical strike black ops game.
You are a special commando of special modern war strike where you fight and shoot in real world war with epic weapon and shoot down all your enemies for survival of the last day on the earth in best open world games offline. Remember special spy agent of black ops you got two options live or die. Show bravery and command elite force in offline games action fps and become #1 fps shooter. You will be the action hero of the last world war in this modern online Sniper 3D Shooting - Black Ops: Free FPS Game.
❖ Excellent graphics!
❖ Easy UI and Amazing control!
❖ Best offline first-person shooter game for free
❖ Perfect optimized environment
❖ Smart AI system makes the game more challenging
❖ A lot of epic challenging missions
❖ Realistic 3D graphics with fighting environment
❖ Play Offline or Online
❖ World War Weapons like machine guns, sniper rifles, enemy roaster gun etc

This is a strategic FPS game with extreme gun shooting action and critical strike zone. As a sharp shooter and an elite commando Counter Terrorist Shooter, you are assigned different secret missions as you are a spy in black ops to save the world from some terrorists groups. Select your weapon from a large collection of last world war weapons according to the situation and find some cover fire like a boss while shooting at the enemies terrorist force. This is the top 3D FPS Delta IGI Counter Terrorist Shooting game offline, falls in the category of best shooting games, best action game, top fps game, best offline game due to its latest new action missions. You are going to love the high-quality graphics and realistic animations like never before in this commando shooting war game.
Sniper 3D Shooting - Black Ops: Free FPS Game is a first person shooter where you will fight and shoot in different stages like sniper assassin and survival mode in a highly detailed, fully optimized and futuristic environment and enjoy shooting on the first line in the battlefield.

How to download War for Freedom: The Game of Survival APK at

Fight as the hero of second world war and save your nation from cruelty of your rival forces for freedom. Step into the world of second world war hero and fight in the epic battleground.
Lead the forces team & make your own way to survive and get freedom from your rivals. In this extreme shooting environment fully action game, you need to shoot down all deadliest rival by using best deadly weapons. - Free shooting and sniper experience with deadly weapons.
Take cover, aim well and shoot accurately. Don’t let the enemies own the war completely in the best free shooting games
Destroy and eliminate all the enemies with your powerful and advanced weapons and your well-assembled team of heroes! So the frontline brave command mission is to locate these rivals and finish them completely. The Frontline freedom missions of special task forces enable you to lead the US special sniper assassin deadly team into the war of freedom. Let them see your full of action fury attacks.
You are the hero survival commando in the war for freedom game so with sharp shooting and aiming skills destroy the enemy’s base. Get hold on the powerful and advance weapons and equipment & fight in the battleground for survival. Fight like a brave soldier in secret & dangerous epic missions which are not easy at all. Be brave enough to get all your missions cleared from long-lasting World War. Being a battlefield front lines brave soldier never let yourself down & strike back hard to bring back the peace of your nation. - Challenging Story line. Fight against deadly rivals and lead your team on every mission. Best game play in the most addictive action game ever. Feel unique experience in free shooter games. Rotate the screen, aim at your enemy, pull the trigger and shoot.
If you want to fight in the best survival games as war for freedom then get ready to play this one of the best shooting game for free. The hidden enemies teams have attacked your country side zone so it’s time to play your duty & eliminate each and every one of them. To find & defeat all of them with your epic sniper gun. You have to protect yourself, your team and your nation from the deadly rivals. Stand behind the cover, aim well and shoot perfectly. There is only one chance. Don’t waste to shoot and fight for war for freedom.
Unique Game play
Stunning Graphics
Advanced Weapons
Epic Shooting
Engaging Missions
Amazing Visual and Audio Effects
Amazing Storyline
Take the brave step in the battlefield to save & protect your nation from deadly enemies. Keep in mind the enemies have high quality advanced weapons & they won’t leave you at any cost. So, tie your laces, release all your fear by defeating the deadly enemies in war for freedom. In this fps shooting games utilize your intelligence and heroic skills to complete the challenging war engaging missions.

How to install VIP Agents on Duty APK at

Your duty is to take charge of the war zone and turn out to be the best sniper and shooter. Load your gun and start attacking!

Try the new free soldier event! Shoot and never let any of them go alive!! Can you survive?

VIP Agents on Duty

- An Innovative 3d shooting experience. Command like a trained Commando. Attack and survive in the battle zone.

- Smooth, modern and sensitive controls that get you fun and addictive battle. Release the fury of your soldier in this war! You received the call for duty of saving the people

- High Definition Graphics with ultimate battlegrounds. Shooting missions, saving hostages etc

- Hoard yourself with a huge arsenal. You have never seen so realistic 3D weapons in shooting games: snipers, rifles, shotguns, pistols… become like a real commando!

- Inspect the battlefield from many perspectives. Alternate among your armed force in real-time, find the crucial combination to win the war in the destructive killing game.

Unlock new weapons in this game and aid yourself throughout the game. Their destructive power is massive.

-Take charge of the war ground and become an elite among shooter in the most advanced 3d shooting game.

Download this epic app free now and get limitless free updates! 

In vip agents (VIP Agents on Duty) you will be the shooter who tops a squad of troupers through, cities, and defeat all type of enemies in the war game in best quality gameplay on mobile.

- Free shooter and sniper experience. Take cover, aim and shoot. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the best free shooting game ever!

- Challenging Story. Best gameplay in the greatest entertaining shooting game ever.

Endless shooter action! Welcome to the Rebellion.

VIP Agents on Duty is a free game. You will never get bored playing this beautiful piece of art!

How to install Epic Beast Battle Simulator APK at

Beast Battle Simulator is a new epic battle-simulation sandbox game featuring dinosaurs and spiders. Form your strategies, choose your troops and place them wisely on the battlefield and beat every opponent! In the Epic Beast Battle Simulator anything is possible!

In Beast Battle Simulator you can CONTROL single animal or just relax and watch the battle from the sky!

You can now totally choose your animal army, change creature parameters like health, damage, and form their troops.
With the improved graphics and the enhanced intelligence of the beast bots, you can now experience ultimate battle simulations !

New animals will be added soon! Got a suggestion? Send us a message and maybe the new animal will be yours!!

How to install World War Battlegrounds - WW2 Warfare Army Strike APK at

World war heroes battlegrounds is blazing with fire, like a WW2 survival frontline commando fight for your country, in this battlefield. The modern warfare games is near to end. You have to secure your army soldiers as an elite commando in this final counter terrorist battleground turned into a blood shed. The bombardment with critical strike in this blazing battle has turned as dead. Shoot the enemy and make sure to track out the survivors in WW2 survival battlegrounds war zone. You are trained as an armed world forces for call of shooter games to secure your army soldiers call of war games.

World war 2 battlegrounds military hero of shooting games, you have to hoard equipment from the battlefield. Depute your elite army shooting squad to hit the enemy military forces for soldier’s ultimate survival. Indulge in intense critical strike in real FPS shooting games battle against enemy on duty for this elimination mission. This sneak peek survival against the brutal military force in this is a real thriller. Packed with immense shooting and stealth WW2 hero missions against enemy armed guards patrolling the weapons of mass destruction. This epic world warfare has led you to be a super survival hero of the US armed elite frontline commando force. During this second battle, many of your platoon mates were imprisoned. This snowy hill has a vast story of brothers in modern warfare games. This is a call of world war survival where you have to fulfill your call of war duty and challenge the battle ground shooting in these critical snow-covered mountains. Carry out elite military hero war mission to release your team mates from prison jail, you have nowhere to hide other than this snowy camouflage. Your aim is to crawl your way to the military strike .

As Frontline warrior, load your, destroy the enemy aircrafts and gunship helicopters, rumble the military tanks into junk, the military jeeps are in battleground, survival hero get those enemy armed men. This call of war war heroes critical strike will end soon, the rebels are transporting ammunition into army trucks and heading towards artillery depot for ammo storage. Mark your line of action as the legacy terrorist shooter. Help your brother escape this world war II prisoner camp. Be the best marksman and terrorist hunter down the rebel guarding this snowy fields. Make an escape strategy plan to be the best frontline commando shooting games. Entering into the modern war zone, you have to follow your survival mini map. Navigate and route and don’t lost your way in this hill climb mountain area. Counter terrorist shooting and hiding in mountain woods. As an elite commando, use your rifle and face the battlefield challenges. Secure the military strike and defend your country. World War Heroes Battleground is an amazing snow winter call of hero shooter game. Enjoy this epic free action game and recapture your army base.

Call of War game is active, retaliate and invade with advance weapon system and gameplay to become a world war heroes. Perform your duty like a pro elite commando assassin elite army battle ground killer in arcade shooting game. Be a devoted soldier and destroy enemy military settlements. In this Frontline commando critical strike everyone is an enemy. Keep your challenging military strike mission alive. Play smartly in the modern war zone and occupy all strategic posts. Unleash the fury to be the last elite sniper hero in this battleground shooting games. Take no remorse and kill every enemy of the country.

World War Battlegrounds – WW2 world Warfare army Duty Game Features:

• World War zone Battleground Shooting
• Carry the legacy of your country
• Best real FPS shooting game play
• Immersive terrorist hunter Environment
• Challenging military warrior Multi Missions
• Multiple Weapons For Killing Spree

How to download Watermelon Shooter – Gun Shooting Expert APK at

Hey shooter, want to become an expert watermelon fruit 3D shooter, be a gun shooter expert. Load your gun and shoot watermelon in this amazing gun shooting game. Hit and shoot watermelons. This free fruit expert shooter game will show your expertise as best watermelon shooter in the arena. Watermelon shooter is the best fruit splash smashing game. Blast sweet fruits with sniper bullet and enjoy the endless adventure of watermelon gun shooting.

As an expert fruit shooting gun expert, load your gun with rubber bullets. Hold gun and take deep breath. Aim target and start shooting watermelons poppers placed around this real target gun shooting range. This is an amazing gun expert challenge. You have to be the best watermelons shooter using your scope. Take the perfect splash shot at the flipping watermelons placed on wagon wheel, wooden pallets, moving carts. There are RC drones carrying these heavy watermelons.

Watermelon shooter gun expert is a fun filled gun shooting expertaction game. Hit fruit slices. Feel the endless action of juicy watermelon. You must have played other fruit games but this watermelon shooter expert is a real blast. Hit the melons with your sniper gear or pistol. Watermelon smashing expert is an elite class of fruit shooting game. As an expert sniper hunter and shoot moving fruits. Use your best weapons & gun. Become champion shooter of watermelon shooting for 2018.

Play role as an expert skeet watermelon shooter king, strike and fire bullets at targets with shotgun to splash watermelons. Be a legend and grand champion like a hunt master. Practice harder in this real gun shooting range. Pass various practice skills like comfort, trigger control, breathing, aiming and sight target alignment. Shoot down the colourful fruits and watermelon to clear training by passing the commando test in this action packed 3D simulator.

Perform watermelon and fruit gun shooting. As an expert bottle shooter you can shoot down targets located on watermelon in this fruit hitting game. Become a fruit hunter and watermelon fruit splash shooter. This shooting game is similar like any glass bottle shooting skills. Take accurate shots to smash all the fruits with handguns and pistols. In this fruit 3D hunting simulator game crush fruits with bullets and stay focused on target. Blast away all the watermelons into tiny bits. Use best gears to hit the target. As a fruit gun shooter, don’t miss your target.

Show the world a real gun shooter expert. You need to shoot the watermelon targets. If you hit other objects instead of watermelon than this free hunting game will be over. Take accurate shots to smash all the moving, hanging and flying target with handguns and pistols. In this 3D shooter simulator game, crush fruits with flying bullets all over the shooting range. Show your expert skills in this FPS fruit shooting endless game. Takeover all the hurdles and obstacles like an expert archer shooter of ancient times.

Practice watermelon shooter drills in different shooting ranges. Be sure to have sufficient ammo as you have limited stock of bullets to shoot these watermelon fruits. Be a good shooter to hit the right spot on target.

Watermelon Shooter – Gun Shooting Expert Features:

- Real Shooting Range Training.
- Realistic Sound & Animation.
- Aim and smash fruits.
- Addicting FPS gameplay.
- Efficient weapon controls & movement.

How to download Sniper Traffic Road Hunter 3D APK at

Do have the guts and skills to snipe and destroy the cars and traffic on the highway? Take your crosshair and aim at the coming cars and traffic in Sniper Traffic Road Hunter. This traffic hunter and sniper shooting game gives you the best opportunity to be a perfect marksman and take the best aim and kill shot from the hill climb mountains to blow up and kill the cars on the speedy lone highway using your best sniper traffic hunter tactics.

Hold your sniper gear, keep steady, hold your breath and fire your weapon to destroy the criminal cars taking cover as camouflage in the traffic. As an expert hired assassin military killer and sniper your job is to eliminate the high profile rouge targets and kill the syndicate escaping in the traffic. Sniper traffic Road Hunter Sniper Traffic Killer gives you the opportunity to kill police vans, cars, tanks, military vehicles, trucks and criminals escaping through the highway road.

This sniper traffic road hunter and car traffic sniper shooter is a realistic 3D FPS (First Person Shooting) game in traffic and car sniper hunter and shooter game, you have to play the role of a deadly marksman as assassin road hunter of traffic and an ex-army SWAT command and bravo sniper road hunter with elite kill shot skills with maximized collateral damage tactics for criminals and high profile rouge syndicate targets, involved in criminal activities of gangsters who are on the run, do not let your opposition runaway or take camouflage in the traffic hunting rush, the gangsters and criminals has snatched cars and wealth from innocent people. Remember, you are a master assassin and has been hired to infiltrate secure locations with lethal weapons and counter strikes, take your best slingshot.

In Sniper traffic road hunter and modern sniper fury assassinator be the perfect marksman and rouge army in sniper road hunting, use your modern sniper gear and rifle to take the extreme headshot, this sniper rifle is especially designed for traffic hunting and special assignments like this, It has an extremely powerful zoom, unlimited ammunition with powerful piercing bullets, deadly muzzle and perfect barrel to take out the extreme opponent and real shot kill criminals and enemies escaping into the cars and hiding in the city traffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge and serve your motherland proving to be the best traffic hunter and sniper traffic marksman to hunt down and initiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city traffic sniper hunter and eliminating the criminal brutality.

You are the one of the best traffic hunter and elite SWAT command’s master sniper and mortal assassin, one of the best criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniper rifle engage in stealth mission, long-range targets on enemy cars running on the highway traffic, is a perfect sniper traffic road hunter 3D and sniper fury with modern assassin shooting techniques. Snipe, shoot and take down the criminals, cars, jeeps, SUV, 4x4 off roader and some escaped prisoners breakout while you watch out the cars around the city traffic in search of your targets in this Sniper traffic road hunter and sniper modern combat and sniper hunter game that gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt down cars in traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadway and highway passing by the city highway.

How to install Prison Escape Police Shooting APK at

Prison Escape Police Shooting is an action packed game. Police snipers are on the watch and they the straight orders to shoot to kill the prisoners trying to escape the prison of Alcatraz jail and San Andreas, to be on the watch is a full and hard time job.

Police sniper squad is on duty and spying from the tower and eliminating the culprit prisoners. You must take control of the situation and don’t let CHAOS breakout. It’s hard time looking after the prison security and guarding the prisoners inside the San Andreas prison. Previously working as special assassin agent and modern sniper in the army, you have given this task as an special agent and superior SWAT elite command sniper to watch the towers of the prison jail. It’s hard time to control the prisoners trying to breakout. You are equipped with a fully loaded automatic rifle gear. Once a prisoner tries to escape the prison, your duty is to take the best kill shot, sniper fury the aim and shoot him immediately! You are in the police shooting American sniper with modern sniper techniques and squad and your duty is to guard and watch the border of Alcatraz Jail. It's your duty now to watch out prison escape by city criminals. The security of the jailbreak and of the city is in your hands now as the gangster or the criminal escaping from will be the threat of crime to the city.

The city prison sniper shooters of police and cops are chasing the escaped criminals and prisoners. The deputed snipers are greasing up the gears on roads to chase the most wanted criminal of underworld escaped from the prison. The elite force has been called along with the SWAT and special ops sniper shooters, the have to take the best kill shot and be the best bravo shooters to kill all the escaped prisoners involved in illegal dealings and killer activities in city. The prisoners have also taken up the civilians as hostages and are hiding. As the best bravo sniper shooter you have to chase the target and eliminate them. Prison Escape Police Sniper Shooting involves angry prisoner, brave police officer on duty, sniper riffles, gunshots, prison break escape missions and criminal chasing. Your chance of survival depends upon your wisdom and careful planning and don’t let the prisoners break out the jail. Put on your extreme stealth mode to chase sneak out prisoner and his criminal cell inmates and gang members in this amazing jailbreak and sniper shooting game.

In Prison Escape Police Shooting, dangerous criminals, assassins and hitman are being locked up and prisoners have been sent to jail for crimes. But it’s not easy as the prisoners are prisoners and aggressive and are mastermind in criminals. They have spotted you on the watch towers, the battle starts when they try to escape or jailbreak the prison, you have to take the best headshots with your sniper and assault rifles to eliminate them. Execute a rigorous plan to end this hard time and do not let prison escape. In this game you will have to kill psychotic prisoners to take control of your jail. It will not be an easy task to control the vicious prisoners. Let’s do it to end the hard times in the prison. It’s all about brave police officer that can stop the escaping and start shooting. Your mission is to chase the prisoners and criminals who tried prison escape plan. Feel the thrill ramp up when the bad guys escape.

How to download City Gangster Simulator APK at

In Gangster Simulator 3D, perform challenging escape, shoot down reckless gangsta. Kill mafia, smugglers, and robbers with powerful arsenal of weapons like piston, guns, Gatling. Reach metro Casino to take psychotic vengeance from other urban gangsters. Engage in action packed clash between town gangsters & badass bandits. Enthrall by intriguing fighting competition in real mad city. Seek vendetta by killing all gangs of gangsters and be the boss in challenging Gangster crime and city 3D.Get into a gangster criminal city chase as the police set in hot pursuit. Drive different luxury branded expensive import speed racing models cars, you need to race for money, honor and more through the streets of this epic crime Russian gangster mafia 3D city.

How to download Secret Agent Mafia City Crime APK at

The crime city of is on high alert, gangsters and illegal mafia is all around the Crime City, the powerful underworld of Russian gang mafia is taking over the city of Los Angeles and San Andreas. You just completed your verdict of crime and are now out of San Andreas county prison. Be the criminal part of Grand theft of San Andreas City of High Crime 3D. Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the Crime City of Sin in the latest action game! Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun criminal wars! You are a gangster, who don't need for glory.

San Andreas has turned into a horrific City Crime in 3D, explore your wild side and break the law of the outlaws. Start playing your part in the criminal underworld, patrol the streets of Crime City in San Andreas as a notorious gangster. Play your vendetta part as a deadly criminal and take the charge of this crime city of San Andreas as the most powerful and feared BOSS. The streets of this Crime City of San Andreas are full of gangsters, criminals, murderers, crooked cops and other low life scum. is now tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption.

In moto 3D become a big gangster as you go up the ladder of crime and underworld resurrection. San Andreas is full of Russian mafia and this City Crime gives you the chance to build up your own criminal and underworld empire. Be the Crime City’s Godfather in this San Andreas. This San Andreas simulator game offers vehicular pleasures and Vendetta city crime have high performance cars and motorbikes. Drive your way through the streets of Miami and San Andreas. Hit the boulevard and take on missions and become the most feared gangster on the streets of San Andreas and City Crime. Murders in casino slots, armed robbers looting the central bank, shooting at city airport. Some crooked cops are helping underworld-taking bribe in city of angels. Use your old influences put up a team of honest cops. Don’t let robbers steal cars, bikes or cash from innocent citizens

Drop of all sort of illegal items and banned stuff as a crime city driver. Also make some cash, stealing luxury cars and motorcycles as a city crime car thief. Earn respect and trust from the San Andreas vendetta mafia family. Join San Andreas as great gangster of mafia city and start stealing cars, escaping from the police, shoot to kill everything around, feel like a real Miami vendetta San Andreas Gangster with ultimate uncontrollable gaming action in this San Andreas 3D. Highly criminator and dangerous criminals are everywhere in this crime city, shooting and killing people, robbing and committing other crimes! Join Russian and Vendetta San Andreas mafia clan or live the life of a lonely hero fighting against the police on San Andreas streets!

The mega cities like San Andreas, Miami and Russian mafia crime loader Chicago is now struggling, people are being laid off from jobs, crime rate has been risen and worsen in this Crime City, vendetta a criminal activities is taking place as an expert ex-mechanic and car transport truck driver who had his own Car and Automobile business in San Andreas will force you into doing something you normally would not do, you have been engaged in street crime of car theft, snatching, extortion, gang busting. In San Andreas simulator you are getting deeper and deeper into the worst criminal underworld Russian Mafia of the crime city.

How to download City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D APK at

The City Traffic is under threat and criminal are snatching cars and escaping. Take the best kill shot to eliminate each escaping criminal in the car.

This City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D is a realistic FPS First Person Shooting Game, in traffic and car sniper shooter game, you have to play the role of a deadly marksman and an ex-army SWAT commando and bravo sniper hunter with elite kill shot skills and collateral damage to the criminals, don’t let your opposition runaway in the snatched from innocent city people. Remember, you are a master assassin has been hired to infiltrate secure locations and eliminate high-profile targets with lethal strikes. Take your best slingshot.

In City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D, your are assigned to eliminate the terrorist and other enemies of the state, the enemies and criminals are using the local cars and transporting in police cars, trucks, taxi and other vehicles, your task is to blow them away on the way and don’t let them escape, take the perfect kill shot and kill them all, your mission is your top priority, be a bravo sniper kill shot skilled traffic hunter and finish your job. Prove that you have the best sniper and hunting skills to shoot down the traffic cars running on the city roads. You are an elite assassin sniper shooter and traffic hunter with modern sniper techniques, get ready to play your part in hunting down the criminals in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate cars with enemies at street level or take out the each single high-profile target.

Aim, Shoot and Kill, be the perfect marksman and rouge army in City Traffic Modern Sniper Shooter 3D, use your modern sniper gear and rifle to take the extreme headshot, this sniper rifle is especially designed for assignment like this, it has an extreme powerful zoom, unlimited ammunition with powerful piercing bullets, deadly muzzle and perfect barrel to take the best and extreme real kill shot criminals and enemies escaping in the cars and hiding in the city traffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge of your country and proving to be the best marksman to hunt down and initiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city traffic sniper and eliminating the criminals in killing and hunting brutality.

Being a hunter and elite SWAT command master sniper assassin and best criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniper rifle engage in stealth mission, long-range targets and a mob of enemy cars make this a perfect traffic sniper hunter 3D and sniper fury assassin shooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals, cars, jeeps, suv, 4x4 and some escaped prisoners while you watch out the cars around the city in search of your targets in this traffic and highway car shooter and sniper modern combat game this sniper shooting game gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt down cars in traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadway and highway passing by the city.

This game of traffic and car city hunter and sniper shooter is all about testing your shooting and sniping marksman skills. Can you shoot fast moving traffic and other armored vehicles, do you wish to destroy the enemy escaping in cars and armored vehicles on highways and city roads? This is city traffic sniper shooter and hunter game gives you the opportunity to hunt down the cars and vehicles by using the latest American rifle with sniper gear on the highway entering by the city.

How to install Ultimate WW2 Tank War Sim 3D APK at

The Epic Battle of Great Tanks has begun with Fire and Battlefield warfare all around the Ultimate WW2 Tank Battle of Eternity. The Enemy has invaded and attacked the homeland and destroyed all defense lines and red canyon and take the kill shot with accuracy.

There is no hope for survival. Take charge of your monster panzer Tank and tank war battalion brigade, and blast the enemy panzer tanks. Crash the enemy Weaponry and Armored Aces and go behind the enemy lines to finish the Enemy for once and for all. Are you Ready! To cause some havoc in the ultimate World War 2 Tank Simulator and Tank Attack Gunner? Feel the Ultimate Tank Blitz and CHAOS as WW2 Tank War Sim is here! Enter into the world of tank blitz and navigate through the vast lands, around the city with advanced controls of the tank, including swipe aiming of the tank turret, detection radars & scope with enemy tagging, gunning down enemy tanks, soldiers with tank attack & bombs.

An awesome epic panzer battlefield awaits you with its massive panzer ultimate tank and wild parking challenges. The monster tank in battlefield challenges involve driving and simulating the heavy duty tanks through the battlefields, dodging hurdles and army barracks, don’t forget, tanks are extremely difficult to maneuver due to their sheer weight and size. Be the brave soldier who can perform that duty to his nation diligently and take upon simulation missions with perfect kill shot. Death Shooters are posted in different location of army and military base sniper shooters are posted on towers with heavy artillery. Simulate into this Ultimate WW2 Tank War Simulator and experience the rush, adrenaline and daring atmosphere of a battlefield full of armed vehicles, soldiers, explosives and an army at war. Drive and simulate into the tanks and feel the immensity and power of these battlefield vehicles. Acceleration and braking in this tank simulator will show you how differently they operate.

Take command of a panzer war tanks brigade in a bloody and fierce tank war battle on the front lines, go behind enemy lines and test your mettle in one of the best tank war and modern tank battle games online. Be the King of Tank War Battle. Take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. Battle against cunning enemies and become the hero of modern tank battle. You are one of the best tank simulator and warrior of your army; you are given some duties to destroy your enemy's forces to save your country. Your enemy is well prepared and really good equipped with even air force and tank support. There is a fierce fight waiting for you in the deadly battlefield. You will be awarded for your success in the Real Tank War Battle if you destroy enemy forces. So you can defend yourself and your country with monetary support.

Ultimate WW2 Tank War Blitz Battle Attack Simulator is a free-to-play game, prepare yourself for a real battle behind enemy line, take the hot seat and simulate your panzer gunner tank into the battlefield with intense combat, survive against the legendary world war 2 armory like T-34, Tiger, Sherman, simulate into modern war fare like Merkava, Panzer, Tagil and mighty M1A2 Abrams, engage into the war of tanks from all around the world. Take control of this highly rugged and tough War Machine, engage yourself into the battlefield, set an armed formation and take your enemy at all Strike With Might.

How to download Last Commando: Sniper Shooter APK at

One Man, One Army, One War. You, the only and Last Commando left in the Battlefield as a Master Assassin Sharp Shooter of Elite Force command with SWAT skills. Your army base has been taken as hostage by terrorist commandos – As the Fury, lone and last surviving Commando of a renegade attack against a ruthless terrorist organization, you are stranded on the frontline and hell-bent on payback to score the killing headshot and rescue each hostage in this intense lone commando sniper shooter!

Armed combat breaks out in the army base as your top commandos are taken hostage during brutal terrorist games training. Only you, the most elite sniper shooter in the squad, a SWAT trained professional with frontline commando training completed and an experienced battlefield war solider, take the head and kill shot, can pull off the high-skill headshots required to save your fellow commandos, take out the terrorists and save the day in Lone and Last Commando Sniper Shooter, one of the most intense free games in the first person shooter genre!

This hostage and commando sniper shooter mission is full of perils. Unlike many first person shooting games, Lone and Last Commando Sniper Shooter requires quick brains as well as a fast trigger finger. Clear the army base of terrorist commandos, but watch out! Enemy commandos have peppered the army base with hostages. Execute headshots and kill all of the terrorists, but avoid shooting the hostage commandos by accident. Only the lone commando death shooter and sniper elite will survive in this deadly first person shooter!

ARMED COMBAT IN AUTHENTIC ARMY BASE:- Army base environment puts you in the middle of the most realistic sniping action with super Army and Lone commando with SWAT and elite sniper under your control, with realistic weaponry and advanced sniper kits, Free shooting games represented in the most authentic way.

LONE COMMANDO SNIPER SHOOTER UTILIZES ADVANCED ARMORY Army and Lone commando sniper shooter is loaded and equipped with multiple weapons in the epic battlefield with frontline commando action and to challenge the terrorists to clear up the army base and military facilities with hostage release, Track shot distance as you aim with realistic scopes and rifles.

FPS STEALTH GAMEPLAY:-3D shooting games let you survey the entire army base, but avoid alerting the terrorist commandos to your presence, take out enemies and terrorists with silenced single shots or bursts of fire, but be warned - burst fire will alert enemies.

HEADSHOTS IMPROVE YOUR SNIPER SKILLS: Straight Headshot kills improve your skills to become a more formidable sharpshooter and elite commando sniper. Kill terrorist commandos with a single silenced shot regain your strength by .

LONE COMMANDO SNIPER SHOOTER 3D ACTION AND GRAPHICS:- 3D shooting games come alive with realistic environments and gun models to be used in assassinating the deadly terrorists commandos. 3D games meet breathless sniper shooter action in this intense first person shooter stealth experience

Just like consoling FPS games, shooting with dual-analog control and precise headshots, thanks to multiple weapon zoom levels, Easy to pick up and play, tough to master. Join the lone commando super sniper and elite force with S.W.A.T skills and sniper elite in this uncompromising first person shooter commando experience. Free shooting games don’t get any more intense. As the ultimate sniper assassin, you shape the future of your fellow commandos with each headshot. Put an end to your enemies and their villainous terrorist games, and liberate your army base from the most ruthless commandos in the world - one headshot at a time.

How to install F18 F16 Dogfight Air Attack 3D APK at

Take off with the ultimate, powerful flying machines like F18, F16 and submerge yourself in the deadliest Air Strike and Dogfight with the most powerful jet fighters in F18 F16 Dogfight Air attack 3D free online game and simulate across the ocean to hunt down the enemy’s F16 & F18 Hornets and Fighting Falcons, engage into air to air strike and dogfight simulation and air strike missions eliminating the objectives with exotic controls, simulate over the red canyon, hills, deserts and oceans and hunt down your enemies hiding in military bases with sharp shooters and snipers all over the bases. F18 F16 is the most addictive realistic game with great controls, take advantage over the enemies, you are an ace expert army and navy fighter jet air strike and air to air dogfight specialist, simulate and get ready to take the fight in strike combat. Gear up for the best flight in F18 F16 Dogfight Air attack 3D with amazing armed fighters equipped with long range guided missiles, air to air combat, supersonic speeds, and flying like eagles on the pacific oceans in war.

The enemy has launched a brutal and aggressive ground attack, retaliate the air strike with air to air attack through the intense mission, you have full support, your wingmen in F16 Fighting Falcons and F18 Hornets are already in the air, along with gunship cobra and apache helicopters striking the ground forces, full ground support with tank attack gunner war to take down the ground enemies, all hopes are on you to defend your country’s honor and pride against the enemy invasion so simulate into your F18 F16 jet fighters and go into the warzone as you know all the tactics of modern warfare, ground enemy has ballistic modern weapons and have engaged sharp sniper assault shooters with anti aircraft guns and heat seeking missiles. All eyes are on you for the ultimate sky wars in this F18 F16 Dogfight Air attack 3D game.

Buckle up and engage into your dogfight and air strike missions, hunt down and destroy the backbone of your enemy hiding behind enemy lines for an extreme and realistic air war action combat. Simulate and take control of your F18 F16 Dogfight Air attack simulator game, hold your cockpit tight; your jet is fully loaded with ammunition supply. Burn these tank machines into rubble and return back victorious.

Your jet fighters planes F16 and F18 are sophisticated machines with military war craft combat air force jet fighter air strikers with no competition in supersonic speed and maneuverability, your jet fighters with dogfight capabilities like F16 & F18 air warrior are fully equipped with assault gunner machine guns, ARM, SARM, missiles and other powerful air war fare weapons to take up the enemy’s Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet, Stealth jet fighters and drones air crafts and jet fighters as they are the master assassins and sharp shooter within the air combat and dogfight, the task is ballistic and the combat is ON simulate like an ace and professional jet fighter pilot of F18 & F16 shoot’em up and rain down destruction upon your enemies with your amazing skills of dogfight and gun strike shoots in this action packed adventure of air war jet fighter warrior game. Spot the enemy tanks and assault sharp shooters, military base sniper shooter which are all ready to move towards your airbase, locate your enemies and shoot them down dropping ground bombs and gunshots.

How to install Tank Attack: Gunner War Sim 3D APK at

The great 1990s panzer tank battle is all setup with modern combat and war of tank with tank attack gunner war simulator ready to attack within the enemy territories as huge German panzer gunner tanks are appointed behind the enemy lines, the battle of metal mayhem, power and dominance of the world to dominate the supreme land through the deadliest war of tank and world war II has just begun, Major General Tanker is waiting to brief you as huge enemy panzer tanks are all over the battle arena loaded with deadly warheads, you will enjoy this realistic battlefield game of panzer tank attack gunner war simulator 3d.

As an army commando, you have been awarded with medal of honor that places you into the role of an allied commando of panzer tanks, you are in command of huge panzer tank battalion, being an expert of modern warfare and battlefield commander and ace panzer tank operator, engage yourself in tank attack gunner war simulator experience. Fight your way through the enemy battlefield and lead your battalion of panzer tank attacks in the deserts with realistic battlefield environment, engage towards your enemy’s borders and do not go behind enemy lines as your opponent is fully equipped with heavy artillery and gunner German panzer tanks fully equipped to destroy your battalion, your objective is to engage the enemy forces to occupy key locations and supply points, lead your lethal panzer tank battalion with tank attack gunner war simulator with high-altitude bombing, ground firing and cruise missiles attacking in this panzer tank game that brings you back to the war-ridden years.

Lead your panzer tank battalion with army commandos and enter directly into the war zone, lead your brigade from front in tank attack gunner war simulator and defend your country’s integrity, it is more important to engage yourself in panzer tank and stretch your enemy an extreme destruction through war of tanks. You will face heavy retaliation from your enemy’s panzer gunner tanks, heavy duty machine guns, as your enemy is on high altitude and have ambushed deadly obstacles and land mines laid down behind the enemy lines to avoid your panzer gunner 1990s tanks to cross them. Another tank battalion along with solders, army commandos and snipers is backing and supporting you, loaded with sharp shooters on foot to engage towards your ballistic enemy, you have an air attack support through your air strike jet fighters, apache and gunship cobra helicopters as well. Beware of enemy’s aerial air force and gunship helicopters.


Tank Attack Gunner War Simulator is a free-to-play game, prepare yourself for a real battle, take the hot seat and simulate your panzer gunner tank into the battlefield with intense combat, survive against the legendary world war 2 armory like T-34, Tiger, Sherman, simulate into modern war fare like Merkava, Panzer, Tagil and mighty M1A2 Abrams, engage into the war of tanks from all around the world. Take control of this highly rugged and tough War Machine, engage yourself into the battlefield, set an armed formation and take your enemy at all Strike With Might. Complete extreme missions and eliminate targets successfully in this free-to-play game and engrave your way to further challenges, be an undefeated hero, your panzer gunner tank is an state of an art in modern tank technology and is fully equipped with high-end war heads and precision weapons with target focusing, maximum damage ability, efficient high end navigation system and radar tracking with first person view controlling along with zoom shot features.

How to download F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D APK at

F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D is an ultimate jet fighter air combat in an action packed, adventurous air strike fighter jet simulation air war game, proof your self as a supreme lord of the skies and feel the simulation as top gun Navy Air force jet fighter pilot with a call sign of “flying angle”; master your techniques in takeoff from plane combat and land your F18 Jet Fighter on navy aircraft carrier, guarding the open seas and oceans. Enjoy the toughest action battle in the skies and dominate your metal storm while flying and simulating F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike in 3D; this F18 Jet Fighter is a super sonic flying machine with top speed and is equipped with most advance weapon systems ready to destruct any enemy involved in major ground attacks. Enemy’s ground and air radar system is very powerful, use your stealth tactics and destroy all the ground targets with your wingmen.

Feel the heat in the skies and go behind the enemy lines take up the challenge of toughest flying machines as the enemy is fully capable and equipped with fighter jets like F16 Falcon, Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet, Stealth jet fighters and drones as they are the master assassins and sharp shooter within the air combat and dogfight, the task is ballistic and the combat is ON, as a Navy F18 Jet Fighter Pilot, airborne your F18 Jet Fighter and takeoff, simulate and strike down your enemy in the deadliest dogfight as the battlefield set for destruction, destroy air, sea and land targets in your range set around the Military base of raptor island where sniper shooters are ready to take you down with anti aircraft sniper guns and red canyon, so take up the challenge in this full HD 3D F18 Jet Fighter Air strike and feel like a real navy aviation fighter pilot. Disengage your F18 jet fighter from SAM missiles, guided radar systems with your latest weapons and destroy warships, Gunship aircrafts.

The border sharing countries are in a conflict and a war like situation has arisen, as a pro navy jet fighter pilot representing the navy air force jet fighter squad, lead your wing command and dominate the skies with the worlds most sophisticated f18 jet fighters and experience the action packed F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike fighting game. Engage your missions and destroy the backbone of your enemy by destroying the air bases, air craft carrier warships, military bases, military vehicles, military tanks and gun ship cobra helicopter in the air, helicopter flying simulator and all the air ambulance landing on the enemy sniper shooter bases.
This F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D game has a career mode and dog fight, engage your career in the navy air force jet fighter pilot and fulfill the combat mission and training skills while completing the campaigns in the worlds most advanced F18 Jet Fighter plane. Engage into the dogfight mode and fight like an ace, defend your air, land and sea from the enemy targeting from their military bases and naval battle ships saving your country’s pride and dominance, you will have all the air support from ground radars and wingmen all around you, you will be surrounded with all sorts of enemy jet fighters, but your F18 is the most advance fighter jet equipped with modern air warfare missiles. Just take the hot seat and scroll into your cockpit, takeoff and lead your fighter jets while shooting and destroying the enemy’s air defense system and all major ground forces, avoid enemy airplanes, air fighter jets, aircraft and navy air fighters, navy carrier gunships with gun strikes take all of them OUT!

• 15 different career and dogfight mission
• Landing, and Taking off sequences
• Improved and smooth Jet Fighter Physics
• Cockpit view and external views
• Fly an advanced fighter jet
• Realistic controls with smooth tilting
• Mission filled with excitement and addiction
• Weapon controlling and target locking system

How to download Elite Soldier: Shooter 3D APK at

Sometimes there are tasks where SWAT does not cope... and then you appear — the stormtrooper from a special unit. You are the "champion" on special assignments.

The tasks are diverse and complex: from the simple pull up of the terrorists to the rescue of the hostages and the defused of the bomb. Your goal is to survive and fulfill all the conditions of the assignment. But remember that one mistake can be expensive.

At your disposal, guns for any type of tasks — there is a pistol and machine gun and rifle. And even granate, if you decide to play on a large scale. But it will be better if your gun sounds is not so noisy.

If you were an avid player in shooting games, you will like this shooter!


How to install 6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase APK at

Get ready for amazing 6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase, featuring offroad 6x6 truck or astonishing police car in thrilling police chase adventure. In this police truck game, you will be given an opportunity to become city cop or professional truck driver which has to chase real gangster or dangerous vegas gangster from group of city gangsters from miami crime. In this police vs thief game, you will get engaged in police chase or thrilling hot pursuit on water surfer car from thrilling water games near beach where you will display water stunts using water surfing skills to make each gangster chase a success. In 6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase you will perform police car chase duty as highly trained police petrol driver on amazing 6x6 pickup truck or advanced police car along with police monster truck having exceptional driving simulator or highly advanced action simulator and capture most wanted vegas mafia deadly gangsters on blue sea, which are running away from beautiful crime city.

In this 6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase adventure, you will play as city cop or professional police truck driver which is part of crime city police squad, and has been assigned police car chase duty on beautifully designed highway near blue sea beach. In this police truck game, you will drive GPRS based advanced police car or colorful offroad 6x6 truck in highly thrilling hot pursuit to capture real gangster running away from crime city. Do you like playing amazing police crime games or highly engaging car racing games, then this game will fulfill your requirement. In this police vs thief game, get involve in amazing police car chase with highly dangerous vegas gangster from miami crime, while expertly utilizing advanced action simulator or real physics based driving simulator. Get succeed in this test of chasing of culprit, which will try to run you out in blue sea on water surfer car or latest police car from water games and will also try to distract you while displaying water stunts, as expert water surfer or professional police driver. Expertly use your water surfing skills to knock him out to make pursuit successful. In this police vs thief game, you will perform police car chase duty, on offroad highway with 6x6 pickup truck or 4x4 monster truck along with amazing police truck, and capture gangster from miami crime as police petrol driver.

Prepare yourself for amazing 6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase adventure, where you will get engaged amazing hot pursuit or thrilling police chase as city cop or professional truck driver on offroad 6x6 truck or astonishing police car along with offroad pickup truck to capture real gangster or vicious vegas gangster in highly speedy gangster chase. In this police truck game, you will have to expertly utilize driving simulator or highly advanced action simulator of offroad pickup truck or colorful police truck or amazing police monster truck to capture the culprit which will try to run away in blue sea using exceptional water surfing skills on highly advanced water surfer car.


- Top quality HD graphics & animations from police crime games.
- Best sounds & effects from police car games.
- Different thrilling levels of police vs thief game.
- Smooth controls for making water stunts movements around crime city from water games.
- Highly amazing police racing game based play mode.

How to download Fatal Raid - SEA Invasion APK at

[Game Features]

The zombie apocalypse has arrived. Carnage ravages the streets of Nova City. All that stands between its salvation and ultimate destruction is a squad of elite super soldiers. Do you have what it takes to fight back the undead horde and reclaim the city?

Fatal Raid is an action packed first-person shooter like you've never seen before. No mere mobile game, Fatal Raid gives you the full FPS experience right at your fingertips. From the complex, story-driven single player mode to the real time PvP battles, Fatal Raid has unparalleled depth and replayability.

[Single Player Campaign]

Fatal Raid provides a rich and compelling single player experience. Uncover the truth of what happened in Nova City as you are guided by your deep-cover mole towards the city center. But as you fight your way through the war-torn streets, you'll discover that zombies aren't the only enemies standing in your way...

▶ Hours of voice acting and cut scenes, to fully immerse you in the apocalyptic hellscape of Nova City

▶ Massive range of weapons and weapon types to unlock. Assault rifles for taking down multiple targets, sniper rifles for long range engagements, shotguns for close encounters; be sure to bring the right hardware for each mission. There's even machetes and chainsaws for when you really need to get up close and personal.

▶ Boss Battles. Take on some truly epic enemies in the insane boss fights, and get rewarded with unique items. If they're too tough you can recruit up to three friends to help you out. Strength in numbers!

[Multiplayer Mode]

The true essence of an FPS is in its multiplayer mode, and Fatal Raid is no different. Challenge people online in real-time with head to head battles, competitive missions, or clan wars.

▶ PvP Team Death Match: The classic battle to the death. Face your opponents either solo or as a unit, and prove once and for all who the champ really is.

▶ PvP Bombing Mission: compete against other teams in this competitive mission mode. Be the first team to capture strategic points, or take out key objectives. Individual skill is important, but it's teamwork that rules the day this game mode.

▶ Survival Mode: They don't call it a zombie horde for nothing. Waves of enemies will crash against you with increasing fury until they take you down. The question is, how long can you last, and how many will you take down with you? For true masters only.

▶ Robust Clan System: Join a clan, or start your own with your friends. Challenge other clans to competitions and earn special rewards for participating in clan activities.
Jump right into the Recruit Training course and start reaping the rewards of being part of this elite group of soldiers."
"Install this game and just complete the Recruit Training course that lasts for 7 days, and you’ll get to enjoy a lot of benefits!

Fatal Raid is the best shooting game there is! Download it now for free!


[Device Permission Use Information]
These permissions are required to write files in an external memory device.

This permission is required to record voice along with video while you play the game.

How to download Combo Rush - Keep Your Combo APK at

Combo Rush is an action puzzle RPG game with a unique gameplay. Unleash powerful combo attacks and beat every stages! 100% FREE-to-Play! DOWNLOAD Now!

Join Sten, the talented swordsman, in a thrilling adventures! Help him to upgrade his skills and execute challenging combos. Collect mighty pets companions along the journey to assist you in combat.

+ Unique gameplay
+ Challenge your eye-hand coordination to the limit
+ Execute never-ending combo attacks
+ Defeat powerful monsters and make them your pet companions
+ Beat all the challenging stages
+ Prove your skills by getting the top score

What are you waiting for? Install and Play Combo Rush now and experience all the exciting and challenging features!

Install and play

Keep up your combo attacks and defeat the enemy

Compete with your friends to be the best

Each pet has unique skill, such as: Heal, Bomb, Time Stop, and many more

Bring useful items to help you on your journey

Hire mercenaries to collect coins for you

Combo Rush is a fun game to play with friends and family. DOWNLOAD NOW

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How to download Princess Rush - Kejar Pangeran APK at

Let's Chase and Kick the Prince in Princess Rush!

Happily ever after will never be the same. Remember the Prince Charming in all fairytales?
Well, he happened to be the same person charming all the Princesses. ~_~
It’s time to teach the Prince a lesson! Help the Princesses catch him in this endless FUN running game where you can actually hit the enemies standing in your way.

Princess Rush is FREE-to-Play. Download it now and START THE RUN!

✤Endless Action, Endless Cuteness, Endless Excitement! ✤
✤Unlock all Princesses, Costumes, and Mounts! ✤
✤Chase the Prince and knock all the obstacles away! ✤
✤You decide what happens on this everlasting fairytale!✤

Princess Rush is an evolution of running games in a fun way, because of these reasons:
It's on the house, the Prince will pay for it.

✦ Cute Princesses to start the Rush!
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and many more.

✦ Gear up and have more fun with stylish costumes!
You can be an Angel, a Bunny, or even a Shark, cute ones of course.

✦ Mount Ready and Able!
Fire breathing, speed increasing, coin collecting, and so many more abilities to choose from.

✦ Breed and Raise your Mounts!
Hatch two eggs, and start multiplying, give some love to your mounts.

✦ Set the Highest Score Record!
Add friends and beat their scores!

Prince Charming is cunning. Don't worry, we got you covered with these cool items:
✦ Choose your weapons: Cute Hammer, Fluffy Pillow, or Water Bubble!
✦ Dress up with costumes that can makes you fly longer, hit harder, or get rich easier!
✦ Bring Power Ups to keep you safe on your journey!
✦ Ride a Mount to go faster and stronger!

Princess Rush is a FUN game you can play with friends and family.
For high speed chase, you will need Internet connection to play.

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How to download Cat Run - Pet Cat Runner APK at

Enjoy free running games and cat games for kids and have non-stop running fun with virtual cat runner. Adopt a virtual pet cat runner and start running and racing endlessly. Swipe to run, jump and survive from obstacles in addictive cat running game. Go on a crazy running adventure in top running games for kids and beat the highest score. Run fast, collect coins as many as you can and never stop running in endless running games.

Fun running cat games for girls
cats games with endless runner mode
Free to play cat running gold run
Explore wild cat running to escape
Realistic sound effects
Bright visuals & stunning graphics
Free cat running games for kids
Cats running offline games
Awesome cat run simulator
Smooth touch controls
Best family app & game for free

If you enjoy playing kitty cat games and running games, you’re gonna love this exciting cat run game. It’s an easy to play & addicting game for kids. So let’s run, jump, run & follow running cat in endless racing and running game.

We make cool games for kids and games without wifi. Invite your friends to play our cute and addictive games.

How to download Warrior of War APK at

warrior of war is a action game by mehdi ganjehzadegan

How to download Zombies vs Monsters APK at

In " Zombies vs Dark Rider: The Monster Tower War " you are a young rider going through hell with your haunted snowboard. Use your sword, a sharp katana to cut off the heads of your enemies. Use your baseball bat and your hokey stick to crush the monsters you meet on the way.

It's time for war!

- Tilt your device to move sideways.
- Tab on the screen to use your weapons.
- Break all the pumpkins and take all the gemstones to improve your score.
- Avoid all obstacles by riding as fast as you can.
- Go as far as possible.

In " Zombies vs Dark Rider: The Monster Tower War ", You will have to overcome many dangerous and exciting quests. Walk through the cemetery, the marsh and even hell.

" Zombies vs Dark Rider: The Monster Tower War " is an arcade game. Unlimited action.
A game for life that you will not forget.

" Zombies vs Dark Rider: The Monster Tower War " is the 2017 best action - arcade game.

Kill Monsters, kill zombies, use a lot of weapons. Fell the speed and the risk with your haunted snowboard.

In " Zombies vs Dark Rider: The Monster Tower War " you will find magic, mystery, fear, speed... every thing!

" Zombies vs Dark Rider: The Monster Tower War " is an arcade and action game without limits an absolutely free!!!


· Variety of stunning stages.
· Lot of different enemies.
· Beautiful environments!
· Smooth and simple ride control.
· Easy and smooth weapon control.
· Fast answer.
· Easy to learn.
· Amazing sound effects.
· Great background music.
· Exciting VFX effect!
· Heavily optimized.
· Running on old devices and only need no more than 34MB of space.
· Easy navigation
· Universal app for all phones and tablets
· High quality graphics
· Lot of different weapons: Katana, Baseball Bat, Hockey stick...

Privacy disclosure of Tanks vs Warplanes:

· Does not contain in-app purchases.
· Does not collect personal data.

Free game designed by Melocotonwars.

This is one of the free war games of Melocotonwars. Tanks, submarines, helicopters, warplanes, fighters... you have battles of all war machines you want in our free war games series.


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How to install Helicopters vs Submarines - War Machines Battle APK at

You lead a brave helicopter against a squadron of submarines. Action free game

With this helicopter simulator you'll fell as if you were piloting a real Apache Guardian, Balck Hawk...

Helicopter vs Submarines is a dynamic free action game. You are a young helicopter pilot. Your squadron has been destroyed and your combat helicopter is the last hope. You must defend your position against attacks from enemy submarines while waiting for reinforcement from the army.
Your chopper is one of the most complete helicopter in the air force. You have bombs and nuclear bombs to burn the ocean. On the right side of the screen, you have a button for launching bombs. You can shoot as many as you want but you will have to wait a while to be reloaded.
On the right side, you have a trigger for nuclear bombs. They are much more powerful and you do not need reloading but you have a limited number of this. It's time for the brave!

In this war game, accuracy and precision are more important than you can imagine. For each consecutive success you get your score will be exponentially boosted. It's the best way to get great scores.
If you provoke a collision between your mines and your nuclear mines, the explosion will damage all the submarines that are in combat.

A war free game. You handle a skilled helicopter with powerful weapons against a squadron of enemy submarines

In this an Action game, in each final battle you will face an enemy officer. Pilots awarded by their army. Conquering all is the only way to win the war.

In Helicopter vs Submarines your aim is as important as the tactics and strategy. Helicopter vs Submarines is not only an arcade game, but also a tactical and strategy game.

Helicopter vs Submarines is a war free strategy game with more than 10 kinds of different submarines. Each round is more difficult than the previous one and so endless way.

Wartime, This epic battle in the ocean will decide the winner of this war. It is the time of the brave.

Go up in rank throughout the war:

· Lieutenant Commander.
· Commander.
· Captain
· Rear Admiral
· Vice Admiral
· Fleet Admiral

Helicopter vs Submarines belongs to selection of the best war free games and startegy free games of 2016

Helicopter vs Submarines. An ocean combat and a lot of fire in the middle of the sea. A free game up to World Of Aircraft or Bomber Planes Of WW2.


· Variety of Final Enemies
· More than 10 kinds of submarines.
· Beautiful environments!
· Smooth and simple ship control.
· Easy and smooth weapon control.
· Fast answer.
· Easy to learn.
· Amazing sound effects.
· Military march as background music.
· Exciting VFX effect!
· Heavily optimized.
· Running on old devices and only need no more than 32MB space.
· Easy navigation
· Universal app for all phones and tablets
· High quality graphics

Privacy disclosure of Helicopter vs Submarines:

· Does not contain in-app purchases.
· Does not collect personal data.

Free game designed by Melocoton Wars.

This is one of the free war games of Melocotonwars. Tanks, submarines, helicopters, warplanes, fighters... you have battles of all war machines you want in our free war games series.


Helicopters vs Submarines - War Machines Battle

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How to install Tanks vs Warplanes APK at



You're the only tank that continues operative BV3 company. A lot of divisions of enemy war planes approaching from the east at high speed.
The land is ready to begin the battle. You are at the gates of the old foundry was converted in hospital since the beginning of the war.

Your mission is to defend the position and contain the waves of enemies waiting for reinforcements attacks. You can not allow the hospital is destroyed. It is full of helpless people.

Your tank is fully equipped with a system of buck anti-aircraft missiles and a machine gun.

You know that your destruction is close but you have to endure as long as possible. A second can change history.

An arcade and action game without limits. Free.

In this an Action game, in each final battle you will face an enemy officer. Pilots awarded by their army. Conquering all is the only way to win the war.

In War: Tanks vs Warplanes your aim is as important as the tactics and strategy. War: Tanks vs Warplanes is not only an arcade game, but also a tactical and strategy game.

War: Tanks vs Warplanes is a war free strategy game with more than 15 kinds of different aircrafts. Each round is more difficult than the previous one and so endless way.

Go up in rank throughout the war:

· Lieutenant Commander.
· Commander.
· Captain
· Rear Admiral
· Vice Admiral
· Fleet Admiral

Tanks vs Warplanes. A sky combat and a lot of fire on the battlefield. A free game up to World Of Aircraft or Bomber Planes Of WW2.


· Variety of Final Enemies
· More than 15 kinds of warplanes.
· Beautiful environments!
· Smooth and simple ship control.
· Easy and smooth weapon control.
· Fast answer.
· Easy to learn.
· Amazing sound effects.
· Military march as background music.
· Exciting VFX effect!
· Heavily optimized.
· Running on old devices and only need no more than 34MB space.
· Easy navigation
· Universal app for all phones and tablets
· High quality graphics

Privacy disclosure of Tanks vs Warplanes:

· Does not contain in-app purchases.
· Does not collect personal data.

Free game designed by Melocotonwars.

This is one of the free war games of Melocotonwars. Tanks, submarines, helicopters, warplanes, fighters... you have battles of all war machines you want in our free war games series.


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How to install Battleship vs Submarine - War Machines Battle APK at

Burning the sea, do not stop. This is war!

In the Pacific, the situation is reversed, submarines "Black Triangle" are chasing allied forces. These have destroyed more than half of the allied fleet in the North Pacific. More than five million tons of steel sunk in the ocean.
Battleships allies also got some enemy casualties, especially in coastal waters.

The Submarine "Black Triangle" got away with two destroyers allies in the North Atlantic. However, the allied forces are concentrated on attacking in the south, destroying virtually the entire enemy fleet in these waters. They are having great success the anti-submarine measures armored allies in these waters. Other allied forces are operating in the Indian Ocean, but never enough to be an important factor, because of the distance that separates them.

Accuracy is very important in this game. Double scores every time you complete a level without missing a shot.

Arcade and intensive.

Good news! A new free game is not a game of zombies or vampires, or children. These in the ocean, in an epic war submarines surrounded by very angry! :) There is one way to survive ... fight!

It has opened Pandora's box. (Look at the screenshots to prove it)

Good luck and become the king of the ocean!


· Variety of Final Enemies
· More than 15 kinds of warplanes.
· Beautiful environments!
· Smooth and simple ship control.
· Easy and smooth weapon control.
· Fast answer.
· Easy to learn.
· Amazing sound effects.
· Military march as background music.
· Exciting VFX effect!
· Heavily optimized.
· Running on old devices and only need no more than 34MB space.
· Easy navigation
· Universal app for all phones and tablets
· High quality graphics

Privacy disclosure of Tanks vs Warplanes:

· Does not contain in-app purchases.
· Does not collect personal data.

Free game designed by Melocotonwars.

This is one of the free war games of Melocotonwars. Tanks, submarines, helicopters, warplanes, fighters... you have battles of all war machines you want in our free war games series.

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How to install Fish New Online Game & PvP - Battle APK at

Fish is a brand new IO survival game! Only the bravest, nimblest and most cunning will survive…
Choose your fighting fish and get readyyy to bubbllle!


Start by selecting the fish whose abilities and character you prefer. You can gradually grow it into a beastly predator by munching on plankton and opponents you beat in battle.

Life underwater is far from simple, keep your guard up or go belly up! Even when your hunting you might be being hunted. Stay slippery as an eel and you’re sure to win. But which fish will you choose: shark or clownfish?


- Exciting fights for survival in the deep blue sea! Prove you’re no guppy! Fight with fish from all over the world and conquer all corners of all seven seas!
- The battle arena can host up to 100 players. Fight in PvP battles with players from around the world.
- Bright animations and complex 3D graphics bring the underwater world to life.

Each fish has its own unique character, reactions and emotions. As the game progresses, you can unlock more and more characters with new options and abilities. Eat everyone and grow!

Each fish has special skills and abilities using which it can defeat opponents in water battles.
Piranhas are able to split in half and accelerate
Stingray can release high voltage electrical discharge
Shark creates an underwater current that helps to absorb sea opponents easily.
Fuga shoots out deadly thorns. It's better not to stand in the way!

Every battle needs different strategies and tactics, be sure to use your strengths just right.


- Food is the path to success. The more a fish eats, the quicker it grows and can fight against bigger enemies.
- Employ cunning when using your special skills and abilities. Be resourceful and unpredictable in this io game!
- Collect coins, earn points, boosters and swim up the tournament table.
- Unlock new characters and learn about your new rivals.
- Invite a friend and fight with them in online PvP battles!
- Any fish can take the top spot, be it a big shark or small piranha. Take first place in the tournament table and show the little fishies who’s boss!

Everybody chooses their destiny: predator or prey!
Fish is a massively multiplayer (MMO) game released in 2017. Win the battle or be somebody’s lunch. Be an attentive, ferocious and fearless fishy!

Fish is an io type game, similar to snake but with more varied characters (skins) and more modern mechanics.

Underwater adventures and frenzied battles await!

Eat breakfast or be dinner! Start fighting for your place atop the food chain – download Fish right now for FREE! If you want to be an .io game guru, dive into Fish!

Fish is FREE to download and play with no obligations to pay.
However, some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Please note: You need an internet connection to play the .io game.

How to download Narut Ninja Council 3 Fighting APK at

Because this is a fighting game, the main idea here is to beat your opponents senseless and drain their life meters until you're the last one left standing.
This is a 2D fighter, but the arenas are as tall as they are wide, and they have multiple tiers from which you can easily jump up and down.
You can smash boxes or rocks to uncover health items and weapons that you can throw at your opponents.
Some arenas also play host to booby traps, pits, and flying debris that will chip away some of your health when you come into contact with them.
The character sprites and animations have mostly been recycled from the previous Narut Ninja Council 3 Fighting games
(which were made for the Game Advance).
But all of the backgrounds and attack cutaways are brand new.
Because they've only recently graduated from the Academy, the three feel they must give strong showings to prove themselves.
When they arrive at the exam hall, Sasuke first uses his Sharingan to dispel a genjutsu intended to discourage unqualified genin and then agrees to spar with Rock Lee.
Lee's speed and taijutsu skills impress Sasuke enough to use his Sharingan in their fight.
Although he is able to see Lee's movements better, Sasuke can't physically keep up and Lee nearly performs the Front Lotus on him.
Lee is stopped by his teacher, Might Guy, whose emotional method of punishing Lee disturbs Sasuke, Boruto, and Sakura
The backgrounds are nothing special compared to other DS games, but they're twice as large as the backdrops in the boruto's Ninja Council games.
They're also more colorful and flaunt a better variety of cute details, such as flying birds or crumbling walkways.
The action largely takes place on the top screen while the bottom screen serves as a radar and a collection of "buttons" for initiating special Jutsu techniques.
When you perform a Jutsu technique, a dramatic cutaway put together with the game's characters and hand-drawn artwork will temporarily fill both screens.
Fans of the Narut animated series will really appreciate these flashy attack sequences particularly because they employ the voices of the show's actual voice cast.
The music and sound effects that make up the rest of the audio are fine, but they're also generic and forgettable.

How to install Witze & Sprüche XXL APK at

Witze XXL

- A-Klasse Witze
- Alkohol
- Alle Kinder Witze
- Anmachsprüche
- Arztwitze
- Bauernregeln
- Beamtenwitze
- Bierwitze
- Blondinenwitze
- Bürowitze
- Bundeswehrwitze
- Chuck Norris Sprüche
- Computerwitze
- Deine Mutter Witze
- Egal Wie Witze
- Ehe
- Flachwitze
- Frauenwitze
- Fritzchenwitze
- Fußballwitze
- Gerichtswitze
- Häschenwitze
- Jägerwitze
- Kannibalen Witze
- Kellnerwitze
- Kinderwitze
- Klosprüche
- Kurze Witze
- Lehrerwitze
- Leprawitze
- Lieber als Witze
- Lustige Abkürzungen
- Männerwitze
- Mami Mami
- Mantawitze
- Musikerwitze
- Ostfriesenwitze
- Politikerwitze
- Polizisten Witze
- Raucherwitze
- Schulwitze
- Schwarzer Humor
- Sportwitze
- Studentenwitze
- Tierwitze
- Viagrawitze
- Zungenbrecher

How to install EVO VR Infinity Space War APK at

Shoot enemy ships, dodge asteroids, and fly through space tunnels in this immersive 3D, 360 degree space shooter built from the ground up for virtual reality. Made to work with all mobile VR headsets, just slide in your smartphone and start shooting! Bluetooth gamepad support for both Android and iPhone (iCade) gives you the best experience allowing you to control the ship with the gamepad and pan the area with your head movements.

- Immersive VR gameplay
- Never ending levels with increasingly difficult enemies
- Detailed 3D graphics
- Bluetooth gamepad support for Android
- Bluetooth gamepad support for iCade (iOS)
- EVO VR headset and gamepad recommended
- Checkout for the latest games, products and more.

How to download Game of Survival - Winter Hunt APK at

New features on Winter Hunt

* New Servers for playing without Connection Problem!
* Now you can cut trees for wood
* Boss fight events
* New Zombie AI
* Improved Car Driving System with new Cars
* Free Open World Multiplayer
* New crafting items

Do what you want with many other survivor players in Online zombie mode. Explore open world occupied by zombies. Find weapons, drinks, woods, metals, cloth for bandages etc.. You’ll hunt zombie from single survivor player mode to online multiplayer survival mode to play with other survivors

Begin your action pocket game on the planet with random survivors or friends in multiplayer mode
Try to survive on the unturned open world! Find different resources, use your woods, metals for craft new items and build your what you want to survive on withstandz! Watch out radiation , zombies, demons and other players to save your health and make sure you eat enough food. Make a fire to help you survive. there is also lots of new aspects of zombie survivor that make this a realistic fun open world survival game

Download this pocket survival game on your android device and play with world! You will surely have a wonderful time now on your android device in hunting zombies! This game can be played on mobile and tablet. You will require hi speed internet to play well this Game of Survival - Winter Hunt in withstandz mode.

How to download Vanguard Online - Battlefield APK at

One of the best free shooting games, with amazing and versatile fps features!Do you want to play online shooting game with tanks, planes, turrets or just your rifle! What are you waiting for? Download the game now and play with friends or other players, you will love the World War II battlefield experience on your mobile device!**One of the MOST exciting online shooting games**
Vanguard Online - WW2 is the right shooting game for you! You can play with your friends together in the same time. This is a cool gaming experience where you play against people, tanks, planes, turrets etc.. from all over the world as you showcase your skills in battlefield.
It’s a refined game where you feel like a member of the expendables 3 as you are eliminating enemies and arsenal from the map!**Multiple war game MODES**
You can choose to play in the maps and there are multiple game modes. Vanguard Online - World War 2 delivers a very good team based fighting experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the action at all times. If you love free online shooting games, then this is an online shooting game you can enjoy and it will feature amazing gameplay moments! **Take MULTIPLAYER to another level**
Not only can you chat with the other players and strategize your approach, you can also use more than a dozen weapons, vehicles and tactics to eliminate the enemies and check battlelog bar. This makes it one of the best online multiplayer shooting games. You don’t even have to go in the frontline in battleground, you can eliminating enemies from shooting range if you want.The multiplayer here is great and it allows you to be the ultimate vanguard as you lead your team to victory. The shooting games features an immersive ranking system that helps you showcase your might in front of your friends whenever you want. And if that’s not enough for you, the graphics are excellent and immersive, not to mention that you get complete movement freedom. Controls for Vanguard Online - WWII are fully optimized for the mobile devices, so rest assured that eliminating your enemies in this AAA game will be fun and fast. Not only that, it will also feel very rewarding!** Vanguard Online - WW2 LEADERBOARDS**
Want to be high on those leaderboards? Vanguard Online - WW2 is one of those fps games online that helps you do that as well and we are offering you the ability to be the ultimate warrior you wanted to be as you become the lone survivor on the frontline!** Vanguard Online - WW2 FEATURES**
* You can use tanks, planes or turrent for eliminate other soldiers.

* You can select weapons from Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Machine Gun etc..

* You can customize your joystick for better gameplay

* It is easy to be a pro player in this first person. 

* Chat with your friends and other players**Additional INFO*** You will be able to play the multiplayer fps game in two modes: join team to play mobile strike game to challenge other team, or you can play online soldier games with single status and can challenge other players playing single online.

* You can enjoy the improved graphics and enticing sound effects of this free online games!

* This free Android fps shooter online games has a rating system: You can win 1 rating when you kill. You will lose 1 rating when you die.

* Enjoy the freedom of high score: Keep your rating high to be in top soldiers list. You can follow the best players in your country and world from high score list.If you always wanted to play a great multiplayer shooter on your mobile device, your dreams are now true! Vanguard Online is a cool war game, action packed and immersive shooting game that puts the action and lots of weapons in your hands. Download the game now and harness their power, your will love the experience!
First person shooter and multiplayer war game made with Unity.

How to download Vanguard Online - Battle Royale APK at

Are you itching to engage in the best online fps and battle experiences out there? Do you want an authentic and action packed gameplay with precise tactics where you feel like a lone survivor? Vanguard Online is the right game for you! This is a cool gaming experience where you play against people from all over the world as you showcase your skills in battleground. It’s a refined game where you feel like a member of the expendables 3 as you are eliminating enemies from the map!

You can choose to play in the forest, desert or combat and there are multiple game modes to choose from. Vanguard Online Battle Royale delivers a very good team based fighting experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the action at all times. If you love free online games, then this is a online shooting game you can enjoy and it will feature amazing gameplay moments! Not only can you chat with the other players and strategize your approach, you can also use more than a dozen weapons and tactics to eliminate the enemies. You don’t even have to go in the frontline in FPS Russia, you can eliminating enemies from shooting range if you want.

The multiplayer here is great and it allows you to be the ultimate vanguard as you lead your team to victory. The online game features an immersive ranking system that helps you showcase your might in front of your friends whenever you want. And if that’s not enough for you, the graphics are excellent and immersive, not to mention that you get complete movement freedom. Controls for Vanguard Online are fully optimized for the mobile devices, so rest assured that eliminating your enemies in this AAA game will be fun and fast. Not only that, it will also feel very rewarding!

Want to be high on those leaderboards? Vanguard Online helps you do that as well and we are offering you the ability to be the ultimate badass you wanted to be as you become the lone survivor on the frontline!

Online Game Features
* Chat with your friends and other players
* More enemies you will eliminate, you will be able to unlock more weapons,
* You will be able to play the multiplayer game in two modes: join team to play mobile strike game to challenge other team, or you can play online games with single status and can challenge other players playing single online.
* Ranking System (From Private to General)
* You can select weapons from Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol,AK47 etc..
* You can play either in desert or in forest maps: huts, towers, trees, and houses for battle and hide!
* It is easy to be a pro player in this first person.
* Smooth and user friendly touch control will add extra special dynamics to this shooting game!
* You can enjoy the improved graphics and enticing sound effects of this free online games!
* In-Game Buy menu system
* This free online games has rating system: You can win 1 rating when you kill. You will lose 1 rating when you die.
* Enjoy the freedom of high score: Keep your rating high to be in top soldiers list. You can follow the best players in your country and world from high score list.

If you always wanted to play a great multiplayer shooter on your mobile device, your dreams are now true! Vanguard Online is a cool, action packed and immersive shooting game that puts the action and lots of weapons in your hands. Download the game now and harness their power, your will love the experience!

Made with Unity.

How to install Game of Survival 3 APK at

Game of Survival 3 - Open world is now available!New Features* NOW YOU CAN CRAFT YOUR HOME!
* BOSS FIGHT* New Zombie AI
* Improved Car Driving System with new Cars
* Free Open World Multiplayer
* Improved Saving System
* Arena - Defend mode
* New Server for Online Rooms
* New crafting itemsDo what you want with many other survivor players in Online mode. Explore open world occupied by zombies. Find weapons, drinks, woods, metals, cloth for bandages etc.. You’ll hunt zombie from single survivor player mode to online multiplayer server to play with other survivorsBegin your action pocket game on the planet with random survivors or friends in multiplayer mode
Try to survive on the unturned open world! Find different resources, use your woods, metals for craft new items and build your what you want to survive! Watch out radiation , zombies, demons and other players to save your health and make sure you eat enough food. Make a fire to help you survive. there is also lots of new aspects of survival that make this a realistic fun open world survival gameDownload this pocket survival game on your android device and play with world! You will surely have a wonderful time now on your android device in hunting zombies! This game can be played on mobile and tablet. You will require hi speed internet to play well this Game of Survival 3 in multiplayer mode

How to download Bloody Way - Never give Up! APK at

Bloody Way is easy to pla... NOOO IT IS HARD!!!Stay alive and complete levels as you can!
Tap the screen to mr jump. Try not to touch the traps and save your blood & glory like a pro player!Features
20+ Levels
Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful
Addictive and AA Quality GameHave a fun with zigzag mr jumps on the forrest.What are you waiting for?
Download Bloody Way for free and never give Up!

How to install Just Trap APK at


A brand new indie game presented by Windforce Games and Shimmer Studio!
The goal is helping the little girl defeat kinds of monsters like tidal! Let's enter this amazing fairy tale world!

Touch screen to help the little girl running on the map in order to avoid monsters!
Meanwhile, All kinds of traps are your helpful weapons to defend enemies.Use traps with your smart brain.

- Easy to learn,Hard to master, one finger touch game.
- Amazing graphics design
- We design monsters with imagination like toy dinosaur, toy tank and coloful blocks
- Many interesting new traps to unlock like pit trap, electric trap, pen trap, etc
- Eating candies to trigger special skills
- Unlock infinite challenge mode when finish 50 levels
- Costume system coming soon
- More Maps and levels coming soon
- Watch out! It's really hard



Support: [email protected]
Game cooperation: [email protected]

How to download Don't Bump Your Head APK at

Flap your arms and swing your way through 100 challenging rooms. Don't hit the walls or the spikes!

Can you escape without losing any limbs?

- It's 100% Free forever!
- Easy to learn, difficult to master
- Original soundtrack by Jaunter (
- Colorful and original gameplay
- Beams fun directly into your eyeballs!

How to install Block City Craft APK at

Vehicle combat, multiplayer, campaign, unlocks, cool weapons. It's all here! And constantly evolving!
+ Armed with a rocket launcher and a whole load of missiles, its up to you where you want to go and cause mayhem, all gameplay stylized with help from created cubes to a style you can feel familiar with.
+ An epic action game filled with unimaginable battles in full, 3D pixelated graphics awaits you in this wonderful but rough world where it's either kill or be killed!

How to download Is Survival War APK at

Collect blocks and level up! Upgrade your standard issue automatic weapon or unlock the New Alien Tech! Take a group of foes out with one shot using the coveted Triple Grenade Launcher! New costumes coming out regularly!
Feel the danger as you blast through three intense landscapes and enjoy amazing 3D graphics and pixel game animations. Download for FREE today and experience a classic block game for the ages.

How to download Stickman Mafia Gangster Gang Wars APK at

The action-packed grand city stickman mafia gangster is waiting for you to fulfil your dream of becoming the most wanted crime gang god father. Be the grand stickman in the grand crime city. Complete the missions of the open world as the real gangster mafia criminal. Wander around the mafia crime city. Perform the missions like the street gang robbery. Get a hold on the heavy weapons. Become the real stickman grand gangster mafia now. You are the free grand gangster in the city of sin.

Download the stickman mafia auto crime game and get the revenge of the injustice that your family has faced. This is the time to fight with the godfather of the city of sin. be the real stick figure and make the strategy to fight the enemies of the real mafia gangster gang. Show the open world that you are not afraid of any other city street crime mafia. Enjoy the open world life in the thug city of sin. All you need is to show off the skills that you possess in the mafia crime city. Let’s start the criminal gang wars with another stickman grand mafia gangster.

Start the epic gang wars now with the enemy crime lords in the thug city. Be careful as the police can approach at any point in time so don’t get busted when the police catch you, that will result in the failure of your mission. Use the heavy weapons arsenal to defeat the enemy gangster hero. This is your mafia crime city where you are the grand stickman crime gangster hero.

How to install Punctul TEDIcios APK at

Sarcina ta este sa creezi cel mai mare punct de pe plansa. Creaza-ti propriul caracter si apuca-te de joaca!

Aduna cat mai multe puncte si labute Tedi. Punctul creste si absoarbe punctele altor jucatori. Fii atent sa nu fii absorbit de competitori! Pentru a-ti mari sansele de castig, trebuie sa folosesti imbunatatirile.

Accelereaza, teleporteaza-te sau multiplica-ti numarul de puncte. Labutele lui Tedi pot fi schimbate in imbunatatiri.

In fiecare zi, primesti un cadou sau un discount. Daca vei juca in fiecare zi, primesti cadouri si discount-uri. Nu parasi ziua, in caz contrar, trebuie sa o iei de la capat.

How to install Kubuś i Kropka APK at

Stań się największą kropką na planszy!

Stwórz swoją postać, wybierając spośród różnych skórek.
Rośnij, zbieraj Kubusiowe łapki i pochłaniaj kropki innych graczy.

Nie pozwól, aby ktoś wchłonął Ciebie!
Zwiększ swoje szanse na wygraną korzystając z ulepszeń, dzięki którym możesz się teleportować do losowego miejsca na planszy, zwiększyć prędkość czy pomnożyć liczbę zgromadzonych punktów razy 2.

Zgarniaj Kubusiowe łapki i wymieniaj je na nagrody oraz super dodatki.
Podejmując cotygodniowe wyzwania, przeznaczone dla najbardziej aktywnych graczy zdobywaj ekstra nagrody

Dobra zabawa gwarantowana.
I kropka.

How to install Kapsel Run 2 Challenge APK at

Mam dla Was trochę nowości. W aplikacji pojawią się dwie nowe minigry. Żeby je odblokować musicie zebrać na trasie złoty lub srebrny kapsel.
Srebrny Kapsel otwiera grę, w której ścigacie się po drewnianych pomostach, złoty pozwala poszaleć na kajcie.
W minigrach możecie zdobyć dodatkowe diamenty wymienialne na Power Up’y lub nowe postaci.

Pośpieszcie się, Kapsel czeka!

Daj się porwać nowej grze z Kapslem w roli głównej. Czeka na Ciebie masa zmian!
Kapsel zyskał kilkadziesiąt nowych stylówek! Wybierz swoją ulubioną!
Przygotowaliśmy masę powerupów, które całkowicie zmienią rozgrywkę, w tym niektóre ściśle powiązane z super konkursami.
Rywalizuj z pozostałymi graczami i walcz o nagrody. Czeka na Ciebie ogromna masa super gadżetów!

Chcesz, żeby Twój kapsel wyglądał jak superbohater? Nic prostszego! Zbieraj kody spod etykiet Tymbarka, dzięki którym zdobędziesz diamenty. Wymienisz je na super przebrania dla Twojego bohatera lub specjalne ulepszenia!
Oczywiście w Kapsel Run 2 nie mogło zabraknąć mini gier. Znowu rozbudzisz swoje szare komórki w zabawie z hasełkami spod kapselków Tymbark.

Jest coś co sprawi, że frajda z gry jeszcze wzrośnie. Kapsel będzie pędził po piasku lub po wodzie! W nowej odsłonie możesz biec pomiędzy leżakami, pontonami i innymi przeszkodami pokonując je slalomem, skokiem lub wślizgiem.
Cześć trasy wiedzie przez spienione fale przy plaży. Tam będziesz ślizgał się na desce, dzięki której omijanie przeszkód będzie jeszcze bardziej efektowne.
Czekają na Ciebie również zmiany, które sprawią, że rywalizacja będzie jeszcze ciekawsza. Wprowadziliśmy maksymalny level, który może osiągnąć gracz. Dzięki temu szanse się wyrównają.

Kapsel Run 2 to również nowa lepsza grafika. Postaraliśmy się by gra była jeszcze atrakcyjniejsza. Zmianie uległ również interfejs, tak by stać się jeszcze bardziej przyjazny i przejrzysty. Kolejną nowością jest muzyka, która będzie umilać Ci czas spędzony z Kapslem. Zmiany dotknęły również sterowanie, przez co ruchy Kapsla są bardziej płynne, a on sam sprawniej reaguje na Twoje gesty.

Nie zwlekaj! Pobierz grę i daj się ponieść emocjom!
Kapsel i przyjaciele czekają! RUN!

How to download Sniper Strike 3D APK at

Dangerous people seized the streets. The people who created this game to intervene in the worst unrest in the city were asked to clean the city from them.

Sniper Strike 3D: fulfilling the tasks described allows to pass to more challenging levels and new weapons with the points you win allows you to test it. Blood effects in the game that is suitable for middle aged and older people and violence present. After taking aim at the enemy tried to control shots. This way you can earn more points.

Come on now download the full version of this FREE game!

How to install Crazy AA APK at

The game play is simple, a rotation ball in the center, some radiant balls surrounding it, players need to shoot radiant ball to the rotation ball one by one, but must not touch others.
As the game going, the balls will be more and more, the rotation ball may be quickly or slowly, this game become harder.
The Crazy AA has 1200 levels.

You will be relaxed, don't miss it.
Let's us know if you have any feedback.

How to install Shootout at Crime City APK at

Shootout at Crime City - One of the best action games based on crimes and criminals life.

Gangster Plot: Capture whole city by shooting and killing innocent citizen of San Andres. While unexpected dangerous chaos in the city; criminals Shooting, robbing and killing the innocents

Crime Scene Hero - You're a real street fighter, kungfu black belter just escape from getting killed by bandits. Be an angry citizen and plot a revenge against all the killers. Let it be as a beautiful city, do not turn into crime city with blood and robbery.

Freely move around the city shooting and killing all the enemies around you to kill. You can go to dance bar, strip club or weapon shop. Choice is yours.

Keep your guns ready - Load, Aim and Shoot!

How to install Real Crocodile Simulator APK at

Have you ever wanted to see the Real world through the eyes of a Crocodile? Take this huge crocodile to the Beach and see what chaos ensues.

Crawl around the huge open-world city in most realistic people and traffic system looking for your next tasty meal. Find the Hearts to stay alive. Smash into the moving cars, trucks.

**Control a HUGE 3D Crocodile
**Fast and Action Packed Gameplay
**4 Maps to Explore - Farm and Beach settings
**Swim around and eat people
**Get up on the beach and eat some more people
**Girls, Bears, Horses, Cows, Goats
**Super Fun Music
**Excellent 3D Graphics
**Plenty of fun sounds and visual effects

How to install Miami Crime Girl 2 APK at

After successful series of Miami Crime Girl now we bring you Miami Crime Girl 2 which is fulled with lot of actions, missions, car theft and lot more.

Take up the missions and be the new Mafia girl of the Miami City by whatever means. It may involve killing of your rival gang people or stealing the cars for money. Bring down all their forces on the police and find out all the secrets of evil deeds - is your major goal! Feel yourself as a very violent criminal! Possibilities are infinite in this open-world action game. Miami the liberty city offers you awesome beaches to swim, off-road tracks for rough dirt track rides and urban city to experience the luxury life.

* Mission based game
* Drive Speed boats and swim in the ocean
* Beautiful beaches of Miami
* A large variety of deadly weapons and ammo!
* Car theft!
* Destroy-able car and bike models with updated in-game physics for more realistic gameplay;
* Now you can find even a ship in-game!
* Game moved on new bigger diverse location;
* Code optimized for better fps results.

How to install Miami Crime Girl APK at

Miami Crime Girl is the best Miami Crime Simulator Game where stunning action girl is ready to take on the crime city. Steal cars everywhere in Miami Crime City. Explore the streets become a car thief and earn cash for the kill.

Establish your own Crime Empire. Earn money to purchase new guns from the gun stone. We have guns ranging from Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Machine gun.

Meet our crime girl Taylor who is out on parole after serving many years in Auto theft case. Now Taylor has only one thing in her mind is to kill as many people as possible and earn money.

* Earn money by killing pedestrian
* Realistic cop chase in the city
* Steal cars, grab the auto and earn money.
* Gun shop where you can purchase new guns
* Miami beach side where you can find girls. Meet them or shoot them choice is yours.
* Thrilling car chases in big city.
* Beautifully crafted 3D models and environment
* Realistic sounds
* Get in car and get out of car in very smooth animation

Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play.

How to download Mad Toilet APK at

This toilet is getting really MAD!

Help him to survive in the funny, happy land of poo. Collect falling poo 's and special bathroom items (toilet paper, plunger) to increase your score :)

Avoid flying angry poo monsters, rush to catch some poo and fight with monsters using cool power-ups like toilet flush.
Keep and eye on your poo meter and don't forget to catch as many bathroom objects as possible :)


- Amazing gameplay
- Variety of monsters, power-ups and bathroom items to catch
- Colorful & eye-catching graphics
- Cool music and funny sound effects

and many, many MORE :)

How to install Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018 APK at

The robot transformation driving adventure of Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018 is full of twists and turns where car transport truck driver will drive on NY City rugged terrain. Experience how it feels driving futuristic car robot, the futuristic robot in fast driving games 2018 and transport them on heavy duty multi-trailer truck. This unique Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018 will let you move through paths where you can transform your robot into car robot to experience thrilling driving in Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018. View eye-catching robot transformation in 3d transport truck game. Surely this is the test of truck driver transportation skills. Only a real transportation Big truck transport driver can handle this much load on the path. This car robot simulator game will take you to another zone where your main goal will to transport car to NY City destination in limited time. But hold on! While the scenes will attract you, you will have to drive as pro truck driver to avoid accidents and crashes. Time Management is the ultimate key to complete this truck driving car transport simulator game.

Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018 Game is one of the best transport games 2018. Futuristic robots will attack car transporter to stop transportation. To fight enemy mech robots transform futuristic transport into real robot hero and utilize your car robot transformation ability for ultimate survival. It will be a sight worth seeing how car transforms into futuristic robot making it best robot transformation games 2018. The car transport futuristic robot is highly equipped with machine guns and have missile firing ability making it the latest futuristic robot of best Simulation games 2018. The invasion of evil robots will start the futuristic robot. Real car robot transforms know how to aim and crossfire the opponent robots finishing them to bits. Be real robot superhero who use best fighting strategy because you will lose robot health resulting in level failure.

If you love Simulation packed games 2018 then download Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018 Game to enjoy real robot transformation experience where driving force in futuristic robots will engage you till the end.

Features of Car Robot Transformation Transport Simulator 2018

How to download African Lion Hunter APK at

Feel the thrill of shooting a magnificent lion as he rules his large Jungle and hunts for prey to feed himself.

Go ahead and snipe the King of all the animals in the jungle by playing African Lion Simulator.

Hunt out large man eating beasts and make them your prey.
They can smell you, so don't make any noises when you're out to get them.!

• Actual thrill of chasing down animals and shooting them.
• Amazing 3D graphics and jungle environment with Beautiful looking lions
• Many thrilling levels
• Awesome gameplay with attacking animations

How to install Wild Goat Hunter 2015 APK at

Goat Hunter is an amazing action pack shooting game in the most realistic environment. Grab your gun,aim, test your sniper skills, and don't let the goat escape. The goat might be unaware of your presence so take your best shot and become the expert shooter.

1. Rotate your gun around.
2. Use target at bottom left for zooming in.
3. Use Scope to aim the goats.
3. Tap Fire button at bottom right for shooting.

- First Person Shooting (FPS)
- Easy & Effective Touch Control.
- Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom.
- Realistic 3D Graphic & Sound Effects.
- Real-time Hunting with Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence).
- Unlimited Bullets.
- Unique and Epic Gameplay Missions.

How to download Wild Tiger Hunter 2015 APK at

Tiger Hunter Simulator is an amazing first person shooting game in 2015 that take you to an ultimate adventure in the most realistic jungle wilderness environment. Let's go hunting - grab your gun, aim, test your sniper skills, and don't let the tigers escape. The tigers might be unaware of your presence so take your best shot, take the life of tiger, and become the expert shooter.

1. Rotate your gun around.
2. Use target at bottom left for zooming in.
3. Use Scope to aim the tigers.
3. Tap Fire button at bottom right for shooting.

- First Person Shooting (FPS)
- Easy & Effective Touch Control.
- Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom.
- Realistic 3D Graphic & Sound Effects.
- Real-time Hunting with Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence).
- Unlimited Bullets.
- Unique and Epic Gameplay Missions.

How to install Dinosaur Hunter 2015 : T-Rex APK at

Dinosaur Hunter 2015 - Hunt the largest and most ferocious dinosaurs in the Jurassic world!

Dinosaurs were the one of several kinds of prehistoric reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era, the "Age of Reptails". Some dinosaurs were Carnivorous, and some dinosaurs were Herbivorous - but all the dinosaurs are dangerous.
Dinosaur Hunter is a Hunting and Survival Simulation game where you track and stalk your prey.You need to be aware of your surroundings. Its time to load your sniper gun and jump into the monsters of Jurassic world, and become a Dino hunter to take the life of most dangerous predators like Tyrannosaurus T-Rex, Carnotaurus, Velociraptors, Allosaurus, and Stegosaurus.
Remember you're not hunting deer, you're hunting dinosaurs.

- Realistic Simulator
- Huge 3D Safari Environment
- HD Graphics
- Ultimate Hunting Adventure.
- 16+ Unique Species
- 60 Epic Missions.
- Thrilling Prey Hunting Challenges.

Download the Dinosaur Hunter 2015 and go back to Jurassic age in a most realistic deadly jungle environments to hunt.
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How to install Stag Hunter 2016 : Real Deer APK at

Stag Hunter 2016 - Experience the thrill of being an actual hunter!

Stag - a male deer, especially a male red deer after its fifth year is a popular hunted Animal, during the hunting season.

Be a Wild hunter and survive in the wilderness as long as you can. Grab you gun, aim, and don't let the animals escape. Also protect yourself and fight against fierce predators like Deer, Zebras, Boars, Foxes, Wolves, Hippos, Rhinos, Bears, Gorillas, Elephants, Panthers, Jaguars, Cheetahs, tigers and Lions. The animals might be unaware of your presence so take your best shot and become the expert shooter!

- Realistic Simulator
- Huge 3D Safari Environment
- HD Graphics
- Ultimate Hunting Adventure.
- 15+ Unique Species
- 60 Epic Missions.
- Thrilling Prey Hunting Challenges.

Download the Stag Hunter 2016 to experience the life of the hunter.
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How to install After Us APK at

You have one goal.....Survive!
The most exciting zombie shooter has arrived! Shoot your way through a city filled with infected now with MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT!

How many days do you think you can survive?!

Game Features:

- Multiplayer!
* Team Deathmatch
* Free for all
- Tons of Weapons
- Tons of Characters
- Tons of Zombies
- Tons of Awesomeness
- Awesome Graphics
- Regular map Updates

Let us know what you think!
on Facebook:
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How to install Hood Fighter Ghetto Brawl APK at

Hood fighter Ghetto Brawl is a killer fighting game where ghetto thugs, gangsters and criminals fight to death. There is a meeting in the streets of the hood where fighters brawl. They will fight in a very rough and violent way. Use punches and kicks to make the perfect hit combo. You have to be ready for the battle with hood fighters.


+Boxer will knockout every opponent.
+Ghetto boy is a mma and jiu jitsu master.
+Bully girl is very dangerous.
+Wrestler is the king of the ring.


+Hoods from america.
+Ghettos from europe

Kicks and punches, fire balls and mega combos. Don´t hesitate and download this extremely brutal street hood fighting game.

MIGA Games 2016

How to download Avenger : Superhero Fighting Games APK at

This time city really needs Superheroes to Fight against Super Villains. Do you like Superheroes Fighting Games? So, get ready to fight as a superhero because this is a marvelous place to show your fighting skills. The greatest avenger battles in history are in your hands! You can spend enjoyable minutes with your Superhero Avenger with quality combat skills.

It's time to start a war between your superhero & super villains in this fighting game. This game is specially created for superheroes fighting games fans. Join the top superheroes of avengers to fight against other super villains.
Play as your favorite avenger superhero in this superhero vs super villain’s fighting game. Get Ready to play superhero avenger fighting game. 

Get control of your Superhero and defeat the villains badly in this Superhero fighting game. It’s about futuristic infinity war game where you are going to experience best skills for superhero fighting games. Use unique fighting styles and show combat skills, superpowers, and avenger’s skills. 

Features of Super Heroes: Avengers Fighting games
• Magical superpower.
• Multiple characters.
• Stop an invasion and struggle invaders army alone.
• Be a guardian of this city and face off against villains.
• Realistic fighting Environments, and effects.
• Use multiple combat skills.

Work together with police to make this city a better place, join superhero’s team and put your tactical mind to test against villains across the open-world. Prove your skills as Superhero Fighter! Download Superhero Avenger: Fighting Game now!
Finally available on Google Play for FREE!

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How to download 崩壊学園【本格横スクロールアクションゲーム】 APK at













Android OS 4.0以上




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How to install Beer Wars APK at

You are taking part in a beer competition. You are given 25 seconds and you must drink as much beer as possible! Your goal is to click as fast as you can on the beer glass. When a star appears on the screen, hit it for bonus like extra time or extra glass of beer..!

Who will be the faster? Let the competition begin..!

How to download Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS Shooting Game 3D APK at

Download Now For Free Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS Shooting Game 3D is the best shooting where the user needs to take part in Military Combats and Warfare. Trap the army in an Ambush, pick them as a hostage and try to get useful information from them. The user has to perform as a professional City Sniper Shooter or Contract Killer, these mission need extra care and delicacy as most of these mission feature war against terrorist and mobsters. The game offers the most challenging missions where user skill will be tested to the extreme. Protect the country from invaders and use the best shooting skills as a Frontier Sniper. The user needs to serve the army as a Sniper Assassin Commando so user must have advance sniper rifles. Serve the secret intelligence agency and become a professional Hitman. Some missions also involves extreme weather conditions where user needs to invade military bases and hit the target from Mountain like a Mountain Sniper.

Hit the military convoy Take down military logistics and settlements like:

How to download Sniper Shoot : Kill Commando Fury Combat Game 3D APK at

Sniper Shoot : Kill Commando Fury Combat Game 3D is a FPS War Based Arcade 3D Shooting Game where the user has to invade enemy territories and reclaim the control area by taking out maximum number of soldiers. The missions are supposed to be intense so user should keep himself calm and super alert to face any form of challenge. User will be playing leading Commando whose prime responsibility is to lead the army into the Battlefield Combat. User will be invading base camps in dessert as the leading Dessert Sniper. In City War the user has to play the role of Professional City Sniper Contract Hiter, become the best Hitman to make a name for yourself. The game provides ultra-realistic user experience with advanced weaponry. Destroy various terrorist settlements and logistics and get into the extreme fight where each and every battle is tense and dangerous. Become the ultimate shooter and take down every single terrorist in the enemy camp. Follow the instructions with detailed map find the enemies.

The user will be given the task to invade various military base camps and destroys military settlements like:

How to install Bots Car Driving : Transform War Fighting Game 3D APK at

Download For Free

Bots Car Driving Transform War Fighting Game 3D is the best car racing and fighting game in combine as the year 2088 has arrived and earth is invaded with robots. There are good and evil robots and you have to decide which side are you on. Save the earth or destroy it even more it’s your choice, use your mega power and join peace army to take evil robots down and send them back to the galaxy from they belong to. Have the super-fast robo car to drive and reach at the destination in no time. Use the turbo boost and nitro booster and race like a jet plane. Defeat Mega Robots in sword fight and missile system battle, fire the robo cars and make them explode. Save the civilians and children and rescue them to safer point and fight until these evil mega evil bots retreat and travel back to their galaxy once and for all. Fight against other battle robots where you will change into robot man and you have to battle them and finish them to get access to next level.

After reaching the destination transform car into robo and fight against evils in this battle of survival so save the earth from these evils and don’t let anyone bring the destruction to earth. Take control of the robot hero in the age of robot transformation to save the mankind from the havoc & destruction of the grand robot battle. Transform Game will take you on an epic battle quest to fight with monster robots, you will enjoy the advanced weaponry and master the transforming abilities of super robots in this brand new addition of cars. This is a new kind of robot war games where you will feel like in future because of this new robot fighting games with new Combat Style. This brilliant robot war games will definitely give you the pro practice of best car robot. Robot shooting is going on to finish evil robotic forces in survival war. It’s time to fightback by shooting and killing the x-ray robots as a mech robot warrior. You can fire missiles and ultimate machine fire shots.

Let’s explore some amazing features of the game:

How to install Amazing Rope Hero APK at

Amazing Spider Rope Hero.

Join in to Amazing Rope Hero to act as a defender of the people and use weapons of high level to eliminate enemies. As soon as you enter this free 3D crime world game, you will be given a list of missions to complete. Explore the crime city that is full of gangs and aggressive criminals. Become a superhero citizen, as a standard of pure law and justice, or come to the city as a new icon. Fighting crime is not easy and not every man in the world can handle it. But you are the chosen one who are able to carry out this mission.

Be the top action master to seize and save the cities from all the criminals. Become a new guardian of this Universe in this open-world adventure. Non-stop action, unlimited challenges, great simulation for superheroes. Master all the abilities and become the unstoppable flying havoc. Amazing adventure is waiting for you! Smash your enemies! Try the advanced rope dynamics, now it’s also your deadly endless weapon.

Game Features:
1. Most action packed missions.
2. Unlock and upgrade 5 super hero suits.
3. Incredible super abilities: Climb the walls, jump on the roofs of buildings!
3. Fly above the city and feel the freedom of actions.
4. Upgrade your skills to become an amazing ropes master.

How to download Gangster Crime Auto APK at

Welcome to the world of crime games ! In this game, you will be the real gangsters. You need build up your criminal world in the big city. This gangster crime auto shows you all aspects of the criminal life. The gameplay involves different shooting and killing plots, where you can kill cops and mafia persons. You have all the modern weapons in your inventory. You can freely move in the open world and attack on ordinary citizens and hit policeman steals different kinds of vehicles and become a super villain.

In this real crime game, grab your sniper shooter rifle and spare no mercy on ruthless citizens. As you go move to higher levels, missions as the game becomes more interesting and you become a real gangster. You have to choose the best technique for crimes or robbery to complete your challenging missions. Do not stop yourself to allow your neighbors a chance to fight back. Runaway in the car, drive it off to escape and beat the chase with police.

It's time to show everyone who’s boss by shooting rivals and ruling the streets as a gangster. Are you waiting for fights, shootout with policeman, chase, race? Get this city under your firm grip and make sure you own the town. Attack and shoot to kill the security, policeman, and citizens in town with your assault rifle and plan a perfect robbery in mafia city. Be brave and courageous. Shoot or get shot. Are you a fan of the crimes simulation game? Then try this Gangster Crime Auto.

Game Features:
- Free to play.
- 10+ weapons.
- Lots of guns to upgrade.
- 20 different missions.
- Beautiful graphics.
- Smooth controls.
- Realistic physics.
- The realistic atmosphere of the gangster.

Drive theft cars, shoot your enemies down with heavy guns. Do your best and much more in this grand city. Download Gangster Crime Auto now to have the best experience!

How to install Crime Simulator 2017 APK at

Crime Simulator 2017 welcomes you to the city of criminals and gangs. You are provided the unique opportunity to become a super villain. You have to face gun fights with bandits, police chase and tricky missions. Police officers and gangsters in this city don’t like you and will try to shoot you at sight. Collect money for new weapons and stay on the war path. There's no stop to the action as you run, drive, shoot, kill and steal cars from people and police officers.

You can see whatever you like to see in this big free open world 3D Crime Simulator 2017 game.

Game Features:

1. Upgrade finest guns to shoot.
2. Complete all missions in given time.
3. Car theft adventures full of villains.
4. Upgrade your skills and weapons like guns, knifes.
5. Be a theft and roam around the crime city and kill all
6. Realistic 3D effects.
7. This is the best version of Grand Vice Crime City. Play all the best things and much more in this grand game. Try now!

How to install Gangster Crime Run APK at

The Gangster Crime Run provides a fantastic track to complete without dying tiil the end in an open world. Jump, destroy and run along the path to find coins, cross all the surprising obstacles on the track and finish the missions by locating the end base in vice city. Don't stop running and complete all missions in time but avoid falling otherwise you will die by hitting the ground. In this open world, the grand goal of the game is to pass through all levels alive, complete missions and reach the maximum score. You gotta keep running to be a winner in this free game.

Gangster Crime Run features:

1. Realistic 3D open world experience of sky line and ground.
2. Roll, hop, grand jump and destroy items to find coins.
3. Fantastic missions to complete within auto time.
4. Feel the rush by running on the maze path and be a theft.

How to install Crime City Simulator 2017 APK at

In Crime City Simulator 2017, follow the map and complete all the missions given to you. Steal and drive car, motorcycles, helicopters and even planes. Rob banks, offices and shoot or kill pedestrians, police to loot money. Be careful before robbing a police, otherwise he will chase and shoot you till you die. Experience the life of being the most wanted man in this crime-city.


1. Huge realistic 3D open world.
2. Car theft adventures in a large city full of villains.
3. Upgrade your skills and weapons like guns, knifes.
4. Be a theft and roam around the crime city and kill all
5. Drive car, bikes, cycles, planes, helicopters and many others to choose from.
6. You can beat, punch and shoot police officers but don't caught by police.

Play this new version of Crime City Simulator 2017.

How to install Miami Crime Games - Gangster City Simulator APK at

Love Crime games, you will love this Miami Gangster Vice City Simulator. Play the best version of Miami Crime City Simulator which welcomes you to the world of crime games.

Shoot ordinary citizens and steal cars from them. But be careful before you shoot a police officer, he will pull the trigger, chase you in the gta gangster city and kill you. Complete the tasks which has given to you within time.

A classic gta vice city style crime game revolves around shooting and killing enemies, take your gun, aim and shoot.

Be a real gangster and steel all you can. Survive as far as you can in the world full of danger. Join different Gangs and become Huge with lots of power to attack other gangsters. Play many challenging levels with different and multiple mission to complete in each. When in danger, the easy way to escape is the steal a car or van and run away from the scene.

Explore all the hot spots and finish missions.

1. Choose guns from store: Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns.
2. A clear map view of Miami city to complete your crime games.
3. Rob banks, stores and collect money as much as possible in this miami crime simulator game.

Game Features :

- Free to Play!
- Huge open world Map.
- Amazing 3D Graphics.
- Lots of guns to upgrade.
- Customize your character.
- Buy luxury cars.
- Smooth game controls.

Install Cheats for Miami Crime Simulator 3D a gta vice city type game for free, you are waiting for an incredible adventure.

How to download Rogue Soul 2: Side Scrolling Platformer Game APK at

The sequel of the amazing side-scrolling platformer Rogue Soul is finally here as Rogue Soul 2: Side Scrolling Platformer Game. Slash your way across the land in this amazing running game. New enemies, loot, environments, skills, bosses, upgrades, challenges, skins... and so much more! Everything you were waiting for is now in the game.

Did you enjoy stepping into the shoes of a most wanted bandit? Well you can do it all over again with Rogue Soul 2! Your mission isn’t to protect the weak and defenceless, nothing you do is selfless, the only thing that counts is stealing equipment, getting new objects and improving your reputation as an infamous bandit and robber. Learn new fighting techniques as you go, get your hands on dozens of weapons and pieces of armour, pick up strange objects on the black market and personalise your character’s look.

How to play Rogue Soul 2: Side Scrolling Platformer Game:
⚔ Use arrow keys to move
⚔ Use action button to slide or throw

DownloadRogue Soul 2: Side Scrolling Platformer Game now. Let's loot, gold, loot, treasure and more loot is what you're interested in. Run through a big fantasy world, defeating enemies and monsters, evading traps, collecting riches and upgrading your equipment to legendary levels!

How to download Jack blacksmith: Cool Crafting Game APK at

Jack is the craftiest donkey in all the land. In Jack blacksmith: Cool crafting game, you are a blacksmith crafting a wide range of weapons for all of your warriors. Crafting weapons is completely hands-on. Choose your ore, choose your mold, melt it, pour it, construct it, and design it.

Whether it's swords, bows, arrows, axes, or others things, you'll need skills and strategy to make the perfect weapon. After crafting, it's off to battle with your team of warriors. As they fig