How to install Drum Tiles APK at

Drum tiles is a more addictive game than piano tiles.
Only two fingers are necessary to play the game.
Please concentrate on tapping the tiles fast.
Try to challenge the speed limit.
Try to compete with your friends and your hands.
Once you start playing the drum tile, you will see yourself playing it over and over again.
If you are a drummer playing real drums, you can practice strokes anytime and anywhere with drum tiles.
Now you can practice your drum basics like single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles with drum tiles in your spare time.

Characteristic :
1. It is simpler than piano tiles and a highly addictive game.
2. A great time killer.
3. Drum stroke practice effect such as single stroke, double stroke, paradiddles.
4. When you concentrate on tapping quickly, your mind will melt.
5. Match hand speeds with your friends.
6. Compete with players from all over the world on Leaderboards.
7. Share your score with your friends.

Game Rules :
Tap the black square tiles, not white square tiles.
This is the only rule.

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How to install Soy Luna Piano Tiles APK at

Soy Luna Piano Tiles game is a piano game with special Karol Sevilla Piano songs and music.

You can play the Soy Luna Piano Tiles here, as well as to entertain yourself and those around you, Enjoy the Karol Sevilla Piano music, calm yourself, and train your finger speed in this piano tiles game.

Soy Luna Piano Tiles game is very fun. Beautiful music with:
- Te Vas
- Alas
- Footloose
- Como Me Ves
- Valentina Zenere
- I'd Be Crazy
- Camino

Enjoy this Soy Luna (Karol Sevilla) piano music and songs, and train your finger speed on the piano game tiles, with an attractive and interactive look so you do not feel bored in playing it.

This app is made for Soy Luna Piano fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. This app is mainly for entertainment and for all Soy Luna Piano fans to enjoy these Soy Luna Piano app.

How to download Panda Piano Tiless 2019 APK at

Panda Piano Tiles 2019;
A new game with challenging levels of piano online!

You are interested in music games? You have a strong passion to become a piano games champion? You want to enjoy hot songs and top hits 2019?

Panda Piano Tiles 2019 is the best choice for you!

How to play Panda Piano Tiles 2019: By tapping on the black tiles as quickly as possible (try not to touch outside) will form a pleasant rising and falling pattern of sounds and make a perfect songs.

New features in Panda Piano Tiless:
* Over 100 new trending songs 2019 (updated every week)
* Wonderful HD graphics and new designs
* The perfect mix of harmonious songs

Enjoy Panda Piano Tiles 2019 and feel all awesome top songs!

How to download STD Tap APK at

Application is inspired by the song "Sakitnya tuh disini" popularized by CITA CITATA, show how hurt you are by tapping the image heart at the right bar ...

How to install Klakson Telolet APK at

Bagi anda pecinta klakson telolet bus sekarang Anda dapat mendengarkan bunyi klakson telolet di hp android kamu melalui aplikasi ini. Dalam aplikasi ini ada banyak koleksi suara klakson telolet bus atau truk.
Aplikasi yang kami desain ini sangat sederhana dan ringan sehingga memudahkan pengguna untuk memainkan klakson telolet.

How to download Hologram Guitar 3D Bas APK at

This guitar has six strings, and with their help, you can come up with and create your own melody. Run the application and you see all the strings you need to create your own tunes. Play your friends using the virtual hologram guitar. The app uses your phone's camera, to achieve the best effect. To better draw their friends, they have to look directly into the phone's screen, so they seemed like a real hologram. Please note, this application is not able to project a real hologram, because the phones are not capable of such an effect. The application is a hoax, and created solely for entertainment purposes. Play the virtual strings, and create their own tunes.

How to download Granny Piano Tiles APK at

Lets play game scary Granny Horror Piano Tiles if you love piano tiles and tap games.
Disclaimer : music mp3 in this piano just cover piano not original song of Granny.

How to download Jazz Smash APK at

Tap to Smash!
Hit everything and enjoy the sweet music of destruction
Level up to unlock more items and new bats

How to install Music Quiz - Love Edition APK at

The world's most popular music quiz has finally arrived in your country in the Love edition!

The concept is simple. It's just like 'name that tune': listen to the song extract and find the name of the song or artist! How many will you recognize?

A fun and addictive version of name that tune !


Play with your lover with this Music Quiz Love edition !
- Hundreds of love songs !
- Guess the tittle from Justin Timberlake to Alicia Keys or Barry White !
- Compare your level with players around the world!

Tons of songs!

Can you find all the songs? Some levels seem too easy? Do not worry, the next ones will be more difficult :)

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How to install Şarkı Bil - Sesli APK at

- Şarkı Bil onlarca Türkçe Pop şarkıyı tahmin etmeye çalışacağınız eğlenceli ve bedava bir müzik kelime oyunudur.

- Oyunun mantığı çok basit, size dinletilen şarkının ismini tahmin edin ve altta verilen karışık harflerle şarkının ismini oluşturun.

- Bilemediyseniz üzülmenize gerek yok. İpucu tuşumuzu kullanarak kazandığınız altınlarla ister harf satın alabilir isterseniz tüm yanlış harfleri eleyip kalan harflerden şarkıyı tahmin edebilirsiniz.

- Eğer müzik dinlemeyi seviyor ve pop dünyasını takip ediyorsanız bu oyun tam size göre. Üstelik Bedava!

How to download Şarkı Sözü Tamamla - Sesli APK at

- Şarkı sözü tamamla içinde onlarca Türkçe Pop şarkı var. Şarkı bi anda bitecek ve devamını yazmanı isteyecek. Bakalım şarkının devamını yazabilecek misin?

- Oyunun mantığı çok basit, size dinletilen şarkı kesildikten sonra devamını tahmin edin ve altta verilen karışık harflerle şarkının ismini oluşturun.

- Bilemediyseniz üzülmenize gerek yok. İpucu tuşumuzu kullanarak kazandığınız altınlarla ister harf satın alabilir isterseniz tüm yanlış harfleri eleyip kalan harflerden şarkının kalanını tahmin edebilirsiniz.

- Eğer müzik dinlemeyi seviyor ve türkçe pop dünyasını takip ediyorsanız bu oyun tam size göre. Üstelik Bedava!

How to install DJ Music for dancing skeleton APK at

You becomes a dancing skeleton and play DJ the music according to your taste in music
DJ Music xxxx is a very good Application for fun. It lets you show your talent in front of your friends. It will also develop your DJ skill and dancing skill . This application is very enjoyable for you.
Powerful party-proof virtual turntable for DJs which enables you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music in the palm of your hands with skeletons. Designed to be user friendly, social and responsive like music, you now have the keys to mix your music and rule the party.
- More Effects, DJ, mixes
- Excellent layout
- Easy to use by tapping and touch
- Easy to choise music
- More effects and music will be added soon in the furture.
* Skeleton Dancing on stage to entertain you
* Lighting Environment on background , music party and dancing skeleton doing a performance for you play DJ music
* Different style and movement of Skeleton
* You can play DJ Music (mixer) and control (mix) music for dancing skeleton according to you choice just give him a click.
* Skeleton starts dancing when you want to end the party
* The Skeleton in different positions to get more entertainment

Rejoice and Dance Music with DJ dancing skeleton. Fun....
We want to hear from you!
Please send questions about [email protected]

How to download Rhythm N Joy - Sahabat Cinta APK at

Rhythm N Joy adalah Social Game yang memadukan Music, Fashion, dan Dance terkini dan FREE-TO-PLAY (Main Gratis)!

Bosan cuma dengerin musik tapi gak ngapa-ngapain?
Mau nge-dance tapi gak punya skill?
Gak pede untuk tampil di depan umum?
Masih pake media sosial biasa buat nyari teman dan gebetan?

Di Rhythm N Joy kamu bisa dengerin musik yang kamu suka sambil nge-dance rame-rame!
Mode permainan yang sangat interaktif dengan iringan lagu-lagu paling update!
Buat blog pribadimu sendiri dan jadilah bagian dari komunitas paling keren se-Indonesia!
Upload foto dan share profil-mu buat dapetin temen atau gebetan!

Download dan mainkan sekarang!

> Download, install dan langsung bisa main!

♫ Mini Blog Pribadi ♫
> Update status dan raih Like serta Comment dari teman-teman!

♫ Mode Permainan Interaktif ♫
> Melatih kecepatan dan ketepatan tanganmu menekan Keynote!

♫ Lagu-lagu Paling Update ♫
> Main makin nikmat dengan iringan lagu-lagu terbaru!

♫ Koleksi Avatar-Avatar Lucu ♫
> Tampil stylish dengan kostum-kostum paling keren!

♫ Chat dan Mainkan ♫
> Main bareng teman-temanmu, atau chatting seru lewat Messenger!

♫ Adu Skor dengan Teman-Temanmu ♫
> Tampil eksis di Ranking Mingguan dengan skor dan popularitas tertinggi!

Rhythm N Joy sangat asik untuk dimainkan sendiri ataupun bersama keluarga, teman, dan gebetan.
Kapan lagi bisa berinteraksi sosial sambil bermain game dengan fitur-fitur spesial seperti berikut:

❃ Game Mode ❃
Kombinasi perkusi dengan ritme yang bervariasi membuat permainan menjadi dinamis!
❃ Komunitas Sosial ❃
Semakin dekat dengan teman-teman dan keluarga dengan cara baru!
❃ Guild ❃
Bangun komunitas paling populer bersama teman-temanmu!
❃ Couple ❃
Temukan gebetanmu dan mainkan Rhythm N Joy bersama sampai ke tahap Wedding!
❃ Rhythm Catcher ❃
Tes keberuntunganmu untuk mendapatkan item langka. Mulai dari Profile Background, Avatar, Wing, dan Pet yang lucu!

Rhythm N Joy memerlukan koneksi Internet untuk bisa dimainkan.

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Diskusikan apapun mengenai Rhythm N Joy di:

Pernyataan privasi:
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Syarat dan ketentuan:

How to download Finger KTV OL APK at

Music rhythm category.The game has clicked, slide, hold down operations.The game screen customization by track.
You can use headphone to get better gameplay.

How to install Poo Fart Piano APK at

Funny Poo fart piano will certainly make you laugh :)
Play your favourite happy tunes and enjoy this funny virtual piano instrument :)

Share it with your friends and play together some crazy tunes with fart sounds :)

- 2 piano modes available : standard & professional
- awesome graphics with poo monsters as keys :)
- funny farts sounds :D
- free to play and download

Perfect parody instrument for everyone :) :)

Have fun :)

How to install Free Kids Musical Instruments APK at

Welcome to free kids musical instruments application, powered by MickyAppz. Let kids play and enjoy musical instruments like piano, xylophone, drums and shaky toys. This kids toys helps to play virtual musical instruments with clean and neat graphics and original sounds.

Kids musical instruments makes sound effects which is the exact sounds of kids toys and kids would love it. It is quite simple to use and its very useful for parents to make the small kids to stop crying. The provided toys sounds makes the kids happy and make a sweet smile.

This music toy application will to save money rather than buying more baby toys.


♛ Realistic instruments sounds
♛ Nice graphics for kids
♛ Easy navigation

Instruments included are:

Kids piano is coming with colorful graphics keys which be a real fun for kids, piano comes with multi-touch feature and it will be more easy to use.

Kids Xylophone is very attractive musical instruments for kids make then play nice music with their own hands with a simple touch.

Kids drums give 3 drums with a cymbal makes the kids an excellent drum-mist.

Shaking toys -This application provides 4 shaking gesture featured toys such as Maracas, Shake drums, Yellow duck and hand shake baby toys.

Follow us


EMAIL:- [email protected]



If this app is not working properly especially in sound problem, please make sure that your mobile media volume is mute or not.

How to download Simple Drum Kit Rock APK at

Simple Drum Kit Rock is a free application for Android that simulates a real drum on your mobile/tablet screen.

To play it, just drumming your fingers on the pads of the drums and the sound is played simultaneously.

Let's played drums in an easy way! Do it with real drum pads. True electro drums pad.

Simple Drum Kit Rock the insanely realistic drum app you can take anywhere.
Choose from multiple drum sets, Rock, Metal, Jazz, and 24 rock solid jam tracks.
Even beat to your favorite song on your device.

Have fun and enjoy the amazing experience of playing rock and drumming with this multitouch acoustic drum kit simulator. Play this game with your fingers (as it they were sticks) on your mobile phone or tablet. This drum set game is free, it has fast response, and includes different sound bank sets recorded with studio quality.

Soyez une légende du tambour et profitez de l'expérience étonnante du percussion avec le simulateur de kit de batterie acoustique gratuit. Jouez ce jeu avec vos doigts (car ils étaient des bâtons) sur les patins de votre téléphone mobile ou tablette. Il a une réponse instantanée et comprend différents ensembles de banques de sons enregistrés avec la qualité du studio.

les tambours de luxe Simple sont livré avec 5 pairs de batteries complètement différentes
et avec 40 Rock, Métal, le Blues et des pistes Jazz jam !
Vous pouvez aussi jouer vos pistes MP3
Tout simplement en tapant sur le bouton de lecture et en choisissant MP3, puis en sélectionnant des pistes sur votre appareil

Simple Drums Rock est une application de batterie gratuite, amusante et réaliste pour smartphone et tablettes.
Cet ensemble est livré avec 40 pistes. Vous pouvez également jouer de la batterie avec d'autres fichiers mp3

A fun, light and easy to use application. Ideal for those who want to study or play drumming without making much noise or taking up much space. You do not need to know drumming, Drum comes with 60 lessons rhythms with the tutorial for you to learn to play.

Record your songs and show them to your friends later. Play music loud with a headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo: Rock! is designed for everyone: children, percussionists, musicians, drummers...

- Support Multi-touch.
- 25 realistic percussion sounds.
- 24 jam tracks.
- 3 different real drum set.
- Reverb FX, Hall & Room.
- Animated effects.
- Realistic graphics.
- Simple and easy to use.
keywords :
bass cowbell double drum drummers experience fingers haptic improvisations latency later multitouch percussionists play record repeat reverb rock simulates snare synthesizer tactile touch your button cymbal drum hall importantly jam jazz kits multi-pads percussion play presents realistic response reverb rock simple sound support tapping touch tracks tweak volume button cymbal drum hall importantly jam jazz kits multi-pads percussion play presents realistic response reverb rock simple sound support tapping touch tracks tweak volume

How to install the magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 APK at

the magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 is a happy and simple game... The girls favorite color is Gold. so we have developed special piano games
for girls.the magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 games for girls
No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!
the magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 is very easy to play. The rule is simple. Tap on the piano black tiles continuously to play the music. Watch out for the white tiles and never miss any piano black tiles to complete every song!
Come play! improve your reflex!
Play the best Piano Tiles on 2018 on your Android device NOW! for FREE!
the magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 is 2018 best and free games.
This is a super fun Piano Tiles and highly addictive game suited for everyone best game 2018.
all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers
Now, your dream can become true with the magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 you can play your favorite romance songs: so as Violin Tiles and Guitar Tiles Romance Piano Tiles is the latest game of piano hit music to take Android by storm. In this game,
even a child can play classical and romantic songs as a true piano master...
we add these keywords to simple search :
bangs challenge cheetah cooperation game handspeed HTTP mode mutual piano players privacy progress protocol publishing_cmplay ranking simplicity sincerely site taking tap thrill tiles top tos amazing awesome blah game love more piano think tiles you amazing awesome blah game love more piano think tiles you
la magia Gold Piano Tiles 2018 es un juego feliz y simple ... El color favorito de las chicas es el oro. así que hemos desarrollado juegos de piano especiales
para niñ magia Gold Piano Tiles 2018 juegos para niñas
No se necesitan habilidades especiales, todo lo que este juego te pide es una mente atenta y dedos rápidos.
la magia Gold Piano Tiles 2018 es muy fácil de jugar. La regla es simple. Toca las fichas negras del piano continuamente para reproducir la música. ¡Ten cuidado con los azulejos blancos y nunca te pierdas ningún mosaico negro piano para completar cada canción!
la magie Gold Piano Tiles 2018 est un jeu simple et joyeux ... La couleur préférée des filles est l'or. donc nous avons développé des jeux de piano spéciaux
pour les filles.les jeux de Magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 pour les filles
Aucune compétence particulière requise, tout ce jeu vous demande un esprit attentif et des doigts rapides!
le Magic Gold Piano Tiles 2018 est très facile à jouer. La règle est simple. Tapez sur les tuiles noires du piano en continu pour jouer de la musique. Méfiez-vous des carreaux blancs et ne manquez jamais de carreaux de piano noir pour compléter chaque chanson!
Das magische Gold Piano Tiles 2018 ist ein fröhliches und einfaches Spiel ... Die Lieblingsfarbe der Mädchen ist Gold. Deshalb haben wir spezielle Klavierspiele entwickelt
für Mädchen.die Magie Gold Piano Tiles 2018 Spiele für Mädchen
Keine besonderen Fähigkeiten benötigt, all dieses Spiel fragt von Ihnen ist ein aufmerksamer Geist und schnelle Finger!
Die Magie Gold Piano Tiles 2018 ist sehr einfach zu spielen. Die Regel ist einfach. Tippen Sie kontinuierlich auf die klavierschwarzen Kacheln, um die Musik abzuspielen. Achten Sie auf die weißen Kacheln und verpassen Sie keine Piano Black Fliesen, um jeden Song zu vervollständigen!
Wir fügen diese Schlüsselwörter zur einfachen Suche hinzu:
Pony Herausforderung Gepard Zusammenarbeit Spiel handgespeed HTTP-Modus gegenseitige Klavier Spieler Privatsphäre Fortschritt Protokoll Publishing_cmplay Ranking Einfachheit aufrichtig Website nehmen tippen Thrill Kacheln Top-tos erstaunliche ehrfürchtige Blabla Spiel Liebe mehr Klavier denken Fliesen Sie erstaunliche blab Spiel Liebe mehr Klavier denken Fliesen Sie
nous ajoutons ces mots clés à une recherche simple:
bangs défi guépard coopération jeu handspeed mode HTTP mutuel joueurs de piano confidentialité protocole de progrès publishing_cmplay classement simplicité sincèrement

How to download happy magic Piano APK at

happy magic piano game is for those of us who loves to listen to Beethoven, bach and Mozar, who admire a good pianno player, and who apreciate arts in general
happy magic piano is a super fun Piano Tiles and highly addictive game suited for everyone best game 2018.
this game requires no special skills only some spare time and the passion to produce some lovely notes. this game is best played in a quiet place using headphones

Game features:
1. the more achievements you finish the more diamonds and coins you get
2.Master's challenge kicks off! Reach the peak experience of speed challenge.
3.Enjoy a brand-new level of sound quality
4.There are differnt sets of albums and songs of various styles.
5.You can add songs to your favorite, play both classical and pop music to enrich your playing experience.
6.New interface and new song lists make it easier to choose songs.
7.Compete with friends and global players
10.Brand new slider tile gamplay brings you more exciting gaming experiences.
how to play:
Tap on the black tiles while listening to music. hiting the white ones will cause you to lose the game! the speed will increase over time. Hurry now! Enjoy classical and pop music,
challenge your friends, improve your tapping speed!. Compete with your friends and speed up your fingers!
Happy magic Piano c'est le hit du monde, joué des millions de joueurs mondiaux, happy magic Piano aura bientôt son 1er anniversaire.
happy magic Piano se situe toujours parmi les premiers comme il est simple, exigeant et excitant.

Jouez dès aujourd'hui à votre meilleur jeux Happy magic Piano gratuitement et sans internet sur mobile ! - Un des meilleurs gratuit
nouveaux jeux 2018 !
C’est l' un des jeu spécial dans différents genres de jeux de piano c’est aussi l’un des jeux piano tres populaires qui a chansons
piano de haute qualité et un gameplay magnifique.
C’est similaire aux autres jeux piano, il suffit de taper les carreaux noirs et d’éviter les carreaux blanches. C'est tout !
Spielen Sie heute Ihre besten Happy Magic Piano Spiele kostenlos ohne Internet auf dem Handy! - Eine der besten kostenlosen
  neue Spiele 2018!
Dies ist eines der besonderen Spiele in verschiedenen Arten von Klavierspielen, es ist auch eines der sehr populären Klavierspiele, die Lieder hat
  Hochwertiges Piano und wunderschönes Gameplay.
¡Juega hoy mismo tus mejores juegos de Happy Magic Piano sin internet en el móvil! - Uno de los mejores gratis
  juegos nuevos 2018!
Este es uno de los juegos especiales en diferentes tipos de juegos de piano, también es uno de los juegos de piano muy populares que tiene canciones
  Piano de alta calidad y una jugabilidad hermosa.
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How to install Piano Tiles 4 APK at

Piano Tiles 4 brings you the latest songs in piano, play the music and experience the magic.

Download Piano Tiles 4 Now.

How to install Gendang + Lagu Dangdut APK at

Cover Musik Yang anda sukai
default lagu nya via vallen
- sayang
- bojo galak
- lali rasane
- jaran goyang
- tiada guna

How to download Gendang Kulit Koplo APK at

Gendang Merupaka Pengiring Musik , Baik musik dangdut atau yang lain, Gendang ini sangat simpel dan gampang di mainkan

How to install Kendang Sunda APK at

Kendang adalah salah satu waditra karawitan yang berbentuk tabung terbuat dari kayu dengan tutup tabung dari kulit binatang. Dalam pertunjukan kesenian sunda, seperti pertunjukan wayang golek, kliningan, pencak silat, ketuk tilu, degung, celempungan, calung, sisingaan, jaipongan, serta bajidoran, kendang berperan penting dalam pengaturan irama lagu. Hal ini disebabkan karena kendang merupakan unsur yang sangat dominan dalam mengatur jalannya pertunjukan. Disamping itu, kendang sunda pada umumnya lebih atraktif dan komunikatif. Pernyataan ini sesuai dengan ungkapan Yudoyono (1998:84) bahwa, ”Dari seperangkat alat gamelan jawa, yang paling menjadi pusat perhatian ataupun pendengar gending-gending adalah alat yang disebut kendang”.

Waditra kendang terutama yang ada di sunda, umumnya terbuat dari kayu keras. Seperti yang diungkapkan Soepandi (1980:10), bahwa:

Kayu untuk membuat kendang, telah dibakukan yaitu kayu keras yang mempunyai urat berbelit-belit, maksudnya supaya tidak mudah pecah. Kayu tersebut diantaranya nangka, kelapa, mahoni, dan kayu rambutan. Dari beberapa jenis kayu diatas, yang paling baik untuk membuat kendang adalah kayu Nangka. Kayu ini akan menghasilkan bunyi yang bagus, karena kualitas kulit nangka lebih baik ketahanannya maupun bunyi yang dihasilkannya.

Seperti yang diungkapkan oleh Namin selaku pemain kendang, bahwa:

Dari awal bapak bermain kendang hampir semua kendang yang bapak punya dan bapak pakai terbuat dari kayu nangka, sebab kendang yang baik kualitasnya dan tahan lama adalah terbuat dari kayu nangka. Pernah mencoba dengan kayu yang lain seperti kayu durian dan kayu mangga, tetapi hasilnya kurang baik serta ketahanannya hanya sebentar. (Wawancara, 23 Desember 2008)

Jadi jelas kendang yang terbuat dari kayu nangka itu bunyinya sangat bagus dan tahan lama. Sedangkan kulit yang biasa digunakan untuk kendang adalah kulit sapi atau kerbau, karena kulit tersebut ketebalannya dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan kendang itu sendiri. Artinya apabila permukaan kendang itu lebar maka harus menggunakan kulit yang tebal dan apabila permukaan itu sempit maka harus menggunakan kulit yang tipis. Kulit tersebut selain digunakan untuk permukaan kendang juga dibuat rarawat dan simpay (ali-ali).

Menurut bentuk dan wujudnya, kendang sunda ada dua macam yaitu ada yang disebut kendang besar (kendang indung) dan ada yang disebut kendang kecil (kulanter). Muka (beungeut) kendang besar bagian atas disebut kumpyang dan bagian bawah disebut gedug. Sedangkan pada kendang kecil muka (beungeut) bagian atas disebut kutiplak dan bagian bawah disebut kutipung. Kutiplak adalah kulanter yang ditepak dengan posisi berdiri, sedangkan kutipung adalah kulanter yang ditidurkan. Kendang yang biasa digunakan oleh Namin adalah kendang berwarna kuning kecoklat-coklatan dengan ukuran kendang besar (panjang kendang 60 cm, kumpyang 18 cm, gedug 28 cm), dan kendang kecil (panjang kulanter 35 cm, kutiplak 16 cm, kutipung 20 cm).

How to download Suling Seruling Dangdut APK at

Suling adalah alat musik dari keluarga alat musik tiup kayu atau terbuat dari bambu. Suara suling berciri lembut dan dapat dipadukan dengan alat musik lainnya dengan baik.
Suling modern untuk para ahli umumnya terbuat dari perak, emas atau campuran keduanya. Sedangkan suling untuk pelajar umumnya terbuat dari nikel-perak, atau logam yang dilapisi perak.
Suling konser standar ditalakan di C dan mempunyai jangkauan nada 3 oktaf dimulai dari middle C. Akan tetapi, pada beberapa suling untuk para ahli ada kunci tambahan untuk mencapai nada B di bawah middle C. Ini berarti suling merupakan salah satu alat musik orkes yang tinggi, hanya piccolo yang lebih tinggi lagi dari suling. Piccolo adalah suling kecil yang ditalakan satu oktaf lebih tinggi dari suling konser standar. Piccolo juga umumnya digunakan dalam orkes.
Suling konser modern memiliki banyak pilihan. Thumb key B-flat (diciptakan dan dirintis oleh Briccialdi) standar. B foot joint, akan tetapi, adalah pilihan ekstra untuk model menengah ke atas dan profesional.
Suling open-holed, juga biasa disebut French Flute (di mana beberapa kunci memiliki lubang di tengahnya sehingga pemain harus menutupnya dengan jarinya) umum pada pemain tingkat konser. Namun beberapa pemain suling (terutama para pelajar, dan bahkan beberapa para ahli) memilih closed-hole plateau key. Para pelajar umumnya menggunakan penutup sementara untuk menutup lubang tersebut sampai mereka berhasil menguasai penempatan jari yang sangat tepat.
Beberapa orang mempercayai bahwa kunci open-hole mampu menghasilkan suara yang lebih keras dan lebih jelas pada nada-nada rendah.
Suling konser pada sebelum Era Klasik (1750) memakai Suling Blok (seperti gambar atas), sedangkan pada sebelum Era Romantis (Era Klasik 1750-1820) pakai Suling Albert (kayu hitam berlubang dan dilengkapi klep), dan sejak Era Romantis (1820) memakai suling Boehm (kayu hitam atau metal dilengkapi klep semua yang disebut juga suling Boehm, sistem Carl Boehm), atau suling saja.

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The Darbuka is also known as a doumbek, dumbelek, derbocka and darabukka. This goblet shaped hand drum is mainly used in the Arabic music. Apart from this, Darbuka is also considered to be a popular instrument in the Balkan, Persian and Turkish music. However, you will be able to know more about this instrument from the history of Arabian music. It is said that Darbuka had been a popular instrument in the Middle Eastern music. In fact, according to historic evidence, the frame drum is considered to be the chief percussion instrument in the Middle East. The origin of darbuka or doumbek dates back to the Oriental music, where the distinctive rhythms are quite common. However, in the later years, Darbuka founds its way into the Western music

The materials which make the Darbuka
The body of this musical instrument is made from fish or skin of the goat. Traditionally, it was made out of clay. According to most of the people, darbuka resembles the African Djembe. However, nowadays, Darbukas are seen to be consists of metals, such as, copper, brass, aluminium, whereas, the skins are seen to made out of plastic. But, sometimes in order to produce a deeper sound, natural skin is also used. While playing this instrument, the musician usually places the drum on his knee. However, in the past, while performing players use to place this instrument under the arm.

The techniques of playing the Darbuka
Apart from all these, there is a wide range of techniques, following which this drum can be played. This technique differs from region to region and varies on the basis of the material the instrument is made from. There are mainly 2 types of goblet drums. Among them, the Turkish style exposes the edge of the head, whereas, the Egyptian Darbuka style features rounded edges around the head. Though, this instrument was invented long years back, till now people love to listen to its melodious tune.

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Conga drum yang berasal dari Afrika. Nama conga mungkin berasal dari nama itu tanah, yang Congolaise dari Afrika. Namun, yang Conga juga disebut Tumbadora.

Conga yang merupakan keturunan yang berbentuk kerucut berbentuk drum dari "Makuta".

Conga yang telah melalui beberapa perubahan dalam bentuk dan bahan-bahan yang sejak semula ia diciptakan. Hari congas lebih berbentuk kerucut bulat dari para leluhur. Conga yang pada awalnya dibuat dari kayu, tetapi saat ini tersedia dalam fiberglass juga.

Conga kepala pada awalnya dibuat dari kulit mentah. Belulang masih yang paling populer untuk bahan kepala, tetapi hari ini, kepala sintetis, yang terbuat dari bahan plastik lainnya, juga tersedia.

Kulit kepala yang asli congas telah memakukan ke kayu shell; sebelum kinerja yang memakukan setiap kepala di mana air panas oleh anglo untuk mendapatkan ketegangan yang dikehendaki. Saat ini, kulit yang diselenggarakan di tempat oleh satu set cincin & tuning lugs, yang juga melayani untuk menyesuaikan ketegangan.

Tiga ukuran kepala conga muncul dari drum berbentuk kerucut Afrika.

Atas nama kepala ukuran untuk memberikan wawasan yang drum dari fungsi. Misalnya, bahkan hari ini, nama-nama yang menggambarkan drum pitch, tempos & rhythms akan bermain.

Quinto, Conga & Tumbadora atau Tumba adalah tiga ukuran.

Quinto adalah yang bernada tinggi, kepala conga kecil. Ia adalah solo drum, dimainkan oleh soloists.

Quinto yang adalah sebagai singer of the band. Quinto yang digunakan untuk sebuah drum melody; ke aksen; to sing, tertawa & menangis.

The Conga adalah kisaran, media kepala conga. It plays tengah bagian-bagian dari tiga rhythms.

The Conga adalah ukuran yang paling fleksibel. Meskipun secara teoritis ditujukan untuk bagian tengah drum, dalam praktiknya itu juga digunakan untuk memainkan drum tinggi & rendah drum bagian. Conga adalah ukuran yang kadang-kadang disebut sebagai Segundo.

Tumba adalah yang bernada rendah, besar kepala conga. Tumba yang memutar bagian ritme drum rendah. Tumba adalah singkat untuk Tumbadora. Tumba yang kadang-kadang disebut sebagai Salidor.

Conga ketika pertama kali menjadi terkenal congeros (conga pemain) akan bermain hanya satu drum sekaligus. Maka bagian yang sangat ritme yang ditugaskan dan para pemain yang ahli dalam bagian mereka.

Sebagai pemain yang dikembangkan dan dikuasai conga teknik bermain musik dan ritme perjanjian dibesarkan dengan meningkatkan kompleksitas. Ini dalam pengembangan congeros mulai diputar dua & tiga drum secara bersamaan.

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In cooking, timbale derived from the word for "drum", also known as Timballo, can refer to either a kind of pan used for baking, or the food that is cooked inside such a pan.

Timbale pans can be large (such as that used to bake a panettone), or they can be small enough to be single-portion (like a tartlet pan). Timbales typically narrow toward the bottom. Bundt pans, angelfood cake pans, and springform pans can be substituted for purpose-made timbale bakeware.

As a dish, a timbale is a "deep dish" filling completely enclosed in a crust. The crust can be sheet pastry, slices of bread, rice, even slices of vegetable. Sartu di Riso is a rice crust timbale. Timballo di Melanzana uses overlapping strips of eggplant. The filling can be a wide range of pre-cooked meats, sausages, cheeses, vegetables, and shaped pastas combined with herbs and spices and red or white "gravy", thickened with breadcrumbs if necessary. The assembled dish is then baked to brown the crust and heat the filling to serving temperature.

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Hybrids are a fascinating mash up of disparate things, a synthesis of pre-existing materials to create something wholly original and novel. In the animal world a beast known as the liger exists, a hulking feline predator produced from the union of a lion and a tiger. The majestic ligers are an incredibly rare sight as they lack the means to reproduce themselves. In the realm of artifice, the ingenuity of man can sometimes create a mechanical equivalent to a liger, an instrument that is more than the sum of its parts. Thus it is so for the pianica (link is external), a hybrid of the piano and the harmonica. The pianica is also known as the melodica, blow-organ, key harmonica, or the melodyhorn.

The pianica features a set of keys on a flat plane surface. When air passes through a tube connected to an open port on the side of the device and a key is depressed, a further passage is opened that lets the air course through a mechanism called a reed.

The keys of the pianica are commonly arranged and coloured like the ones found in a piano, but more limited in number as they can only cover two or three octaves. Pianicas are compact and are used quite extensively to teach music in Asian regions.

Currently, these instruments are categorised by the pitch of notes they can emit. Tenor pianicas, like their names suggest, produce a lower pitch. They can be carried with one hand, and operated by the other, or laid on a table and played with both hands like a piano while the mouth constantly blows air into the side cavity.

On the other hand, soprano and alto pianicas emit higher notes compared to their tenor counterparts. They too are built to be played by both hands. The above-mentioned varieties are the most popular, but there are also bass pianicas and the accordina, almost exclusively constructed of metal and features buttons ordered by colour instead of a conventional piano layout. There are even pianicas built mainly from wood which their manufacturers claim generate more robust tunes than their plastic counterparts.

Some consider pianicas to be superior to long-established woodwind instruments. While instruments such as the flute, saxophone or clarinet tax the performer because of the need for multiple fingers to cover certain holes to generate just one sound, pianicas allow the freedom of sounding one note with merely one finger, along with the liberty of pressing other keys with other fingers, like in playing a chord. Therefore, while woodwind instruments are monophonic (they can only produce one sound), pianicas are polyphonic (they can generate multiple sounds).

The invention of the pianica has been largely credited to the Hohner (link is external) company in the 1950s. This company was set up by Matthias Hohner (1833-1902) in 1857 and today is most well-known for its range of quality accordions and harmonicas. Matthias Hohner started his working life crafting clocks, but later switched to manually making harmonicas with the help of his wife and an assistant. His fame as a harmonica craftsman grew and during his tenure on earth he formed the biggest harmonica workshop across the globe.

Pianicas are a favourite instrument of many music enthusiasts. In video-sharing platforms such as Youtube, one can find many talented performers strutting their stuff.

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Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments. The most common instruments used are metallophones played by mallets and a set of hand-played drums called kendhang which register the beat. Other instruments include xylophones, bamboo flutes, a bowed instrument called a rebab, and even vocalists called sindhen.

Although the popularity of gamelan has declined since the introduction of pop music, gamelan is still commonly played on formal occasions and in many traditional Indonesian ceremonies. For most Indonesians, gamelan is an integral part of Indonesian culture.

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Gendang Koplo Virtual Merupakan Aplikasi Gendang Terbaik.
ada banyak macam pukulan disini. anda bisa mengkombinasikan gendang satu dengan yang lain sehingg menghasilkan irama yang bagus

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A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family. Trumpet-like instruments have historically been used as signaling devices in battle or hunting, with examples dating back to at least 1500 BC; they began to be used as musical instruments only in the late 14th or early 15th century. Trumpets, which are blow horns are used in art music styles, for instance in orchestras, concert bands, and jazz ensembles, as well as in popular music. They are played by blowing air through nearly-closed lips (called the player's embouchure), producing a "buzzing" sound that starts a standing wave vibration in the air column inside the instrument. Since the late 15th century they have primarily been constructed of brass tubing, usually bent twice into a rounded rectangular shape.

There are many distinct types of trumpet, with the most common being pitched in B♭ (a transposing instrument), having a tubing length of about 1.48 m (4 ft 10 in). Early trumpets did not provide means to change the length of tubing, whereas modern instruments generally have three (or sometimes four) valves in order to change their pitch. Most trumpets have valves of the piston type, while some have the rotary type. The use of rotary-valved trumpets is more common in orchestral settings, although this practice varies by country. Each valve, when engaged, increases the length of tubing, lowering the pitch of the instrument. A musician who plays the trumpet is called a trumpet player or trumpeter.

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The Darbuka is also known as a doumbek, dumbelek, derbocka and darabukka. This goblet shaped hand drum is mainly used in the Arabic music. Apart from this, Darbuka is also considered to be a popular instrument in the Balkan, Persian and Turkish music. However, you will be able to know more about this instrument from the history of Arabian music. It is said that Darbuka had been a popular instrument in the Middle Eastern music. In fact, according to historic evidence, the frame drum is considered to be the chief percussion instrument in the Middle East. The origin of darbuka or doumbek dates back to the Oriental music, where the distinctive rhythms are quite common. However, in the later years, Darbuka founds its way into the Western music

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The djembe is one of West Africa's best known instruments. This goblet-shaped drum is traditionally carved from a single piece of African hardwood and topped with an animal skin as a drumhead. In western understanding, the drum belongs to the membranophone class of instruments in the percussion family.

Some say the name of the djembe came from the Bamana in Mali, who said "Anke dje, anke be" to call their people together, as the saying translates as "everyone gather together." "Dje" means gather and "be" means everyone, which gave the drum used in these calls to order its name. The Bamanakans' mythology tells of the original djembe, which was made of the hide of a giraffe-zebra hybrid called the gebraffe. There are at least a dozen stories of the history of the drum told by many master drummers. My master tells these stories and then steps back as even he, doesn't purport to know the real truth. In history, the Mandinka of Manden became the Malinke of Mali. We often refer to them as the Mandé.

The djembe drum is most likely about 400-800 years old, and was created during the Malian Empire by the Mandé people. It spanned the modern-day countries of Senegal, southern Mauritania, Mali, northern Burkina Faso, western Niger, the Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, the Ivory Coast and northern Ghana. The Mali Empire grew out of an area referred to by its contemporary inhabitants as Mande. Mande, named for its inhabitants the Mandinka (initially Manden’ka with “ka” meaning people of), comprised most of present-day northern Guinea and southern Mali. The empire was originally established as a federation of Mandinka tribes called the Manden Kurufa (literally Manden Federation), but it later became an empire ruling millions of people from nearly every ethnic group in West Africa.

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Aplikasi ini kita bisa memainkan beduk di iringi suara takbir hari raya idul fitri dan idul adha
Cara mainya gampang cukup pukul beduknya dan sesuaikan dengan irama musik
gunakan speaker untuk suara Lebih HD. cocok untuk takbiran dirumah dengan bedug virtual

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This application consists of a variety of musical instruments that we often encounter daily. The game is very easy and simple. Consists of drum, tambourine, shakers, cajoon, piano, talempong, caracas, and others

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Rebana Merupakan Alat Musik Pukul Yang Terbuat dari Kulit Kerbau Kambing Atau Sapi, Rebana biasanya di gunakan untuk mengiri nyanyi qasidah,

Aplikasi rebana ini sangat simple
- mempunyai 4 suara rebana
- ada tambourin atau kecrekanya juga, cara nya dg menggoyang2 kan hp
- mudah dimainkan

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Aplikasi ini merupakan aplikasi gendang virtual yang mengeluarkan suara gendang dangdut. cocok sebagai pengiring gendang dangdut. dan mudah dimainkan

- Fix Bug

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The challenge mode that leads users to improve their speed of tapping to rank top of the world. This amazing addictive game will help you challenge your concentration and reflexes, a great way to kill extra time to enjoy almost every bit of it. In this game, too, the expanding high scores are lots of fun.

If you enjoy playing games of reflection, then Piano Tiles 2019 is the most amazing way you can enjoy playing the game on the mobile and have the best possible fun while playing this great game of finger pianist.

Piano Tiles updates song lists, nice graphics, and clear layouts all the time. Piano tiles have a simple and clear user interface that even kids can play Heart Piano tiles for all ages.

****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ****** *****
◍◍◍ KEY FEATURE ◍◍◍◍
****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ****** *****

❂ Playing experience the smooth game.
❂ Games of multicolor piano tiles.
❂ multiple collections of sounds.
❂ Smooth gaming experience, playing easily and installing lightweight.
❂ Simple graphics, easy to play and with family and friends, everyone gets to play the piano games.
❂ 100% Free music for games
❂ Game and results sharing
❂ Amazing game design and flat graphics
❂ You can play mode offline! Enjoy the tiles of music alone without constantly interrupting the internet In addition, a new package that includes all new and great new songs is also added to the game.
❂ The high - quality sound makes you feel at a concert.
❂ Share your record with your friends and compare on the ranking list with worldwide players

Piano Tiles is a music game similar to other games like Piano Tiles, Music Tiles.Real piano. As we like piano games, this diversion consolidates various guitar, drum, and piano musical instruments! Great melodies and awesome gameplay. When you join the Beat Piano Tiles, like a professional pianist, you will play your favorite songs on your own.

Piano Tiles simulates the piano keys, all you need to do is press the piano key on the screen correctly, the music will play Playing is too simple. Piano Tiles brings you the feeling of relaxation with the easy way to play music, helping you to relieve stress after work.

****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ****** *****
❂❂❂ HOW TO ❂❂❂
****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ****** *****

❂ Continually tap the black piano tiles to play piano music.
❂ Avoid tiles of the white piano!
❂ Play piano easy, but hard to master.
❂ It's definitely not easy to catch all tiles in this high-speed musical game!

No special skills required for Piano tiles Play, this whole game asks you to be an attentive mind and quick fingers. This is a very fun piano game and a very addictive game suitable for all. It presents not only piano music but also different songs genres.

Piano tiles game is a beautiful piano game for girls and boys this special and unique piano games Pink Piano, Piano tiles girls games. Now your dream can come true, even a child can play Piano songs tiles like a real piano master with this piano application.

Challenge your friends to play this game of piano tiles and be the master and hero of this free game, if you love songs, you're going to play it with this game, so look for piano tiles and play them.

Great design of the game and graphics for the new 2019 piano tiles games. You'll feel like playing a true classic piano made of extremely expensive mahogany, the rhythm of which is perfect for any lover of piano music.

Thank You !!!!